Travel Trailer Movers Near MeHaving problems finding a quality shipper using the search phrase “travel trailer movers near me”? It’s not surprising – depending on where you are, there may not be any shipping companies near you at all. But have no fear – American Auto Shipping can help you, no matter where you need to move your travel trailer to or from.

We can get you a quote to move any kind of vehicle. This includes travel trailers, motor homes, RVs, campers, and other recreational vehicles. Read on to learn more about shipping travel trailers in particular.

Why Find Travel Trailer Movers Near Me

Travel trailers are designed to be hauled from place to place. So, why would you ever need to hire someone to ship it for you? There are a few instances in which you may need to find “travel trailer movers near me.” Say you want to explore the ghost towns of the wild wild west, but you live in upper New York state. Why would you want to load up your RV and drive for several days, only to get to your destination and drive for several more days?

Save your time and energy for exploring an area you really want to see. Have someone ship your travel trailer to the west, and then simply fly out to meet it there. Then you all you have to do is relax and see the places you really want to drive through.

Another reason you may need to move your travel trailer is if you are moving out of state. You are probably making arrangements to ship all your other belongings to your new house, and that includes your travel trailer. Driving your travel trailer yourself would take up too much time. Not only will shipping it be faster, it may also be cheaper. Gas prices continue to go up, so why not pay someone less to move your trailer faster.

Auctions are another popular reason for finding travel trailer movers near me. Maybe you got a great deal on a used travel trailer on eBay, but the seller lives far away. You certainly cannot send a travel trailer by mail.

How Travel Trailers Are Moved

Most travel trailers are hitched to a pick up truck when you need to move them from place to place. However, when it comes to shipping a travel trailer long distances putting it on a flatbed truck makes more since. Depending on the size of your trailer, it can be loaded on to a flatbed truck with up to four other trailers. This makes much more sense than moving them around one by one attached to a pick up truck.

Once you arrange your shipment, you will need to get your travel trailer ready to ship. First you must empty it of all personal belongings. Then you must secure all interior cabinets, doors, and attached furniture. Obviously, you’ll need to turn off all the power and waterlines. If you have a propane or gas tank, you MUST remove it. It is actually classified as “hazardous materials” and it is illegal for the transports to travel with them intact.

Get A Quote For Travel Trailers Near Me

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