Tractor Shipping ServicesInterested in shipping a tractor? Not all tractors are built the same, so tractor shipping prices and services are subject to change. Knowing some of the things that affect prices and tractor shipping services is important, which is what we’re going to break down today.

Tractor Shipping Services 101

Most every tractor that is shipped is done so via a flatbed transportation truck. This is not surprising; flatbeds are the go-to haulers for anything that’s too big for a standard auto transport truck. Tractors, naturally, fall into this category.

Because of the massive size differences between tractors, the price is going to be more difficult to lock down. Naturally, larger tractors are going to cost more. Some tractors will require oversize load signage, and some may be so large as to require escort vehicles. You’ve seen these kinds of caravans hauling oversize equipment before, we’re sure.

Tractor shipping prices – what to know

When you ship a tractor, usually the most important factor is the price. As mentioned, bigger tractors are more expensive to ship, and the bigger you go, the higher the price will be.

Note that few tractors are going to cost the same as a car along the same route. While it may only cost a few hundred dollars to ship up or down the west coast, a tractor can easily exceed triple digits.

Having the dimensions of the tractor ready to give will help get you more accurate quotes more quickly. Make sure to have the tractor’s dimensions, as they come in all different shapes and sizes.

It’s not just the size of the tractor that makes it more expensive (though that is a part of it). It’s also the fact that they have to be shipped by a flatbed truck. Flatbeds are specialty shippers and cost more because of it.

What you need to ship a tractor

When you start your search for the right shipping company to transport your tractor, have the dimensions of it. Your owner’s manual should have them. If it doesn’t, you can look online to find them.

The dimensions of your tractor will play a crucial role in your quote. Bigger tractors cost more, and really large ones will require oversize load signage and maybe even security vehicles to maintain safe driving distance for other motorists.

Due to the nature of transporting a tractor, you should book your order to ship as soon as you know you’re going to need to ship. This will give your shipping company plenty of time to make sure it is priced correctly and will move when you need it moved.

This is also a reason why you need to make sure you give accurate information regarding shipping your tractor. Having the wrong dimensions can lead to the wrong carrier being booked, which will make the transport process longer and more expensive.

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