Ford Focus Auto TransportThe Ford Focus is Ford’s second in their lineup of basic cars, above the Fiesta and below the Fusion in terms of price and options. The Focus was originally introduced in Europe in 1998, though it didn’t enter American showrooms until the 2001 model year. The Focus was Ford’s replacement for the Escort lineup, which had seen falling demand and lower sales as it entered the end of its run. The Focus is one of several models that Ford sells in every worldwide market, as a part of their new global marketing program that has seen amazing results over the past few years.

The Focus comes in seven different models, ranging from a relatively cheap ,500 to ,300 – but it’s a bargain if it’s under ,000, right? These are MSRP prices, so dealers may have to add some taxes and the like, but on the whole the Focus is the second-least expensive model that Ford currently sells. It can seat five people but the engine options bring more torque and horsepower to the table than the Fiesta, giving it a bit more oomph under the hood – though it won’t win you any races, that’s for sure, at least not with stock parts. It comes with options such as a sport-tuned suspension, upgraded interior (as you go through the more expensive models, that is) and features the Sync platform on some models. You can learn more about the Focus by reading about it here.

If the Fiesta is meant to be driven by people just entering the world, the Focus is designed for people who are looking for a new car but don’t have the finances available to support a huge payment every month. Each dealership has their own financing house and options, but on the whole Ford has designed the Focus to be a good second car for most people. When it comes to shipping it, it’s a standard car – the most important part of auto shipping for a Ford Focus is where it’s coming from and going to, as that is going to be your biggest worry when it comes to securing your auto transport. The closer your pickup or destination is to a major freeway, the cheaper your transport will be – and the closer it is to a major city, it should be even cheaper.

Any auto transport company has to factor in the price of fuel as well as maintenance and wear and tear on their carrier, so prices are determined based on the auto transport company’s overhead. A Ford Focus doesn’t add much to weight, and it’s not an oversize vehicle, so you shouldn’t have a problem on that end. It’s all about where it’s coming from and going to.

With American Auto Shipping, you can get an instant price immediately right on your screen to ship your Focus. Simply fill out our free online auto transport quote request form, or give us a call and speak to a live agent, and you can have most of your questions answered by our friendly staff. You can browse or many articles and helpful state-and-city-based auto transport pages for even more information. So fill out our form, or give us a call, and see what American Auto Shipping can do for you.

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