Are you looking for vehicle hauling? American Auto Shipping has been shipping vehicles for 20 years now, and we can help haul your vehicle to wherever it needs to go within the 50 states. We ship by land, air, and boat, so we can move your vehicle regardless.

Vehicle HaulingVehicle Hauling

Your transportation will be done by large 10-car-carrier trucks, which kids sometimes point out on the freeways. It’s a large truck which can carry 10 vehicles, 5 on the top, and 5 on the bottom. This driver will drive around, collecting vehicles that need to be shipped, and then drop them off at their destination.

When you call us and speak to an agent, he will ask for information about the vehicle you’re hauling, like the year, make and model. Then he will input this information, and you will receive back 10 real quotes, based on that information, within the hour. These are companies willing to movie your vehicle asap.

There are no hidden fees, and the process is streamlined and easy for the customer. The benefit of this system is that the customer is able to choose which price they would like, and which company they would like.

Other Vehicle Hauling Options

Some customers may opt for an upgraded vehicle hauling service. There is the option of enclosed transport. Enclosed transport is for vehicles that are expensive, or new. The customer may not want to risk having their vehicle out in the open on the freeway, so being enclosed keeps it safe.

Another option that is offered is expedited¬†shipping. Expedited shipping is a service which costs more, but hauls your vehicle significantly quicker. If you’re in a rush, this is an option, but it is significantly more expensive.

Shipping to and from a main city will be cheaper than shipping directly to and from a rural location. This also applies to terminals. To save money, one can drop off, and pick up, their vehicle in a place that’s easier for the carriers.

How much does it cost?

The price of the shipping depends on the distance the vehicle is traveling. The further distance, the more expensive. The shorter, the less expensive. Normal shipping is cheaper than enclosed and expedited shipping.

The size of the vehicle will change the price. If it is large in dimensions, or if it is heavy, this can increase the price. The price will be influenced by the mile for most carriers.

If the vehicle is not in operating condition, this can affect the price for vehicle hauling as well. What would need to be used is a winch to load the vehicle onto the truck, and probably to load it off. This needs to be told to the shipping company, whether your vehicle runs or not.

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No matter what or when you need to ship, we can help you out with our services. American auto shipping has excellent customer support. There is an agent available 24/7 who is happy to answer any questions you may have about the vehicle hauling process, even if you don’t choose us. Fill out our online form for a free quote right now, or call us at 800-930-7417 to speak to an agent.