My Chevy Blazer has is so important to me that it is like one of my children. So I was not going to ship it with just any random company. After exhaustive research I found to be the best resource for locating a quality auto shipping company. Everything worked out great! Thanks guys.Ruth

SUV Transport Information

Vehicle Transported: 2007 Chevrolet Trailblazer
Transport Route: San Francisco, CA to Adairsville, FL

I was moving from Missouri to California and was of course going to take my ’89 Supra with me. I had a broken leg at the time and couldn’t drive it myself. I was worried that my new paint job would chip if I let some stranger transport it. But the staff at assured me of its safety and even gave me a little tip that made me feel better. They told me to let the car get dirty before it was shipped, because the muck on the outside would keep the paint underneath it protected. Boy are they smart! I’d definitely use them again.Lester

Car Transport Information

Vehicle Transported: 1989 Toyota Supra
Transport Route: Ozark, MO to Bakersfield, CA

My name is Ray. After hours of fighting with my girlfriend about which company would be best to ship our beautiful ’92 Jag, we all but gave up when my friend Danny happened to call. He said he had gone to the year before to ship his old Volkswagen and that it could not have been any easier. So I went to their site and after receiving my ten free quotes my girlfriend and I had no trouble selecting a qualified transporter. Thanks for saving me money and saving me from the wrath of my girlfriend.Ray

Car Transport Information

Vehicle Transported: 1992 Jaguar XJS
Transport Route: Muskegon, MI to Portland, OR

I needed to transport my Volkswagen from Pennsylvania to Florida because I had just got a new job down there. But since I was between jobs, money was low. I was in a kind of a pickle. However, I found an auto transport company through that gave military discounts, and having fought in the Gulf War, I qualified. The discount was just enough to save my hide. Good looking out American Auto.Ray

Car Transport Information

Vehicle Transported: 1971 Volkswagen Karmen Ghia
Transport Route: Pittsburgh, PA to Pensacola, FL

My 57 Ford means the world to me. I dreaded the idea of giving it to anyone else to handle other than me. But having no choice, I went to the internet to find who could stand up to my ruthless scrutiny. After calling the customer service associates from several differing webpages, I found that by far, had the smartest and friendliest employees. They made me feel much more comfortable in giving away my car to strangers. If you feel as I felt, there is an option, call the customer service operators at Their quality of service will speak for itself.Dennis

Minivan Transport Information

Vehicle Transported: 1957 Ford Fairlane
Transport Route: Sacramento, CA to Plattsburg, NY

I already had a shipping appointment with this shipping company when I got curious if there was anything that I needed to do before my car got picked up. The company did not really give me any detailed instructions so I went to the web. I found several need-to-know tips from I had not thought to disconnect my car alarm and radar detector. But as American auto pointed out, they could go off without the transporter knowing it, killing my battery. I also did not know that it is not always smart to send a car with more than a 1/4 tank of gas, due to weight, safety, and possible leak issues. I cancelled my order with this other company who left me in the dark and found a quality transporter through

Auto Transport Information

Vehicle Transported: 1978 Triumph Spitfire
Transport Route: Sault Ste. Marie, MI to Riverside, CA

I was looking for an auto transport company that would give my Land Rover the attention it deserved for its journey from Cali to Arizona. I was adamantly opposed to shipping my Rover on a transporter that had a dozen other vehicles shiftin and shakin all around it. After looking at a few sites, I found to be of the most use. They led me to a company that offered single auto enclosed transport carriers. But don’t just take my word for it. Go check it out yourself.Malcolm

Auto Transport Information

Vehicle Transported: 2003 Land rover Range rover
Transport Route: Big Bear City, CA to Parthenon, AR

I was having problems with my used Escalade much to my distress. It was not running and I needed to be in California for my new job in just a few days. I found out from that as long as a car rolls, steers, and brakes, it is usually shippable. I thought I was screwed. Sure enough, once I got pricing from almost a dozen transport companies, I found several that would take my car in its current condition. I’d recommend them to anyone seeking to transport a vehicle.Serina

Auto Transport Information

Vehicle Transported: 2003 Cadillac Escalade
Transport Route: Solon, OH to Marina Del Rey, CA

I worked hard to earn my Chevy. I was not going to ship my car without knowing where it was at all times. Through American Auto I found this fantastic shipping company that allowed me to talk frequently to their driver to check up on the status of the transport and the weather conditions. is a useful online tool for the autotransport prospector.Karen

Auto Transport Information

Vehicle Transported: 1999 Chevy Venture
Transport Route: Henderson, NV to Redmond, WA

Being in a wheelchair at the time, I was totally incapacitated. I was sending my classic 1955 Scout up to Georgia. I was concerned that even if I got it shipped, there would be the problem of me getting it to a shipping terminal or drop off point. To my delight, offered me several auto transport companies who provided door-to-door service. Keep up the good work!Barney

Minivan Transport Information

Vehicle Transported: 1955 International Scout/24ft
Transport Route: Fort Lauderdale, FL to Dacula, GA

I had only two days before I had to ship my ’98 Dodge over to Tampa. I didn’t have any time to waste searching for quotes. That is why I liked so much. They gave me 10 free quotes in a matter of minutes. If I had to research ten websites or companies via phone, it would have taken the better part of my day. Thanks for making things so easy.Jordon

Truck Transport Information

Vehicle Transported: 1998 Dodge Dakota
Transport Route: Dallas, TX to Tampa, FL

I needed to know what was covered by insurance and what wasn’t when shipping my Audi from Dakota to Texas. I found a few websites that provided me with some info, but it wasn’t until I found American Auto Shipping that all of my questions were settled. I found out that shipping company’s insures the car for the lowest Kelley Blue Book value. I had thought that it was the highest. I also found out that anything inside the car is not covered. I was glad I learned this before I shipped my car because I was going, to save space, to pack a bunch of stuff in there. That could have been ugly. Thanks for the heads up guys.Keith

Auto Transport Information

Vehicle Transported: 2005 Audi A4
Transport Route: Tuscon, AZ to Whitchita Falls, TX

I needed to get some specialized work done on my 240sx that could not be done to my standards in Kansas, but I had to stay in Kansas for work. So I decided to find a shipper through I got a great company in no time. For, before I knew it, my 240sx went from Overland Park to Aventura back to Overland Park. I was amazed at the expediency. If you’re in a hurry American Auto’s gotcha!Ryan

Auto Transport Information

Vehicle Transported: 1990 Nissan 240sx
Transport Route: Overland Park, KS to Aventura, FL

I needed door-to-door service. I needed the best and the brightest truckers handling my Scion. I needed a good deal fast. led me, free of charge, to the companies who could do all of these things without flinchin. Appreciate it guys.Daniel

Auto Transport Information

Vehicle Transported: 2006 Scion xA
Transport Route: Lynchburg, VA to New York, NY

My pops told me that my Jeep must be shipped by a company that was licensed and bonded through the DOT. I was not even sure what he meant, but he was paying, so I went along with it. I found online. It made clear that it only quoted transport companies that were licensed and bonded through the DOT. Boy did this make my job a heck of a lot easier. With ten quotes from rightly qualified companies I had more than I needed to make my choice all in one place. Right on guys.Bill

Auto Transport Information

Vehicle Transported: 1983 Jeep CJ
Transport Route: Spring, TX to Waltham, MA

I had not realized it at first but it was actually cheaper to ship my Infiniti from Brierfield to Baltimore than to drive it. When I did the math, adding up food, gas, and lodging costs, the choice was clear, ship it. The company that made me realize this was American Auto shipping. Its FAQ section on its website had so much useful need-to-know stuff on it that I didn’t see anywhere else. Plus, it led me to the best price on the market. Thanks a bunch.Michael

Auto Transport Information

Vehicle Transported: 2005 Infiniti G35
Transport Route: Brierfield, AL to Baltimore, MD

I had just suped up my Maxima with a sick JL Audio system and tinted windows. I needed to ship it from AZ to TX. The key factor for me during the transport process was how knowledgeable both the customer service agents and the shippers were about Nissans. Only one website led me to the company who knew as much about my car as I did. AmericanAutoShipping.comVanessa

Auto Transport Information

Vehicle Transported: 1994 Nissan Maxima
Transport Route: Washington, TX to Sedona, AZ

My 1968 Mustang is my life. I spend most of my time working on it, driving it, and showing it off at car shows all around the country. But this last time I decided to fly and get the Stang shipped to keep down its mileage. It was winter however, and I did not want my baby exposed to the elements. So I opted for an enclosed truck. It was a little extra, but the piece of mind it gave me was priceless. Much obliged AmericanAutoShipping.Holly

Classic Car Transport Information

Vehicle Transported: 1968 Ford Mustang
Transport Route: Rancho Santa Margarita, CA to Arlington, VA

My 1998 Plymouth Breeze is indispensable to me. I spend most of my time working one-part time and two full-time jobs. I had to ship my car to my wife to cover my delinquent alimony, from KY to WA. Thanks American Auto for not bleeding my dry along with the ex. You saved me some much needed coin.Daryl

Car Transport Information

Vehicle Transported: 1998 Plymouth Breeze
Transport Route: Richmond, KY to Shoreline, WA

Hi! Ang my name. My English is not really good. I am new in USA and had need to send my auto from GA to MI. I not want confusion. I love 1978 Chevy. But I found easy and useful They helped me to get started on my new life Michigan. Merci!Ang

Classic Car Transport Information

Vehicle Transported: 1978 Chevrolet Camaro
Transport Route: Monroe, GA to Taylor, MI

I was initially so overwhelmed with the process of shipping my 1975 Volkswagen from Silver City to Mount Bethel. All I could think about was what could go wrong during the trip. However, the customer service staff at was so warm and professional. They eased my worries and helped me find a company to ship my car without shipping my sanity with it!Smith

Classic Vanagon Transport Information

Vehicle Transported: 1975 Volkswagen Vanagon
Transport Route: Silver City, NM to Mount Bethel, PA

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