Chevrolet Suburban 3/4-ton
Chevrolet Suburban 3/4-ton

The Chevrolet Suburban debuted in 1935 and has remained in continuous production since; it is currently the longest-running automobile nameplate in world history, and as of 2012 is in its 11th generation. The Suburban actually comes in a half-ton variant and a 3/4-ton variant; we’ll be talking about the 3/4-ton, to avoid any confusion later on. It currently is sold in two models, the LS and the LT, and is Chevrolet’s largest SUV available to the general public.

The LS features eight-passenger seating, with available nine-passenger seating for a small price, an integrated trailer brake controller, the StabiliTrak Electronic Stability Control System with added Traction Control, 137.4 cubic feet of maximum cargo space, three free months of Sirius XM satellite radio, Bluetooth compatibility for select phones and OnStar free for six months. It features a Vortec 6.0L V8 engine with variable valve timing, as does the LT, which features all of what the LS does with a bit extra on the side. Additional features include leather-appointed first-and-second-row seats, heated front seats, Bluetooth compatibility for select phones, tri-zone automatic climate controls, a Bose-powered, nine-speaker-subwoofer-in-the-center-console juggernaut of a sound system, a remote start system, automatic-locking rear differential, power-adjustable pedals, fog lamps and a rear parking assist feature.

The 3/4-ton is aptly named, weighing roughly 3/4 of a ton. But this means that this version is heavier than the 1/2-ton variant, which can mean problems if you’re looking to ship it. A lot of carriers tend to shy away from shipping larger vehicles, as they are heavier and cost more to ship. Those that do ship them tend to demand more money than they would for a normal vehicle, to offset the additional fuel consumed during transport. Auto shipping brokerages will tack on oversize or overweight vehicle fees when pricing a 3/4-ton Suburban, so don’t be alarmed if your quote is a few hundred dollars more than you thought it would be. This is standard pretty much across the industry, though some companies charge less for overweight vehicles – it’s always best to shop quotes, however, to find the best price you can.

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