It’s New Year’s Eve, which means there are likely going to be a lot of scary drivers on the road. More than anything, we urge you all to stay safe and drive smart while on the road, notably if you are consuming alcohol at a New Year’s Eve party. There’s likely going to be quite a few auto transport trucks on the road – you wouldn’t want to get into an accident with one of them. So stay safe and happy New Year’s from all of us at American Auto Shipping!


A typical auto transport truck can get from Los Angeles to New York City in 10-14 days, depending on the stops they have to make along the way. To get a good idea of how long it will take your carrier to get from pickup to delivery, look at how far the driving distance is between the two, divide by 400 (most carriers can go 350-400 miles in a day), and then tack on a day or two to account for additional pickups and deliveries.


With the new year coming up, a lot of companies are trying to get the last good routes right now – winter is upon us, which can mean slow going on a lot of northern routes. We’re in an El Nino year, though, which usually means warmer winters throughout the northwest and the Great Lakes, which usually helps keep winter prices lower for most customers.


Back to the grind, everyone. Today is the Monday after Christmas, which usually means a lot of companies are getting back on the horse and moving freight, so today is a great day to get a free quote to ship your car – which you can do, any time, by filling out our free quote form.


Household moving companies are likely taking the weekend off in addition to auto transport companies, due to the holidays. Tomorrow will probably be better, as most shippers are going to be getting back into the swing of things.


As it’s the weekend after Christmas, you likely won’t be able to get in touch with an auto transport representative today. You can fill out our free form, of course, but it may not be until tomorrow that you get your free quote..


Merry Christmas everyone! As today is one of the most celebrated holidays in the United States, we will be closed today as we spend time with our families. While you can still fill out our online form, chances are you won’t get a quote today – tomorrow, really, will probably be the earliest you’ll get one.


It’s Christmas Eve, which means that if you’re waiting for pickup chances are there are few carriers willing to run routes today or tomorrow, so pickup likely won’t be scheduled until the weekend or even the start of next week.


Still trying to figure out what to get your significant other for Christmas? If you’re planning on buying a car out of state and shipping it for him/her this holiday season, we hate to say it but you missed the boat. Unless it’s in-state transit, most routes take 2-5 days to ship along, so if it’s short enough it’s possible but highly unlikely.


Snow is one of those things that auto transport carriers simply can’t stand. A lot of them try to avoid it where they can because of how dangerous it can be. Snow and ice cause a lot of accidents among shippers, which is why many snowbound or otherwise wintry routes tend to be more expensive to ship along – or, at the very least, harder to find auto transportation services along.


It’s the start of Christmas week! Usually this means the kids are out of school but we’re all still working til Christmas, including car transporters. Now is the time that many of them start trying to get back home, only taking loads that’ll get them closer to their friends and family, which may result in higher prices along some routes.


When arranging pickup and delivery services, you should probably plan on meeting your carrier somewhere nearby for pickup and delivery, like a K-Mart or Walmart parking lot. These have lots of room for carriers to maneuver and load/unload vehicles, unlike your driveway or on the side of the road.


Getting a vehicle shipping to or from Manhattan is going to be a real pain. Really, the same goes for most densely-populated downtown areas – auto transport trucks are eighty (80) feet long, and turning one of those onto the tight-packed streets of downtown New York City is like trying to fit a St. Bernard through the cat door. Talk to your agent about possible alternatives to downtown drop off.


Questions? Concerns? Need to talk to someone about a glitch in the form or the site not working right? You can contact us over the phone for absolutely no charge any time. When you call, there’s no menus to deal with – just live human beings. Give us a call for help getting a quote, navigating the website or getting questions answered today.


Auto transport insurance is incredibly important and you should always make sure that your carrier is fully licensed, bonded and insured. This is important, as all those are federally required by carriers to have before they ship vehicles and they have to make that information easily accessible to customers.


Most auto shippers won’t be able to transport a vehicle without tires or wheels, so if your vehicle is on blocks you’re going to want to shell out a bit of cash to at least get it rolling again. A vehicle needs to at least roll – it doesn’t necessarily have to brake or steer or run, but it has to be able to roll to be transported by a standard carrier.


Car transporters have a lot of limitations on them that restricts how far, how fast and how long they can drive in a day. This is a big reason why some shorter routes can take a few days, and also why cross country transportation takes anywhere from ten days to two weeks to complete. Make sure to factor in your transit time when figuring out your shipping schedule.


Reading Frequently Asked Question lists can help you make better and more informed decisions when shipping a vehicle. A lot of customers’ questions revolve around when their vehicle can get picked up and how much it costs, but there are a lot of things to know and a FAQ is a good place to start – especially one of ours!


When gathering household moving quotes, chances are you’re going to be asked how much stuff you’re trying to move. The more you move, the more expensive it is, but a lot of quote forms ask for gross weight, which naturally can be hard to determine. If you look at our household moving quote form, we go more by how many bedrooms you’re trying to move, as that’s a much better indicator of what you’re moving. A household moving company will be able to weigh your items for you to determine final pricing, but that comes later.


The Great Lakes are a popular auto transport location during the spring and summer months, but during the fall and winter those northern states and areas can be difficult to find auto shipping services to or from. This is because of the commonality of snow, ice and other wintry weather – wintry conditions can cause delays and increase danger along a route, so make sure to talk to your auto transport agent about how it affects prices and services along your route.


If you live in a downtown area, or if the street you live on is narrow or difficult to maneuver along, your auto transport carrier may choose to meet you somewhere else instead of offering strict door-to-door transportation. This will usually be because they can’t physically access the pickup or delivery location you specified. If they have to change the location for any reason, they will let you know ahead of time so everyone is on the same page.


Getting a vehicle picked up by an auto shipping company takes time, and you’ll likely find yourself waiting a while for the carrier to arrive. While waiting for anything isn’t fun, it’s necessary in the auto shipping industry. If you are unable to be there for pickup or delivery, you can have a friend or someone you know do the inspection and whatnot for you, but make sure that you tell your shipper who is representing you at pickup or delivery so they don’t give the car to a random person.


Construction equipment and other heavy equipment are going to be hard for car transporters to ship. They usually require flatbed transportation services or lowboys, which can take longer to find and often cost more than open or enclosed shipping. Make sure to talk to someone about shipping your heavy equipment, as opposed to relying on a random quote from a random website.


If you’re shipping a motorcycle, make sure to talk to your agent about the advantages of crating it. Most motorcycles that are shipped professionally will be crated, and most companies will include crating services in their quotes, but you should double check to make sure and to also learn about the process.


If you are a student, you can get student car transport discounts simply by asking. They may require some sort of student ID or other proof that you’re in school, but if you are that should be easy to give and can save you a lot of money in the long run.


Piggybacking off of yesterday’s TotD, Christmas is a time when few if any carriers want to actually work, and they try to clear their schedules as best they can so they can take a day or two off of work to spend the holidays with their families. This naturally means that delays become more common during the winter months, so keep that in mind when shipping your vehicle close to Christmas.


With Christmas (and the rest of the winter holidays) only a few weeks away, getting prepared for the holidays is an important thing to do, and the sooner you get it done the better. This goes the same for shipping a car – as we get closer to the holiday season, fewer and fewer carriers will be taking new loads.


Continuing yesterday’s tip, brokers aren’t the only auto shippers that are reviewed by customers. Carriers also have their own website, Only Carrier Reviews, that you can use to read up on different carrier companies and see how yours stacks up. You can always request a different carrier of your broker if you don’t like the one they chose.


Continuing yesterday’s tip, brokers aren’t the only auto shippers that are reviewed by customers. Carriers also have their own website, Only Carrier Reviews, that you can use to read up on different carrier companies and see how yours stacks up. You can always request a different carrier of your broker if you don’t like the one they chose.


If you are worried about reliability or reputation of an auto transport company, make sure to look at customer reviews of them. We talk about reviews a fair amount on our website, but only because they’re an important factor in determining who you want transporting your vehicle, and are therefore something we encourage customers to look at and use when finding their shipping company.


Just remember, illicit substances, such as drugs and alcohol, are not allowed to be in the car when you ship it, and there are big penalties that come with trying to move contraband across state lines. Auto transporters have a zero-tolerance policy for that kind of thing.


When shipping a vehicle you’re going to have pickup and delivery windows given to you. These can vary wildly depending on where you are shipping from and to, what you’re shipping, the time of year you’re shipping and the popularity of your route. If you have questions, talk to an agent to learn more.


Household moving services are about as difficult to find as auto shipping services, but they require a lot more work and effort to actually schedule. Moving household items is a much more time-consuming process, and the cargo is often much heavier than a single car, which increases prices.


New England can be a popular auto transport location, but only in the major cities like Boston. Areas like Vermont, New Hampshire and Maine can be difficult to find affordable vehicle shipping services due to how far off the beaten path they are – that, and the lack of major population centers. This can result in higher prices, so talk to an agent to learn more and to help you budget properly.


Its Black Friday! Today is a day where everyone is shopping, and some car transport brokers may have good deals if you book your shipment with them today. Not everyone participates, of course, and some are still closed considering it’s the day after Thanksgiving, but it never hurts to try.


Happy Thanksgiving! Today, we celebrate and give thanks for the many things that we all have and enjoy time with our families and our friends. Today is a day where hardly anyone is working in the vehicle shipping industry, so don’t be surprised if your pickup or delivery services are delayed because of the holiday.


When shipping a vehicle you can get a good idea of how long it’s going to take by simply looking at how far your carrier has to travel. If you are shipping from Dallas, TX to Philadelphia, PA, which is about 1500 miles, it’ll take about five days of transit time. If you average about 350-400 miles per day, which is usually what carriers average per day, you can give yourself a good estimate. Nothing beats talking to your carrier, of course, but preliminary preparation is useful and this is a good tip to help you prep.


Sparsely populated areas are going to be harder to find auto transport services to and from, and will likely be more expensive. This is because carriers often only service one or two customers on rural routes, or routes with low population counts, which hurts their bottom line. Expect higher prices to and from small towns off the beaten path as a result.


It’s Thanksgiving week! As everyone prepares for one of the most popular holidays in the United States, auto transporters are doing the same thing. This means that they’re going to try to schedule routes so they can spend time with their loved ones, and no one is going to be working when there’s turkey to eat and football to watch.


If you’re trying to ship more than ten vehicles in a single order, it will require multiple auto transport trucks in order to get them all moved, and that takes a lot of time. Make sure that you give your shipper plenty of advance notice about how many vehicles you are shipping and let them do their job – it’ll take them time.


If you can’t be at the pickup or delivery location to meet your carrier, and you don’t know anyone that can be there for you, terminal to terminal shipping may be a good option. It’s less secure than door to door transportation and can take longer from pickup to delivery, but it’s always an option – you’ll need to talk to an agent for more information, though.


Our Tip of the Day archives were getting pretty big and unwieldy, so we broke them up – now you can read our past Tips of the Day from this year in our Tip of the Day – 2015 archive. We have listings dating from Halloween all the way back to the beginning of the year and you can find those and others from previous years at the bottom of our Tip of the Day page.


Christmas is a great excuse to ship a car, especially if it’s a present for someone else. You might be able to get good discounts on it too – talk to an agent to learn more, but on the whole it should not be difficult to find a company to ship a vehicle as a present to someone else.


Check your vehicle for personal items before it’s loaded onto the transport truck. Things like laptops, tablets, and other electronics can easily be forgotten, and during transit they can shift in the vehicle and potentially break. Anything that happens to items left in the vehicle will not be covered by your carrier’s insurance, so double-check and make sure everything is out of the vehicle that shouldn’t be in it.


Please don’t leave food or drinks in your vehicle while they are being shipped. Weather patterns differ from place to place, and while it may be just fine to leave it where you live, there are other parts of the country that could cause serious problems with heat and expansion and what not. Auto transportation companies won’t clean it, either.


The larger the vehicle you need to ship, the more expensive auto transport services are going to be. If a vehicle is too large to fit on a standard carrier, a flatbed hauler may be required. If your vehicle is large, make sure to get the dimensions of it – height, length, width and gross weight if you can. That information will help get you more accurate quotes, which will make your shipment better.


Good boxes can really make a household move easier in the long run. If you’re utilizing the cheaper self-service moving option, it means you’re going to have to pack your own items in your own boxes. While you can use old boxes lying around the house, the best way to ensure your goods are safe during the move is to get specific moving boxes from a moving company or self-storage place. Those are hardier and are built for moving items, so they’ll keep your items safer in the long run.


If your vehicle’s battery is dead and you are trying to ship it, put a new battery in it. Seriously, automotive batteries aren’t all that expensive, and they’re much cheaper than shipping a non-running vehicle. Getting your vehicle up and running will save a lot of time and money on your shipment.


If you are unable to pay for your shipment at delivery, a good alternative is cash on pickup. Not all carriers provide cash on pickup services, but many will work with you if you are unable to be there to pay for the delivery of your vehicle for whatever reason. Another option is pre-paid shipping, but few carriers will take pre-paid orders nowadays as it is not as reliable as cash on delivery.


It’s always a good idea to leave your vehicle a bit dirty before your auto transport carrier arrives to pick it up. Not only will it get dirty anyway while it is in transit, but a bit of dirt can actually help prevent minor dings and scratches while on the road. This is a good tip even if you’re driving a vehicle long distance for the same reason.


It’s Veteran’s Day today, and some auto shipping companies may be closed in observance. Some have already done their observing and were closed on Friday or Monday, but others are closed for today only. If your company isn’t picking up the phone or answering their emails, chances are they’re closed for the holiday too. They’ll reopen tomorrow morning, when it’s back to business as usual.


Auto shippers can’t just drive all day and night; like any other long-distance shipping company, they have to follow rules and regulations and laws set by the government. This is for safety reasons, both for the carrier and for others that he shares the road with, but they are also the main reason why it takes anywhere from 10-14 days to ship a vehicle across the country.


You can ship almost any vehicle in an enclosed car shipping container, but rarely is it needed. Most daily drivers are just fine on an open carrier and the risk of damage on an open truck is less than it is if you were to drive it yourself.


If your vehicle cannot roll – in other words, if it’s on blocks and has no wheels – make sure that you tell someone as soon as you can. The main way vehicles are loaded and unloaded is via rolling and/or driving them onto and off of the truck, and if they can’t even do that it may be that your vehicle can’t be shipped. Talk to an agent for more information.


If your carrier is running late during the day that they say they’ll pick your car up, don’t panic – there are often times when carriers get delayed due to inherent conditions such as traffic, construction, quality of the roads, and more. Delays aren’t too common, as carriers tend to tread the same basic routes, but they happen; if they do, contact your carrier and make sure to discuss it with them.


If you’re trying to save money on your shipment, talk to an agent about moving your pickup or delivery location to somewhere more easily accessible for car transporters. Auto transport is most easily found to and from major cities due to the higher number of people, so keep that in mind when shipping your vehicle.


Did you know that gasoline weighs about six pounds per US gallon? That’s a lot of weight to add onto a vehicle, which is why carriers ask that you only have a quarter of a tank of fuel in your vehicle when it is picked up. A car with a 12 gallon tank will add 84 pounds to a car, and that’s a conservative estimate. Many vehicles have larger gas tanks too, and diesel fuel is even heavier at 7.5 pounds per gallon. So only have 1/4 of a tank of fuel to make things easier for you and your shipper.


A good thing you can do when anticipating a carrier’s arrival, either for pickup or delivery of your vehicle, is to watch the traffic reports on something like Google Maps. This can give you a good idea as to where your carrier is at and what they are dealing with while on the road. This can oftentimes explain delays in pickup or delivery and can avoid hassles in the long run.


Shipping a vehicle that has been lifted? Make sure to mention that to your auto transport agent, as a lifted vehicle may require more clearance than a standard carrier can give, which would require a specialty auto transportation truck to move it. Talk to an agent for more information about shipping lifted vehicles or read our blog for more.


Concerned your auto transport pickup windows are too big? You can usually shorten your pickup and delivery windows by moving your pickup or delivery location to somewhere that is easily accessible or more attractive to carriers; talk to your agent about how to do so along your specific route.


We are officially into the slowest time of the year in the car shipping industry, and right now carrier prices are lower along most major routes due to the decrease in freight. It happens every year, and from now until January or February should be a good time to ship to and from most major cities. Snow and ice can cause delays, though, so keep an eye on the weather.


Happy Halloween! Unlike most major holidays – notably Thanksgiving and Christmas – most auto transport companies will be open on Halloween and will also pickup and deliver vehicles, though likely not at night. If you are worried your car will be picked up or delivered after you’re out and about trick-or-treating or partying, talk to your agent to see if you can extend the pickup or delivery to tomorrow.


Make sure to search our blog for information about shipping to and from your specific pickup and delivery locations. You can glean a lot of useful information via our various blog posts; conversely, you can also search our articles under the “Auto Shipping Cities” and “Auto Transport States” categories.


Don’t forget about our Tip of the Day archives! At the bottom of our Tip of the Day section, there’s links to our archives that date back to 2013 when we first started them. Read them, know them, learn them, and use that knowledge to find the right shipping company for your needs.


Don’t be afraid to call and ask questions about shipping your vehicle. Some people don’t realize that talking on the phone to a representative can glean so much more information than you can find online, and can help you get an accurate auto transport quote as well.


Sometimes it can take more than a few minutes to get your quote. While most of the time it will arrive within minutes of submitting the quote form, on busy days, usually early in the work week, it can take a bit longer due to weekend logjams. Just be patient; if you haven’t received anything in ten or twenty minutes, it may be a good idea to call in and see if something did not go wrong.


Please make sure that you don’t have anything like coffee cups or sippy cups or lunch boxes in your vehicle when it is being shipped. Food and beverages can cause noxious fumes to build up in your vehicle during transit, and the jostling can cause things to roll around and spill. Better to just get them out of the vehicle – same goes with ash trays, if you smoke.


Something that you’ll want to do before you book a shipment is to read some reviews of different transportation companies – not just brokers, either. You should review the carrier that your broker contracts with and you should make sure that they are highly rated – if they aren’t, you should definitely bring it up with your agent.


Firearms and explosives like fireworks are not allowed in vehicles when you are shipping them. For most of us this is common sense, but it’s actually against the law to have those things in your vehicle when it is being transported, particularly across state lines. Give us a call to find out more.


Areas that are located in mountainous areas, such as Denver, can be difficult to ship to or from due to the elevation. Most should be accessible by auto transporters, but some will have easier times getting to or from highly elevated cities than others, and this can affect your price. Make sure to talk to an agent about it to learn more.


Overseas auto transport services can be difficult to find, but not with American Auto Shipping. We can get you a quote to ship to or from Alaska, Hawaii, and other US. territories that sit overseas such as Puerto Rico and Guam. For more information, contact one of our live agents.


If you’re shipping into or out of a rural town that’s not close to any major interstates, don’t be surprised if your vehicle isn’t getting shipped at lower quotes. Car transporters have a hard time servicing rural areas, which means they need to charge customers more to cover their transportation costs, and it may take longer to find a shipper as well. Talk to a rep for more information.


Shipping a motorcycle? If so, make sure to say so in our quote form – just type “motorcycle” in the “Make” section on our form and then choose what size of engine the bike has, whether it is over or under 500cc. This will give shippers enough detail to give you an accurate motorcycle shipping quote.


Paying for auto transport services isn’t fun or easy for many of us, but it’s necessary. If you cannot pay your driver for their services, they won’t deliver your vehicle; they’ll often stick it in private storage where it will sit until the balance is paid. Don’t try to pull a fast one – it won’t work and will leave you sitting without a vehicle and still owing someone a bit of money.


While you do not have to vacuum your vehicle before it is picked up, it’s a good idea. You cannot have any personal items in your vehicle when you ship it, so if you’re cleaning your vehicle out you may as well just go the full distance and vacuum. You may be surprised at what you find.


If you’re looking to speak to someone directly and no one is picking up either because it is after-hours or because we are simply busy and cannot get to the phone right away, you can also fill out our online quote form for your free quotes or you can leave us a message along with your name and number and a brief message and we will get back to you as quickly as we can.


Don’t be afraid to ask questions if you are unsure about something during the shipment of your vehicle. Car shipping representatives exist to help customers with their shipments, so don’t be afraid to get clarification about something if you do not understand it or need something explained more clearly.


During the winter months, many routes become harder for auto transport companies to run routes on considering that winter weather, such as snow and ice, is only so predictable. Routes through rural areas in the northern regions of the country tend to see price increases, but southern routes tend to see decreases in price.


As the industry slows down, prices get more competitive. With fewer loads on the road, auto transporters have to compete harder for their freight, which often results in lower prices along the most popular routes. This is good news for you if you’re shipping from and to major cities, so talk to your agent about it for more information.


Everything should be back to normal in the auto transport industry after that holiday, but there may still be some companies out there taking an extended mini-vacation. Chances are yours is not, but if your car transport carrier is scheduled to pickup or deliver your vehicle today and they have not arrived, they may just have taken a day to spend more time with their families. Talk to your representative for more information.


Today is Columbus Day, which means that there are bound to be carriers out there that are taking the holiday off. Columbus Day is weird – not all states actively observe the holiday, and many companies are open on the holiday and conducting business as usual – but not all. If your broker isn’t answering their phones, it could be they’re closed for the holiday.


Remember, most auto transport carriers can’t pickup up the phone whenever it rings since they’re busy driving their big trucks down the highway. This is why it’s important to direct any questions or concerns you may have with your shipment to your representative at the brokerage. Their job is to provide customer service and be a liaison during your shipment, so make sure to utilize them.


The weekend tends to see fewer auto transport trucks on the road, as some companies like to try to stick to a five-day work week. Of course, with the nature of the industry being what it is, many carriers have to work on the weekends, and some actually make it a point to try to work customers’ pickup and delivery windows into weekends, as many people don’t work. Talk to your agent for more information on when your carrier is going to be working.


Please, make sure your car is clean before the auto transport truck shows up to pick your vehicle up. Not only does trash and clothes and other personal items just look bad, but it can actually cause damage to the vehicle should something happen. Items tend to shift during transit, after all, so be smart and clean your car before your carrier shows up. And don’t do it when they arrive – it’s a waste of time for everyone.


You should always ask for your auto transport carrier’s insurance information when they arrive to load your vehicle. Carriers are required to carry a copy of their insurance policy, including premiums and deductibles, for customers to peruse upon pickup and delivery. This can give you an insight into what could happen should you need to make a claim, and it’s always better to be safe.


Make sure to double-check and make sure there aren’t any personal items in your vehicle that you may need when you ship it. A lot of people leave things like purses and other personal items in vehicles, especially those that do a lot of daily driving. It can be habit to leave things in a vehicle – registration and insurance proof in the glove box comes to mind – and you want to make sure that you keep that on you when you ship.


Right now, auto transport to and from the southern United States is going to be the easiest to find and likely the cheapest to book due to the weather starting to turn cold and brutal in the northern states. You can take advantage of this and get good deals before they disappear if you act quickly.


Luckily, Hurricane Joaquin didn’t make landfall here in the United States, but its effects were still felt on the east coast. Lots of rain, lots of wind, and some areas may have damage that the news simply isn’t reporting. If you’re shipping a vehicle to or from the Mid-Atlantic region of the east coast, keep this in mind, and talk to your agent if you’re concerned about possible delays.


Barren states like Nevada, Idaho and Wyoming see little traffic in the auto transport industry. They tend to not have a lot of people living in their borders, and few people moving to or from the area anyway. This tends to result in higher auto transport prices; auto shippers have to make ends meet, and they have a harder time doing that if they have to travel hundreds of miles between customers.


If you’re unsure about how something in the auto transport industry works, try searching our blog roll. We try to provide information pertinent to customers, and while not all our posts will be beneficial for everyone, most people can use the info that we put on our site. If you have questions after reading through the blogs and articles here, you can also give us a call at our toll-free number.


The fall shipping season is officially upon us, which means lower prices on some routes, high prices on others, and longer wait times for many. It’s slowing down; less people are shipping vehicles and seasonal transporters are starting to close their doors in anticipation. Now is the best time to ship a vehicle, at least before the winter hits.


The Midwest is not a very popular auto transport location, all things considered. It’s vast and many areas are sparsely populated, which means the major cities in the region are going to be the cheapest and fastest areas to ship a vehicle to or from. If you’re crunched for time or on a budget, talk to an agent about ways to save money on auto shipping to or from the Midwest.


Different auto transport carriers haul different freight based on what it is, which is why you should only use the right carrier for your needs. A standard daily driver doesn’t usually need an enclosed container, and rarely will a standard car need a flatbed hauler. Using the right carrier for your needs will save you time and money in the long run.


Auto shipping carrier reviews can be very useful, but you probably won’t use them as much as your broker does. When you book an order and it’s dispatched to a carrier company, you can look up reviews of that company online, and we recommend you do so in order to find out just what to expect when your vehicle is picked up.


Overseas auto transport has to be done via a separate overseas auto transportation company than the one you will be booking with. This is because there are few (if any) domestic shippers that have the facilities to actually ship a vehicle overseas, so instead of trying to push into that market most brokers will simply contract with an overseas shipper. This saves money in the long run, though it’s still more expensive than shipping within the continental U.S.


Rural areas will cost more to ship a vehicle to or from than metropolitan areas. Rural areas have smaller customer bases, which means carriers have to travel further between pickup and delivery locations for their customers, which means more operating costs and less money coming in. Keep that in mind if you’re trying to ship a vehicle to or from an area far removed from major cities or metro areas.


Snow and ice can cause big delays if the weather is bad enough, but rain shouldn’t have any impact on your prices or services. Rain is common and as such auto shippers know how to handle it. It’s not extreme, like it is when you’re shipping through snow and ice, but it can cause things to get more slick, which may mean a carrier has to go a bit slower. Won’t affect your price or your transit time much, but it’s always good to know.


If you’re in the military and you’re shipping more than one vehicle you’ll need to talk to an independent auto transport company about getting it moved. Make sure to mention that you’re military, as many companies will offer discounts to current and retired service members. You may have to prove it via a military ID or some other way, but the discounts can be significant, so make sure to ask.


If you’re looking for car shipping services to Hawaii or Alaska keep in mind that every shipment will have to be done via overseas auto transport services, which takes a lot more time and often costs a lot more. Budgeting is more important when shipping overseas, and we highly recommend talking to an agent about all aspects of a shipment to Alaska or Hawaii before actually booking an order.


Limousines are specialized vehicles that are generally going to be more expensive to ship. Their extra length and often extra weight make it more expensive for auto transport companies to ship, as heavier vehicles decrease fuel economy and longer vehicles take up extra space that could be used for other customers. The longer the limousine, the more expensive it’ll be to ship, and some limos may require flatbed shipping services.


Knowing how the deposit works, how to pay and what it’s for is a good thing when shipping a vehicle, so take a minute to read about it in our blog or in our articles. You can also contact us over the phone to discuss how different ways of paying for your auto transport services can yield different experiences.


If your vehicle doesn’t have a battery in it, you may be able to save some money by spending a bit to replace it. Shipping a non-op vehicle can cost hundreds more than standard shipping services on the same route, and many times a vehicle being shipped doesn’t start because the battery is dead. Check the battery, replace it, and if it runs you just saved yourself some cash.


Make sure you have your payment ready to go before your carrier arrives to pick your vehicle up. Auto shippers won’t deliver any vehicles until they are paid, and they are fully within their rights to hold your vehicle until payment for services is met.


Make sure you know how much your auto transport deposit will be before you book your shipment. Prices for deposits vary from company to company, and some charge less or more depending on how much freight they move. Typically your deposit will be about $200, give or take a bit, and try to stay away from companies with low deposits around $100 – they’re usually not pricing that way because they ship a lot of freight, sadly.


Keep an eye on the map when you are shipping a vehicle. Knowing where the interstate highways in your area are in relation to your pickup or delivery location can go a long way in lowering your prices or making your services easier to find or faster to complete.


Everyone wants their vehicle shipped as fast as possible, but auto transport trucks are limited by federal rules and regulations that limit how fast and far they travel per day. This is a bit reason why auto shipping transit times are what they are, but you should know that it rarely takes more than seven days to get to most areas, and even coast-to-coast shipments usually don’t take longer than two weeks.


Pickup and delivery dates are rarely guaranteed; most companies offer pickup and delivery windows instead. While this may make scheduling a bit more difficult, it also eases the burden that comes with getting to a specific place at a specific time. Car shippers have to deal with lots of different factors while on the road that can cause delays, which is why they give windows instead of guaranteed dates.


If you don’t have a credit or debit card that your broker can use for payment, they will likely offer other payment methods so you can make your deposit and get your vehicle shipped. This includes things like money orders, cash or cashier’s checks and more. Talk to your agent to learn more about their payment policies and how they can help you pay for your car shipment.


Auto transport transit times will vary based on your pickup and delivery locations, the company that will be shipping your vehicle, when you are shipping, the price you are paying and more. You’d be surprised at how much different factors can affect your transit time and pickup/delivery windows, and they will often be case-dependent, so make sure to talk to an agent to learn more about it.


Auto transport prices are often negotiable, meaning that you may be able to get better prices by shopping around and by talking to different car transportation companies. Some companies are able to get better deals with certain carriers than others, which is another reason why it’s important to shop around for prices and services.


Many areas of the country are going to start experiencing winter weather sooner rather than later, which means some routes are going to be more expensive soon, particularly in the north. If you are waiting for a good time to ship a vehicle, now is probably one of the best times to ship due to the way the industry works – right now, the slowdown from the summer is starting, but there’s still plenty of trucks out there willing to run routes at current prices that will be more expensive in a few weeks.


Keep in mind that perishable foodstuffs are more than definitely not allowed in your vehicle when you ship it. Your vehicle will be on a truck for days or even weeks, and many times carriers will be traveling through conditions that may result in spoilage for any food in the vehicle. After a week or two in a car, that Tupperware full of salad is going to turn into a moldy miasma, which no one wants to deal with.


Many larger cities will have bedroom communities that surround them. This is good news for you, as it generally means that larger areas are cheaper to ship to and from, and carriers get access to many more customers while still being able to turn a profit. If you’re having problems finding pickup services out of a smaller, more remote area, moving your pickup location to something more easily accessible may work.


Shipping a vehicle that can’t run is much different than shipping one with no tires or wheels. Many auto transport companies simply will not ship a vehicle with no tires, as it cannot roll onto or off the truck. Some may be able to load it via special methods, but not damaging the vehicle during loading or unloading is difficult, and most carriers won’t try it.


Today is Labor Day, so like with most national holidays many shipping companies will be closed, or at least not running routes or processing orders. Some companies may still be open to provide services for their customers, but this is a time of year for people to take a break from working. Don’t be surprised if your auto transport company does not answer their phones today.


Take the same approach to finding a household moving company that you would use to find an auto transporter. This means read reviews from real customers, get multiple quotes from different movers and compare prices and services from different companies before you make a commitment. Though it may take a bit more time initially, you’ll end up saving time and money in the long run.


Just because an area is not an actual city does not mean that auto transport companies won’t run routes there. There are a lot of places out there that auto shippers will include on their routes even though they aren’t actual cities. Most of the time these are larger census-designated places that sit on the outskirts of major cities and metro areas, so even if a place isn’t a city proper it won’t affect your prices at all.


The summer shipping season is pretty much over. This means that auto transport companies are starting to anticipate less freight, which tends to mean lower prices on a number of routes since there isn’t as much to go around as there is in the summer. On the whole this is good news for you, but you’ll want to discuss the details with your agent to get the latest news and information about conditions along your route.


The easiest way that carriers load and unload vehicles is by driving them on or off the truck. Sometimes, though, that’s just not possible, especially if the vehicle doesn’t run. This is why some carriers use a winch, but not all of them do, which usually makes non-running vehicles more expensive to ship. It’s important to note if it does not, though, as a carrier without a winch can’t load it, and if you don’t tell your rep your vehicle isn’t running they might book the wrong carrier which will cost you a lot more time and money.


Rural areas are going to almost always be more expensive to transport a vehicle to than urban areas. Urban areas have more potential customers and are easier to get to and from, which means cheaper operating prices for carriers and thus lower prices for customers. If you need to ship to or from a rural area it’s possible, just expect higher costs and longer wait times if you’re far removed from civilization.


If you’re shipping a luxury vehicle, you may want to look into enclosed auto transport services. They protect vehicles better than the standard open method, though it is usually more expensive to ship a vehicle in an enclosed carrier, as enclosed shippers don’t haul just any vehicle. High-end vehicles are typically worth it, especially if your vehicle’s worth is close to – or over – six figures.


Renting a car while your daily driver is being shipped isn’t an option for everyone, but if you can’t rely on taxis or friends/family for rides, it’s usually one of your only options of getting around unless you want to walk. Some auto transport companies can compensate you for your time, but not all will, so be sure to talk to them about rental vehicles and how they can help you.


Household goods moving services can be hard to find if you’re not moving to or from major metropolitan areas. Interstate household movers tend to ship anywhere in the country, including rural or hard-to-reach areas, but like when shipping a car it’s usually going to cost more. Talk to an agent about other ways to save on household goods moving services.


Usually, the southeastern United States is a prominent car transport location due to the overall nice weather there, the large population centers such as Atlanta and Miami, and it is fairly easy to get to and from most areas in the region. That said, there are always rural areas that are going to be harder and more expensive to ship to, so make sure you talk to your agent about that so you can avoid paying undue amounts of money for car shipping services.


In terms of auto transport popularity, Miami, and its metropolitan area, is one of the biggest and best locations to ship a vehicle to or from. Between its size, population count and high amount of tourism (not to mention a robust and diverse economy), it’s not surprising that Miami is as important and popular in the car shipping industry as it is today.


Want to learn some secrets about the vehicle transport industry? Take a look at our blog – today’s post deals with car transport secrets and things that you may not know about the industry and the companies that work within it. It’s a good read – check it out.


As far as car transport services are concerned, Kentucky is not a popular location to ship a vehicle. At the same time, it was one of the first states to be settled after the American Revolution, which makes it fairly old and its cities are as well. This helps the cause, as they’ve had more time to grow and get larger, and today cities such as Lexington, Frankfurt and Louisville are top car transport areas in the region.


Finding the right car transport company for your needs can be difficult, which is why there are people out there whose job it is to assist you with every aspect. These are called auto transport representatives, and they work closely with you and coordinate everything regarding pickup, transit and delivery of your vehicle. They are an invaluable part of the vehicle shipping process, so don’t take them for granted.


You should always make sure you have adequate transportation lined up for when your vehicle is shipped. Being without a vehicle for a few days or weeks is hard enough, but having to rely on friends or family for rides or having to take the bus or hire a cab can be brutal if you’re not prepared for the costs. Having alternative transportation lined up and ready to go will help a lot when it comes to shipping a vehicle.


Don’t forget, we do household moving too! Whether you’re looking to ship a couch or a car, we can get you free quotes emailed to you from professional and highly-rated auto transport and household moving companies. We clear all of them for dependability and reliability, so you know you’ll be in good hands no matter what.


Rural auto transport services tend to be a lot more expensive than shipments to and from major cities and metropolitan areas. Mostly this is because of a lack of a customer base. Car transporters make more money when their pickup and delivery locations are chock-full of customers, and rural areas are kind of the opposite of “chock-full of customers.” This is why auto transportation to and from rural areas tends to be more expensive.


Auto transport is a 24/7/365 industry. This means that most every company will also be operating on the weekends. This can really help you when it comes to scheduling your shipment, since you can often request pickup or delivery windows during hours where you aren’t working or tied up with weekday commitments. For more about scheduling auto transport services, talk to your representative.


Make sure to take some time and check out our Auto Transport Cities and Auto Transport States pages. They have a lot of information about shipping to and from various cities and states in the U.S., so you can get a better idea of what awaits you on your given route. If you have questions, or don’t see your city listed yet (it’s an ongoing process and we are adding new pages every day), give us a call at our toll-free number.


Some areas in the U.S. are going to be easier to ship a vehicle to than others. Auto transport to areas such as the southeast, the west coast and the Mid-Atlantic should be easier to find than shipping services to or from the Midwest, northeastern New England or the American Southwest. Much of this has to do with population density. To learn more about popularity of areas in the car shipping industry, talk to an agent.


Make sure you have your auto transport payment ready to go when the carrier arrives with your vehicle (if you’re paying cash on delivery). If your payment is not ready when the carrier arrives, they have the right to hold your vehicle hostage until payment is made. They don’t want to do this since it takes time out of their busy schedule and really makes them look unsavory, but they run on tight profit margins and oftentimes run routes in the red to help customers. Do them a favor and return that favor.


It’s always important to have a plan in place when it comes to shipping your vehicle, but any plans you make must be fluid in order to account for changes on your route or with the carrier that is hired to transport your vehicle. Talk to an auto transport agent about the plans you’ve made and see what they can do to accommodate you.


Using the right household moving equipment is important when it comes to household goods transportation. Dollies or hand trucks are a vital part of any proper household move, and many times you will be able to rent one to load or unload your truck at no additional cost. Full-service movers should always have them as well, but it’s best to ask if there will be anything they will need from you prior to booking.


As we start gearing up for the fall slowdown in the auto transport industry, you should take some time and research how it will affect your shipment. Some areas of the country start to experience wintry weather early, and autumn usually brings storms to areas such as the Deep South and the West Coast, which may affect prices and shipping timetables. Talk to a rep to learn more about fall auto shipping services.


Make sure you have your auto transport payment ready to go when the carrier arrives with your vehicle (if you’re paying cash on delivery). If your payment is not ready when the carrier arrives, they have the right to hold your vehicle hostage until payment is made. They don’t want to do this since it takes time out of their busy schedule and really makes them look unsavory, but they run on tight profit margins and oftentimes run routes in the red to help customers. Do them a favor and return that favor.


Major metro areas are the main auto transport hubs in the industry. Cities such as New York, Los Angeles, Miami, Philadelphia, Houston and Dallas are some of the most popular car transportation locations in the country, and typically see lower prices and faster transit times as a result. You can keep prices for your shipment lower by working with your auto transporter and trying to get a pickup or delivery location in a major city, if you’re located out in the middle of nowhere.


Shipping internationally? American Auto Shipping does not provide international auto transport services, but we do offer overseas vehicle shipping to areas such as Alaska, Hawaii, the Virgin Islands, Guam, Puerto Rico and more. Keep in mind that international shippers can be hard to find and harder to schedule, with wait times spanning months with some companies. International shipping is more difficult and takes longer than domestic shipping, is what we’re getting at.


Trust is important in the auto transport industry, which is why we work hard to maintain a level of trustworthiness that, frankly, other companies just don’t go to the lengths to maintain. We post only honest, real facts in our blog posts and our articles, and you can read everything on our website via the menu bar at the top of the page. We’re about telling the truth more than selling a service, because at the end of the day you’re a customer who deserves the truth. And you can always call us if you’re not convinced.


Price is not the end-all, be-all of the auto transport industry. When searching for a good car transport company, you want to also review the services that they provide and try to look at customer reviews of their services. No two car transport companies are built the same, which is why variety and choice are so important in the industry today and why we urge you to take advantage of them to find the right shipper for your needs.


Property values can make or break the value of a home, so when you’re looking for a new place to live you need to keep an eye on property values in your prospective neighborhood. This will play a big role in your choice of household moving companies as well as the price you pay for household moving services, as some areas will be cheaper than others to move to and from.


Right now is kind of the last hurrah in the car transport industry, at least if you’re looking for quick pickup times and competitive pricing. The industry is moving out of the summer shipping season, which tends to be the busiest. Fall sees the industry begin to slow down, though it’s more “average” than in the summer or winter. Right now is a great time to find a car transport company to handle your vehicle shipping needs, so get some quotes before these deals are gone.


Typically the most popular car transport locations in the industry are the largest cities, but not all major cities are going to be as popular as others, while other, smaller cities are actually more popular. Florida, New York State and California are the top-three largest markets for car shipping companies, which tends to result in lower prices to and from most parts of those states – all but the most rural, typically.


Car transport companies are a dime a dozen, and finding one that fits your budget and needs can be tough. This is why we’ve written comprehensive blog posts and articles about finding the right car transport company for your specific needs, including today’s, so make sure to take a minute and read up on what separates the good from the bad in the auto transport industry.


As summer starts winding down and turning into fall, the auto transport industry is going to be experiencing some minor shifts, changes and fluctuations, namely in services to and from the U.S. south. Many people are moving down to areas like Florida and the Gulf Coast to escape brutal fall and winter weather, so if you’re headed there it may be a good time to find a car transport company.


Make sure to do some auto transport reviews before you make a decision on who you book with. You can find reviews for both brokers and carriers online. While most customers just look at broker reviews, carrier reviews can go a long way to helping you understand how good of a company your shipper is – so make sure to take advantage of the resources available to you.


Auto transport companies use competitive pricing methods to keep their prices as low as possible for their customers. This means that most carriers are barely making a profit on most shipments, so keep that in mind when you are searching for a quote. Remember, just because an auto transport quote is lower than others doesn’t mean it’s the best, though – the key is “competitive” pricing, not simply lowest price.


While it’s important to keep the interior of your vehicle clean when it comes time for your auto transport company to ship it, make sure not to wash your vehicle. the dirt and grime are actually really helpful when it comes to keeping minor dings, dents and scratches at bay while in transit.


Keep in mind that the inside of the vehicle you are trying to ship is going to need to be completely clean. This is to avoid damage to the vehicle’s interior during shipment, but also because car transport companies are not licensed to ship household items. If things are visible, even something like garbage on the floor, make sure to clean it out.


The largest cities sit on the coasts – New York on the east, Los Angeles on the west – and as such it’s not surprising that there coast-to-coast shippers are easier to find than shipping companies that only service specific areas. This is generally good news for you, as it makes prices cheaper. At the same time, coast-to-coast transportation services are at the top of the expense list due to the distance, so if you’re shipping on a budget talk to a live agent for more ways to save money.


If you’re unsure about what type of car transport services are right for you, we recommend speaking to a live agent. For most people, open auto transport works just fine, but for others it may not be the case. It will depend on what you’re shipping, the vehicle’s condition, where you’re shipping to and your budget, among other things, so talk to an auto transport professional if you need some help.


While you normally won’t have to go out and buy Armor All and get a car wash before your vehicle is picked up by your car transport carrier, it’s a good idea to always keep the interior of the vehicle clean and the exterior dirty. A clean interior ensures that there is nothing that could get dislodged and damage components during transport, while a dirty exterior can help protect vehicles from minor things such as dust and tiny scratches that come with traveling long distances on the open road.


Car transport insurance is not something that you can “opt out of”, so be wary of companies that offer insurance above the normal cost of transporting a car. Auto transport companies include insurance costs in their overall quote, not as an additional service, since insurance is required by federal law to be carried by every single transport truck on the road today.


Most car transport companies don’t require you to have anything in the way of the title or registration of the vehicle. Many of them don’t even require license plates. The reason why is because oftentimes, vehicles that are destined to either be fixed up or scrapped are shipped, and those often don’t have titles or registration since they are almost entirely abandoned to a junk yard.


Moving a vehicle into or out of the New England region is generally a lot easier to do during the spring and summer than the fall and winter, namely due to the fact that the weather is nicer in the summer months and the entire area sees a surge in popularity. During the winter months it can be hard for car transport carriers to get in and out of New England due to the snows, so keep that in mind and discuss your shipment with your agent for more information.


Major metropolitan areas may be the cheapest and fastest areas to ship a vehicle into or out of, but you have to keep in mind that not all car transport companies can get everywhere within a major city. There are many roads and surface streets that are too tightly packed to maneuver an 80-ft car transport through, so keep in mind that moving your pickup or delivery location may make things easier, faster and possibly cheaper.


A lot of people have things like car seats and booster seats in their cars and vans in order to safely haul their kids around. Most car transporters won’t care if you have some car seats in your vehicle when it comes time to ship it, but it’s a good idea to ask them about it. Taking them out is hardly an effort at all and could save you some time or money if your car transport agent says you have to before they’ll load it onto the truck.


Make sure to talk to your car transport representative about items that are allowed and not allowed in your vehicle. The rule is that no car transporters are allowed to ship household items, but many companies will allow a few choice things in the trunk or in other areas that are kept out of sight. However, some things just should not go in your vehicle, and you may need to discuss it with your shipping company.


We’re getting into the last half of the busiest part of the car transport season, so right now is probably one of the best times to ship a vehicle since you’re going to be able to find the last-ditch deals that carriers and brokers are giving out before the industry starts to slow down. It’s already started, so if you’re on the fence about shipping your vehicle now’s probably the best time.


Keep in mind that car transport carriers have to load and unload vehicles by physically driving them onto and off their transportation trucks. If a vehicle does not run, or does not have wheels, the onus is on you to tell your car transport broker so they can find the proper type of carrier for you to handle the shipment of your vehicle.


You never want to ship anything valuable in your vehicle while it is being hauled by auto transport company. Even if it’s out of sight and mind, things shifting during transport can cause personal items to break, even if they’re in the trunk, and the carrier cannot be held liable to replace it as it’s not technically supposed to be there in the first place.


Specific addresses are important when it comes to household moving and also auto transportation services. Household movers in particular need to know exactly where they need to get to or from up front, as they are going to have to figure out how they’re going to actually get to and from your pickup/delivery locations. Make sure to have them on-hand when it comes time to book your order – they likely won’t be needed for quotes, which are preliminary prices anyway.


If you’re looking at shipping a vehicle to or from your college dorm, apartment or campus proper, you can often get discounts from different shipping companies on your deposit. With any discount, though, make sure to talk to your representative about where in your price that discount is applied – if it’s taken from the truck’s pay instead of their own, chances are it may take longer to get your vehicle scheduled for pickup.


Food and beverages are absolutely not allowed in your vehicle when it is being shipped, especially during the summer months. On open car transport trucks the vehicles that are being shipped are afforded little protection from the elements, particularly the sun – if you’ve ever left food or something in your car on a 90-degree day, you know that the cleanup is not fun in the least. Your car needs to be clean of everything in the interior except for what came with the car anyway, but you should definitely double-check for food before it’s loaded onto the carrier.


Remember that you can save money by shipping more than one vehicle at a time when you find a car transport company. Auto transport carriers like picking up more than one vehicle at a stop, so they often give better prices per-vehicle than if you were shipping the one, or decided to go through two different companies. It may not be a huge savings, but every bit helps with expenses that are often going to be in the thousands of dollars for multiple vehicles.


Car transport carriers have to abide by strict rules and regulations regarding how far and how fast they travel in a given day. This is why many shipments can take upwards of a week, especially long-distance ones. Don’t try to make them go faster or complain about how long the transit time is – it won’t help you in any way and will likely just make things worse. Patience is a virtue in the car shipping industry. Remember that.


If you can’t pay your deposit via a credit or debit card like usual, it’s highly recommended that you speak to your representative and ask about alternative payment methods. While carriers may only take certified funds, auto transport brokers will often let you pay your deposit in a variety of ways, including money order, wire transfer, and cold hard cash.


Shipping an entire fleet of vehicles can be a daunting measure. Luckily, not only can you get in contact with great shippers who understand how to handle large orders, but you can easily find companies that can get you great deals per vehicle as well. Fill out our free form to get started on shipping your fleet, no matter if it’s a few cars or a few dozen.


Part of the household moving process is actually finding the home. While most customers will wait until they’ve finalized the purchase of their home to find a moving company, why wait? Figure out where you’re moving then start getting some preliminary prices so you can get your budget set and get your move handled pronto.


During the summer months, auto transport services are available pretty much from and to anywhere in the country. Even routes like I-90 and I-94 are traveled regularly by car transporters. During the winter months the northern routes are often harder and more expensive for carriers to access due to the bad weather, but right now is the perfect time to ship a car from or to anywhere in the country.


Did you know most car transport companies are closed on the weekends ? This doesn’t mean that your vehicle will just stop moving; rather, your broker likely won’t have their offices open. You should still be able to communicate with your driver, but if your pickup or delivery is scheduled for the weekend, talk to your representative about it to find out what the best course of action moving forward is.


Getting a hold of an auto transport carrier can be difficult sometimes, so make sure to always talk to your car shipping agent before you try to contact your carrier. Most of the time they will give you your driver’s contact information, just in case, but most times the carrier would prefer if he made the call to you instead of the other way around. If you are concerned about your vehicle’s location in-transit, talk to your representative before the carrier.


Payments to auto transport brokers are typically made via credit or debit card. Payments to car transport carriers, on the other hand, have to be cash, cashier’s check or money order. They do not accept debit cards, nor do they accept personal checks – certified funds only. You can discuss this in more detail with your auto transport representative as well.


Most every car transport company won’t accept late payments, so you need to be sure that you have your payment for both your deposit and the money for the carrier upon delivery before your vehicle arrives with your vehicle. If you are unable to pay, companies may hold your vehicle until they are paid. Talk to a representative for more information.


Now that the holiday is over, the auto transport industry is gearing back up. Summer is the busiest time of the year in our industry, so if you’re looking to ship a vehicle there really is no better time like the present. Everyone is getting back up to speed and now is the time of year that many companies hire extra help to handle the extra work, which tends to mean better prices and services all around.


Sunday is one of the slowest days in the car transport industry, especially when that Sunday happens to fall right after a major national holiday. This tends to mean that many companies that are normally open on Sundays are not – but that doesn’t mean that all of them will be closed. If you need to get a hold of a shipping company, we recommend emailing your representative first instead of calling.


Happy 4th of July everyone! As we are out enjoying the holiday with our families, our main offices, including our telephone number, will be closed and our agents will be unavailable today to answer questions. However, you can still send us a message via our Contact Us form, and you can also still get your free auto transport quotes by filling out our free online quote request form.


As a reminder, tomorrow is the Fourth of July, and though we’ve mentioned it a bit over the past few weeks it bears repeating: some auto transport carriers will be spending the weekend with their families and not working, so the holiday may affect your car transport schedule. If you are concerned about this, discuss it with your shipper TODAY.


Remember, you can only have so much stuff in your vehicle when you ship it. Auto transport companies are not licensed to transport household items. Because of this, they tend to balk when you try to fill your car with stuff that doesn’t belong there. Most won’t care if you have a few lightweight items in the trunk before the car carrier arrives, but make sure it is out of sight so it is kept out of mind.


Right now is a great time for car transport services to or from Hawaii or Alaska. Overseas auto transport is best done during the calm time of the year; during the fall, storms become increasingly frequent and winter weather on the high seas can cause damage to vessels and cargo. Just a heads up if you were on the fence about it.


Remember that most car transport companies offer split payment, where you pay a deposit upon booking or dispatch (usually the latter) and pay the rest of the balance upon delivery to the driver. This is the most common method of paying for your vehicle shipment, though others are available. Auto transport companies will likely work with you as much as they can in this regard as well.


When shipping a vehicle and gathering car transport quotes to ship it, you want to try to be as specific as possible. You don’t need to give specific pickup or delivery addresses during the quote gathering stage, but you should have them before you book your order. Also, make sure to have the right year, make and model of your vehicle before you start getting quotes, as prices can change from one type of vehicle to another.


Household goods moving can and likely will be expensive and time consuming. Most household movers ask that you contact them for quotes at least a month ahead of time, which is really good advice – it generally takes longer to arrange a household move than it is auto transport services. We recommend gathering multiple free household moving quotes, which you can do on our website, before you actually book an order with a household mover.


Car transport carriers really do not like running routes through rural areas unless they can either keep their trucks full despite going to an area with few potential customers or charge more for the shipment. This can make it hard to ship into or out of areas like the Dakotas, Wyoming, and much of the Midwest. If you need to get quotes to or from rural areas, expect prices to be a bit higher than usual for a route of that distance, and try to get as many auto transport quotes as you can.


The 4th of July is a major American holiday, even among auto transport companies. This means that a lot of carriers will try to keep close to home so they can spend time with their families, which can disrupt auto transport plans. Keep this in mind and discuss it with your car shipping agent if you’re concerned your shipment might fall during the holiday weekend.


A good rule of thumb to keep in mind is the fact that auto transport carriers can only travel about 350-400 miles on average per day. This is because of how many stops they have to make along the way, and also accounts for things such as traffic and construction and other delays. For cross-country shipments, you should expect your auto transport driver to arrive with your vehicle no sooner than ten days from the date of pickup, and two weeks to be on the safe side.


Different regions often see different auto transport prices and services. Areas such as New York, California, Texas and Florida tend to be the most popular auto transport locations due to the fact that they have high populations. These also tend to see faster pickup and delivery times as well. Areas such as Wyoming, the Dakotas, and many sparsely-populated areas tend to take longer and are more expensive due to the lack of people.


Did you know we have a videos section? You can visit it via our menu bar at the top of the page. Our videos cover all sorts of topics relating to the auto transport industry including tips and tricks as well as frequently asked questions and more. If you’re looking for top-quality videos to explain how the auto transport industry works, look no further than our videos section.


You should always take at least a day to gather different auto transport quotes and compare prices, services, and discuss your shipment with live people over the phone before you book an order. Finding the right auto transport company can be a challenge, but it’s definitely doable if you do it right, and we do our best to make the process easier and faster for you.


Using the right household moving boxes for your items is an important part of your household move. Make sure to put like items together in the same boxes, and make sure that you label all your boxes appropriately. This way, your household movers will be able to quickly put your boxes in the right areas of your home, allowing for faster unpacking for you.


If you’re looking for quotes to ship to or from a smaller city in the middle of a rural area, you should plan on auto transport services taking a longer time to be found and to actually pickup and transport your vehicle. Auto transport companies prefer to run routes into and out of major metro areas along major interstates to keep their trucks full and overhead costs lower. Since they can’t do that with rural shipments, prices and wait times tend to be higher.


Don’t forget that you have live people at your disposal you can talk to about all things auto transport. You can contact us at our toll-free number to speak to one of our live agents, or you can also use our free chat line – we have agents standing by to answer any questions you may have. You can also send us a message through our contact us form under our Contact Us section.


Auto transport by rail is a dying part of the industry, so don’t get your hopes up about finding a train that can ship your car. Most routes are now closed to transportation via rail, and the only ones still open really are up and down the east coast. For everything else, auto transport via truck is going to be cheaper, faster and easier to find, so keep that in mind.


Auto transport services are generally harder to find in and out of more areas during the winter months, thanks in large part to the weather. Summer routes may be more expensive due to logjams, but most are actually cheaper since there are more trucks on the road. Now is one of the best times to ship a car, so if you’re interested don’t hesitate to fill out our free auto transport quote request form or call us any time at our toll-free number to get started.


If you have a question about something regarding your auto transport service, call your representative first. Don’t call your car shipping carrier unless they expressly say you can or if your rep gives you the go ahead. Auto transport drivers can’t just talk on the phone any time they please, and multiple calls in a day can be frustrating.


The auto transport industry does not see much theft, despite most auto transport carriers utilizing open transportation trucks. Not only are the vehicles locked once they’re loaded onto the truck, but most drivers stick close to their trucks and many sleep in the cab, so theft is easy to stop as-is. You shouldn’t have to worry about any electronics or anything, especially things such as stereos, though you are free to remove them if you wish.


Make sure to get the name of your auto transport representative when you book your order. Most auto transport companies give commissions to their employees based on how many orders they book, so not only will you be helping them out but your shipping experience should also be more streamlined by working with one employee as opposed to several different ones. Sometimes it can’t be helped, of course, but it’s always best to try to speak with the same person every time.


If you’re shipping something large, particularly things such as construction equipment or fleet utility vehicles, keep in mind that it may not be able to fit on a standard car shipping carrier. Auto transport companies can handle vehicles of varying sizes, but the auto transport carrier needed may not be a standard one if the vehicle is too large. Flatbed shipping is harder to find and more expensive, so be sure to talk to a live agent about it when getting your car shipping quotes.


There are many companies that offer local auto transport services, though the ones you’d get quotes from by filling out our free form are all nationwide shippers. Local moves are more expensive with nationwide auto transport companies as they usually travel thousands of miles per load instead of hundreds, so keep that in mind – if your shipment is less than 200 miles, a local company may be a better choice, if one is available.


Always make sure that your tires are properly inflated and that your vehicle starts before the auto transport carrier arrives. Non-running vehicles must be winched onto a truck, and not all auto transport trucks have a winch, so if you can get your vehicle started and running it will save you a bit of time and money on your transportation services. If you cannot get your vehicle started, make sure to tell your car shipping representative before they dispatch your vehicle.


Did you know you can get auto transport quotes to ship to or from overseas U.S. territories? Guam, Puerto Rico, the U.S. Virgin Islands, the Mariana Islands and American Samoa are all selections in our car shipping quote request form, so you can get free quotes to ship anywhere in the U.S. or in one of its overseas territories. Talk to one of our live auto transport agents for more information.


Please keep in mind that firearms are absolutely unequivocally not allowed in your vehicle while it is being shipped by an auto transport carrier. Car shipping companies are not allowed to ship household items as-is, and while most allow a bit regardless, weapons, particularly guns but especially ammunition, are not allowed in your vehicle and will be confiscated if found. Remove them before the carrier arrives.


The weather can play a crucial role in your auto transport prices and carrier availability, so you should definitely keep an eye on the weather reports during the time your vehicle is expected to be picked up. This is most relevant during the fall and winter months, as that tends to be when the most devastating storms tend to come.


When shipping musical instruments, you should make sure that they are properly packed away and secured and marked fragile. Different instruments are transported in different ways, but you need to be prepare for your guitar or violin or whatever to go through several different climates that could affect them. If you are unsure about the dangers, talk to your household moving company, or simply take your musical instruments yourself instead of shipping them with the rest of your items.


Always make sure that you put in the correct vehicle information when getting auto transport and car shipping quotes. Having accurate information is important, as the more accurate your information is the more accurate the quotes you receive will be. You should always double-check the pickup and delivery locations as well, as well as your contact information before submitting. That way, you ensure that you get the best quotes and your time wasn’t spent doing essentially nothing.


Don’t forget to read your auto transport broker’s terms and conditions. You should read them before you book an order, truthfully, as different car shipping companies may have different policies and procedures than others. It’s best to know what to expect should any problems arise and also understand how that shipper does what they do – all of which will be explained in their T&C.


If you submitted our auto transport quote request form and have yet to see your quotes, chances are your request got caught in our “fake quote” filter. It’s a tool we designed to ensure that fake information cannot be easily submitted through our system, in an effort to catch spammers. If you suspect this has happened to you don’t be afraid to give us a call toll-free to discuss it with a live agent.


If you need to contact us for any reason, you can always call our toll-free telephone number. But if you’d rather contact us electronically, you can click on the “Contact Us” link in our menu bar and send us an email through our new email contact form. While you cannot use it for auto transport quotes (that’s what the quote form is for), you can use it to pose auto transport-related questions to our staff, who will see it and respond as quickly as possible.


If you’re worried about your carrier being unable to get to your door, talk to a live agent about it. They’ll be able to talk to the driver for you and, if necessary, find a better area to meet the carrier for you. This applies to delivery as well, so make sure to keep in contact with both your auto transport agent and your carrier.


Did you know that auto transport carriers have their own on board recorders should something go wrong? They’re still somewhat new, but they’ve been really helpful with insurance companies and customers’ claims. Auto transport companies may not like it, but you should check to see if your carrier has one – not all do, in fact most may not, as the tech is still new, but might as well ask, right?


Items such as clothes, blankets, pillows and fabrics are the best to put into your vehicle, if you have to put something in it while it’s being shipped. Those items are light; auto transport companies have strict weight restrictions to abide by, so putting things like computers or bowling balls into your car when your car shipping carrier picks it up can cause problems down the road. Try not to put anything in your car, but if you have to, keep it light.


If you’re interested in finding a specialized auto transport carrier to haul your vehicle, you should fill out our free form and then talk to one of the companies that send you your quotes about it. It’s not just ten-car haulers, enclosed trailers and flatbed carriers on the road; there are many other types that can possibly ship your vehicle. Talk to your auto transport agent about it if you’re interested.


Some car shipping companies will allow you to choose top or bottom level on an open auto transport truck, and some may not. It depends on the policies of the company as well as the policies of the carrier they choose; not all car shipping carriers will be able to reserve specific spots or levels, while others may charge you more for reserving a specific spot on their truck. Talk to your agent for more information.


Don’t be surprised to see higher auto transport costs into and out of areas such as Los Angeles and Miami right now. As the summer transport season kicks into high gear, logjams are going to become more common – this means there are more customers than carriers in an area, all going the same way, and auto transport companies can pick and choose the best and highest-paying loads before others.


Houston, one of the most popular car shipping locations in the entire country, is experiencing heavy storms and flooding. This will affect your auto transport prices and services something fierce; right now, auto transporters and vehicle shipping companies are trying to figure out how to bypass Houston while still being able to deliver their customers’ vehicles; if you are shipping into or out of Houston right now, talk to your shipper to see if there are alternative areas you can take it to for pickup or delivery.


Now that the holiday is over, the car shipping industry is getting back into the swing of things. Companies that were closed yesterday are open today, so you shouldn’t have any problems getting information on your auto transport services. Some of the larger companies may see their phones blowing up, so if you can’t get through to your auto transport agent right away give it some time. They’ll get to you when they can.


Today is Memorial Day, which means some car shipping companies are going to be closed and some will be open. If you are unsure about whether or not your auto transport company will be answering the phones today, just give them a call – if they don’t answer, they’re either closed or busy, but today is one of the slowest in the vehicle shipping industry, so don’t be surprised if they don’t – or do.


Make sure to keep track of your car shipping company’s contact information, your order number and who your representative is. You should strive to work with the same person throughout the shipment – while not every auto transport company operates this way, many have the same reps working with the same customers from initial booking to final delivery, and that’s what you want to try to do too. It cuts down on confusion and leads to an overall better car shipping experience.


Did you know we have a guide to auto transport quotes? If you visit our Articles section you’ll see our great car shipping information articles that you can read to learn more about the industry. Our auto transport quote guide is a great place to get started, and you can find it right on that list of car shipping articles. You can also contact one of our own live agents via telephone, or on our chat program, for more information.


Auto transport schedules are, by their nature, flexible, so don’t fret if your car shipping company doesn’t show up immediately when they said they were going to. Remember, nationwide carriers have to battle a lot of different things including the elements, traffic, construction, and poor roads, all of which can cause delays for car transport companies. Keep that in mind when it comes time for your vehicle to be shipped.


If you need auto transport services for a classic or antique vehicle, you’ll likely want to talk to your agent about enclosed auto transport services. Enclosed transportation is much more protective of the vehicles they ship than open shipping, as enclosed carriers completely enclose the vehicle in a trailer as opposed to leaving them open to the elements. This is best for valuable or high-end vehicles.


The southeastern United States has been experiencing a major economic boom, which has led to a large influx of new residents in the region. This has also led to an influx of new auto transport companies, and today Florida is one of the most popular auto transport locations in the country. As such, transportation services into and out of the Southeast is getting cheaper, on the whole, though you should watch out for logjams out of major cities, which could lead to higher prices – or longer wait times for pickup.


Don’t forget about our specific model and brand auto transport information pages! Are you shipping a large Ford or Chevy pickup truck or cargo van? Head on over to our section about those vehicles – you can read about how their construction, size and weight will affect your auto transport prices and services. We also have other articles about cities, states, routes, regions, and more – if you need information about something related to auto transportation, you can find it somewhere on our website. Just look around!


You don’t need to talk to your auto transport agent all the time while your vehicle is being shipped. Your agent will let you know when any major events happen such as your vehicle being dispatched or the carrier arriving for pickup or delivery. Feel free to call and ask questions about your shipment, especially if it’s been a while with no news, but you shouldn’t bombard your auto transport company with questions and phone calls if you can help it.


Don’t forget about inclement weather. Right now weather across the nation is pretty conducive to fast, easy auto transport experiences, but there are always areas that experience extreme weather – it’s a big country, after all. Inclement weather can play a big factor in your auto transport prices and services, so keep an eye on the weather reports in your pickup and delivery location, and talk to an auto transport agent about possible alternatives if the weather looks like it might start getting rough.


There are a lot of ways you can save a bit of time or money on your next auto transport experience. One of the most common methods is moving your pickup or delivery location to an area that an auto transport carrier will have an easier or faster time getting to it. While it’s best to talk to a live representative regarding your options, many shippers are willing to work with their customers, provided their customers are willing to work with them.


If you have to put items in your vehicle while it is being shipped, make sure to keep them in your trunk, if you can, and make sure they are not expensive. Auto transport companies are not licensed to transport household items, and can get in trouble if they’re caught (deliberately) hauling items they’re not supposed to. If you have items you want to include in your vehicle, talk to your auto transport representative for more information.


Please keep in mind that hazardous materials are not allowed in a vehicle while it is being shipped. This includes, but is not limited to, ammunition and firearms, hazardous household chemicals including bleach and ammonia, and even things like fertilizer. There are many more, so talk to an auto transport company for more information on what you can and cannot have in your vehicle while it is being shipped (here’s a hint: your car usually has to be empty before an auto transport truck will load it).


If you’re shipping a convertible, you’ll want to make sure that you mention it to your auto transport agent, as it may need to be taken into account when deciding on the best method of shipping it. Open auto transport trucks keep the vehicles they ship exposed to the elements, which could cause damage to your convertible’s top if not secured properly. For this reason, talk to your agent about enclosed shipping services – they may be more expensive, but they’re also safer.


Damage during transport is rare, but it does happen. If your vehicle is damaged while in the care of an auto transport company, you will have to file an insurance claim with their insurance provider. This can take time, so make sure you are thorough during your auto transport inspection, which you will do at both pickup and delivery. It is important to be thorough, as that will be your go-to- evidence during any insurance claim process.


Make sure you have the time available to meet your auto transport carrier when they arrive to pick your vehicle up. It can take them time to find you and to navigate traffic, so you’ll likely be waiting for a day or possibly two. This is a big reason why communication is paramount, so make sure to discuss your pickup window your with your auto transport company when you can.


Right now is one of the best times to ship a vehicle, and with Memorial Day coming up the industry is gearing up for a major shift in how many people actually need to ship a vehicle. While prices on some routes may increase, most will see further drops as more carriers gear up and more customers are looking for auto transportation services.


You should do some research on possible routes that your carrier will take when your vehicle is being shipped, and you should ask your auto transport representative about which way your carrier will be traveling and how long it will take. You can also talk directly to your auto transport carrier as well, though that won’t be available until your vehicle is actually dispatched to a shipper and is scheduled for pickup.


Never put anything that can break or that is perishable in your vehicle while it is being shipped. Your vehicle will be loaded onto a large truck and then remains pretty much untouched until delivery, which can take days and even weeks. Auto transport companies are not responsible for anything you leave in your car, so if something happens to anything in your vehicle that’s on you and not them.


Keep in mind when trying to figure out time tables for your auto transport services that auto shippers can only drive so far and for so long before having to take a break. These are federal rules that they can get into a lot of trouble for breaking, so they tend to stick as close to the maximum allowed as possible. Talk to an auto transport agent to learn more.


Right now is a great time to find auto transport services. As the weather continues to improve across the country, thanks to the slow advance towards summer, you’ll likely find prices on many slower routes dropping due to higher demand. At the same time, some areas may see logjams that can create price spikes. Talk to an auto transport rep and keep an eye out for deals – and make sure to get as many quotes to ship a car before you book your shipment.


Make sure to be thorough during your pickup and delivery inspections. This is important, as your inspection report will be your go-to piece of evidence if your vehicle is ever damaged during transport. Make sure to note the condition of the vehicle well upon pickup, and if you can take some pictures of the vehicle that would also help your cause if you need to make an insurance claim.


Don’t underestimate your auto transport budget. While some people may have the money to spend willy-nilly, most people have to budget for their shipments, and it’s easy to under-budget. Get some different quotes from different auto transport companies to compare prices and get a good range, then budget over even the highest price. You don’t have to book with the most expensive one (though you should avoid the cheapest), but you should be prepared in case something happens that requires you to pay more.


When shipping household items, you should make sure that you pack your items properly. Proper packing of household items is important, as not only does it make it safer while your things are in transit, but household moving companies can more easily load and unload their truck, saving you time and money. If you need packing tips, read our blog or visit our Household Moving Articles page.


If you can’t be there when the auto transport truck picks up or delivers your vehicle, you can assign someone else to be there on your behalf. You will need to let your representative know who will be doing the pickup or delivery inspection with the driver, and you should give them contact information for the person who will be helping you.


We’ve added a lot of information on our Auto Transport Cities and Auto Transport States pages. You can read up on auto shipping services to and from many different cities in each state, and more are being added every day. New additions include top cities and metropolitan areas in New York, California, Philadelphia, Illinois and more.


Want to know more about how auto transport works and how American Auto Shipping can help you? Visit our blog and our helpful articles to learn more about where you’re shipping from and to, what you’re shipping, and how to get the most out of your auto transport experience. You can spend as much time as you want reading about how the industry works and you can even contact one of our live agents for more information.


Lying to your auto transport agent is a bad idea for a lot of reasons. For one, if you lie about what you’re shipping you could end up costing yourself more time and money. If you lie about where you’re shipping from or to, it can adversely affect your price and pickup/delivery services. Auto transport is about honesty – your shippers will be honest with you, so be honest with them, and everyone wins.


Have a question that you can’t find the answer to? Give us a call! Our reps are standing by to answer questions and help you get quotes to ship your vehicle. They’re auto transport experts who have spent years upon years in the industry. Let them help you with your shipping services.


There are thousands of different auto transport companies out there that you can book your shipment with, but only one will end up shipping your vehicle. Don’t just go with the first company you find – who knows, there may be a better one out there that can provide better prices and services for you.


Auto transport is a time-consuming process, so you need to be prepared to be without your vehicle for days or even weeks. Shorter shipments don’t take nearly as long as longer ones, of course, but still, you should be ready to not have your car for a bit. Rental cars are usually a good way to go, and some shippers will reimburse you for those expenses – but not all will, so that’s something to ask your rep when you start the process.


If you’re looking for information about shipping different types of vehicles, make sure to take a minute or two and read our “Model and Brand Specific Shipping Info” section, which you can access from the menu bar at the top of every page on the site. We have information about shipping all the top makes and models and what you can expect when it comes time to ship yours.


We help people ship their vehicles every day and since we work with so many different customers and shippers, we can help you save your money on your next auto transport experience. Fill out our free form and you’ll get quotes from companies that save money on their overhead costs by using us instead of someone else. As one of the best and most reputable auto transport quote providers in the industry, we make sure we only work with companies that know what they’re doing. Thankfully, you will too.


Looking for our past tips of the day from years ago? Head to the bottom of our Auto Transport Tip of the Day mainpage, via the link on our menu. There you’ll find our Tip of the Day Archives, going all the way back to when we first started posting them. There’s a lot of great information on shipping a vehicle in our archives so take a minute or two and explore what we have available for you to learn about shipping a vehicle.


Having a hard time finding the right auto transport company for your needs? Don’t worry – it can take time and effort to find the right company for your specific auto transport needs. Take your time, don’t rush into any contracts and really try to find a company that offers prices and services that fit what you are looking for.


Don’t forget to talk to your car shipping company about their insurance before you ship your vehicle. Knowing their insurance policies and procedures will help you make a more informed decision about who you want to transport your vehicle and what you can expect should the worst happen while your vehicle is en route.


If you’re having difficulties getting a hold of your auto transport carrier company while your vehicle is in transit, give your broker a call instead. Carriers are often on the road, and they can’t talk on a phone and drive at the same time – it’s actually illegal for them to do so now. This makes it more difficult for you to talk to your driver while he’s en route, but your broker will likely have a better chance of talking to them, particularly since they have a better understanding of that auto transport driver’s schedule.


No matter what it is you’re looking at shipping, getting multiple quotes to ship it is going to be your best bet. For auto transport, different companies offer different services and pricing plans, and household moving companies work much the same way. You can get free quotes for both auto transport and household moving services on our website, and also talk to one of our live agents for more information.


Pets and plants are not allowed in your vehicle when you ship it via an auto transport carrier. While technically nothing is allowed in your vehicle when you ship it, anything that is living is a super-no – auto transportation can take weeks, and the driver of the truck that is hauling your car isn’t going to take any time to feed your pets. Please, allow for other means of transportation for them.


If you’re shipping a vehicle and you don’t see the make or model in our free online auto transport quote form, don’t fret; you can simply put in the make and model of a vehicle of similar size, and once you get your quotes talk to a live agent about the vehicle you actually need to transport. You can also call our toll-free number if you need some help shipping a vehicle that is not on our auto transport quote form.


Senior citizens can often get great auto transport discounts on their shipping services due to their age. If you are a senior citizen and need to ship your vehicle, make sure to fill out our free auto transport quote form and get quotes from top shipping companies that can not only help you ship your vehicle, but also help you by giving great discounts for a variety of different reasons. Fill out our form or call us for more information about discounts you might qualify for.


When filling out our free online auto transport quote form, make sure to start with where you’re shipping from and to. Zip codes work best, but if you don’t have those on-hand you can also type in the name of the city. Wait for the list of possible cities to populate – you’ll see it drop down after a second once you stop typing in the form. From there, select your city and state and zip code from the drop-down list, and the quote form will submit just fine.


When searching for auto transport services, make sure you take notes on who you’ve spoken to and what they’ve said to you. Different shipping companies offer different services and policies, and it’s important that you take the time to understand what you’re getting into when booking your vehicle shipment services. Auto transport can be time-consuming and expensive, so do your future self a favor and know what you’re up against by doing your own due diligence.


Times of flux in the industry can lead to higher prices along some routes than others of a similar distance, and can result in some routes being a lot cheaper than others depending on where they go from and to. Right now, the northeast is a popular area to ship to, particularly from the southern states, but right now prices are high because there aren’t enough carriers to meet the demand. Talk to a representative for ways to possibly bypass this and save time and money on your next shipment.


If your vehicle is being shipped via a cash-on-delivery payment arrangement, you need to have your payment ready for when the carrier arrives. We recommend getting the money together a few days before the carrier is scheduled to arrive – this way, there aren’t going to be any delays when your vehicle is delivered. A car shipper can withhold the delivery of your vehicle until they get paid, so getting the payment ready before they arrive will help keep you in good standing with your shipper and prevent delays upon delivery.


The auto transport industry doesn’t stop – even on the weekends, auto transport companies are working on transporting vehicles and taking care of business. Oftentimes this means that your vehicle is still on the transport truck and heading to its destination, though it does depend on when your vehicle is picked up and what the status is. Either way, you can contact us any time to speak to one of our live agents, even on the weekends.


Sometimes, the auto transport industry gets flooded with customers trying to go from and to the same place; when a lot of customers need transportation services along one route, prices tend to skyrocket because there aren’t enough carriers to meet demand, so they can pick and choose their loads. If your vehicle isn’t moving for this reason, you should talk to your representative about adding some more money to the shipment – while it may be frustrating to have to pay more than you were quoted, it will get your vehicle moved that much more quickly.


Are you a military member in need of auto transport services? If so, give us a call at 800-930-7417 to speak to a live agent. We can get you free quotes to ship from or to anywhere in the country from top auto transport companies, all of which can provide you with military discounts to help ease the burden. If you’re a military member, you won’t find better quotes than through American Auto Shipping.


Sometimes inclement weather can cause problems when shipping a vehicle, but in ways that might surprise you. For instance, auto transport companies will offer sunshades for customers if they’re heading through hot, blazing territory, such as the American Southwest during the middle of summer. Sun can damage the interior of vehicles, especially if it’s left out to bake too long, so if you’re in need of auto transport services for a higher-end vehicle you should talk to your shipper about sunshades.


Budgeting for auto transport services can be difficult especially when prices can change after only a few weeks on a lot of routes. Summer tends to see prices shift rapidly, and as we’re getting closer to the busy season in the industry, if you’re going to be shipping a car soon getting quotes is a great way to keep ahead of the price curve. Fill out our auto transport quote form or give us a call to see what we can do to help you plan and budget your shipment ahead of time so you don’t run into any surprises when it comes time to ship your vehicle.


Remember, it’s not always the best idea to book your shipment with the first auto transport company you find, nor is it a good idea to book with the lowest quote you find. Auto transport is not a cheapest-is-best industry, and the cheaper you go the worse the experience will likely be. You don’t need to go with the highest quote either – just don’t go with the lowest. In the middle is generally where the best shipping quotes are found, and also why getting multiple quotes is so important.


Happy Easter everyone! Today is a day that a lot of people like to celebrate with friends and family, but many others don’t celebrate it at all – this usually means plenty of auto transport trucks on the road, though not nearly as many as on a normal Sunday. If you’re concerned your driver is taking today off, don’t be – if they’re not driving today the delay will already be included in your transit schedule, since drivers tend to figure these things out ahead of time.


If you need to ship your vehicle ASAP and are unsure how to communicate that through our free auto transport quote form, put in today’s date as your ship date. While the chances are unlikely your vehicle will get picked up that day, it does let the shippers that will send you your quotes know that you need to move your vehicle as soon as possible, and you will be able to discuss your shipment with one of their live agents in more detail.


Did you know that American Auto Shipping is available on weekends to help you? Whether you fill out our free form or give us a call at our toll-free number, you can get free quotes or get in touch with a live agent any time during the week. Of course, everyone has to sleep so if it’s the middle of the night and we don’t answer don’t worry about it. Just give us a call the next day, or fill out the form any time for free quotes.


If you need to ship a vehicle that is not running you need to make sure that you mark it as such on our free auto transport quote form. Non-running vehicles are a bit more expensive to ship on account of the fact that they need to be winched onto the truck instead of driven, and not all carriers can haul non-running vehicles, so one that can will need to be found. It’s an important piece of information that can make all the difference in your shipping experience.


Its April Fool’s today, which means your friends are probably trying to figure out some awesome way to prank you. While some businesses try to get into the spirit, few auto transport companies will, which is probably a good thing for you considering how stressful shipping a car can be. Also, if you visit maps.google.com, you can play Pac-man on the streets of most cities – I just tried it in my hometown and it’s fun.


Remember that if you arranged auto transport services to transport your vehicle across state lines, you’ll need to abide by federal law in terms of what can and cannot be in your vehicle when it crosses state borders. Things like illicit drugs and weapons are obvious, but there may be things you don’t know about – talk to your auto transport representative for more information.


Time is one of the most important things you need to keep track of when it comes to shipping a vehicle. Budgeting is important, but scheduling might be even more important. You should keep a clear schedule during your pickup and delivery windows, as carriers can arrive at any time during that given window. Time is important, so make sure to keep your eye on it so it doesn’t slip away and cause problems during your auto transportation.


If you’re looking for some basic ways to save money on your auto transport services, visit our blog and find our Auto Transport Tips section. It’s chock-full of helpful tips and information that will hopefully help you save some time or money, at least in theory. Sometimes conditions along a route are the way they are, and nothing you can do will change it, but more often than not there are things you can do to make your shipment easier on your mind and on your wallet, and we encourage you to read about them on our auto transport blog.


If you can, have your pickup and delivery zip codes ready if you need to call us to get your auto transport quotes. Actually, either way you should have zip codes handy and ready to give to either a representative or to fill in our free quote form with. By using the zip codes and waiting for the corresponding city to drop down in the pickup and delivery location boxes, you ensure that you get accurate quotes from only those cities you want quotes from and to, and also that our auto transport quote form is filled out properly so it will submit properly.


Common courtesy is an important part of life, and it’s no different when you are shipping a vehicle. Be nice to your drivers and your representatives; these are the people you have hired to ship your vehicle, so being the guy that yells and screams and tells everyone they’re doing a terrible job is not a good way to be. Auto transport companies don’t have time to deal with people like that, so don’t be that guy.


If your auto transport agent is explaining something to you, make sure you stop and listen. Talking over someone who knows what they’re doing and who is trying to help you can be irritating and off-putting, so don’t just presume you know everything there is to know about how the vehicle shipping industry works or that you know exactly what’s happening – if you called us, chances are there’s a good reason that involves you not having the first idea of what to do. So let us help. Just be nice about it.


When shipping to a city you know little about, do some research on it. We offer free tips and tricks pages for most major cities, focusing on what factors impact your auto transport prices. They are a great way to quickly learn about the areas that you are shipping from and to and how your pickup, delivery and transit times will be affected, as well as what factors will affect your overall auto transport price. For further questions, give us a call at our toll-free number to speak to a live agent.


If you have questions about something relating to auto transport, you can peruse our website to find the answer (the blog is a great place to start), or you can contact us at our toll-free telephone number to speak to a live auto transport expert. They can answer most questions about shipping a vehicle as well as help you get free quotes to ship from anywhere, to anywhere in the United States.


If you’re shipping a vehicle that does not run, be sure to mark that it does not in our auto transport quote request form. Non-running vehicles cannot be driven onto an auto transport truck like normal, so they require a special tool – a winch – that not all carriers have on their trucks. This in turn increases the price slightly, as not just any carrier will be able to move your vehicle for you. Call our toll-free telephone number to speak to one of our live agents for more information.


Right now is a great time to get auto transport prices out of the southern states bound for the northern parts of the country. This is due to the fact that the snowbird season is almost over, and the early birds that shipped south in the late summer or early fall are starting to go back to their homes in New England or the Great Lakes, now that the snow is gone. This means that a lot of northbound routes have discounts attached to them, so carriers can fill their trucks more quickly, and this usually means lower, more competitive rates for you.


Always give yourself time to meet with your driver at pickup and delivery when shipping a vehicle. If you can’t be there, you can designate someone to handle the pickup or delivery and to deal with the auto transport driver and sign the paperwork, but if you can be there you should be there. Regardless, someone will have to be – no auto transport company will be able to pick your vehicle up or deliver it without having someone there to sign the paperwork.


We’ve added a lot of new features to our website to help make it easier for you to get your auto transport quotes and access helpful information about the industry and how it works. We’ve added new social media support widgets as well as new ways to access American Auto Shipping via mobile devices, and we’ve even got an app out on Google Play and the Apple Store to help you get your quotes and info even faster. For the latest in the auto transport industry, trust American Auto Shipping.


Did you know you can read about shipping individual makes and models on our website? Ford, Chevy, Mazda, Toyota – you name it, it’s probably there, or will be once we get around to posting more. Either way, look up more information about the vehicle you are shipping to get a better understanding of what you can expect when your auto transport carrier shows up to pick your vehicle up to transport it.


Our auto transport blog is broken up into helpful categories for you, so you can understand more about the industry and its various components. Our blog roll covers things such as auto transport to and from different cities, household moving tips, frequently asked questions, tips and tricks when shipping your vehicle and more. It’s very informative and helpful, so be sure to check it out before you go.


Not sure about the way the auto transport industry works? Call us toll-free at 800-930-7417 to get questions answered and to learn more about ways to make your shipment as easy and simple as can be. You won’t have to wade through annoying phone menus; just calling our number puts you in direct contact with one of our live auto transport agents, so what are you waiting for?


There is little that your carrier will actually require of you in terms of paperwork when they pick your vehicle up. Lots of people ship cars for lots of different reasons, and sometimes vehicles don’t have titles or registration with them since they’re junked cars or salvaged or something like that. This is a big reason why additional verification methods such as the color of the vehicle and its VIN number are used to ensure carriers are picking up the right loads.


Usually auto transport companies will give you a 20-30 mile zone around your pickup area that you can move around. This is usually done when trying to arrange pickup and delivery with a carrier; since they can’t get everywhere, they need to work with their customers to find suitable pickup and delivery locations for vehicles. That 20-30 mile zone is their range that they will travel around an area without charging you more to ship your car, so take advantage of it if you can.


During the spring and summer months, availability of carriers is usually higher on a lot of routes, but auto transport services are still not available everywhere. This is something that you need to keep in your mind and prepare for – you will see faster pickup services along routes into and out of major cities than you will going from or to somewhere that is rural, out of the way and hard to access. Fall and winter make these areas almost impossible to get to, but right now it’s spring and now’s the best time to get great deals on shipping a vehicle.


Right now, the industry runs on the backs of auto transport carriers, since they are the ones that physically move your vehicle. They are the ones that set prices and determine your schedule; your rep simply gets you in contact with them and does all the behind-the-scenes work that keeps things running smooth. A good relationship with your driver can go a long way to making your auto transport experience better. Be calm and reasonable and you won’t have problems come transport time.


Please be as kind and as courteous as possible to your auto transport representatives. They work hard for a lot of customers to get vehicles shipped, and while it can take a while to get a vehicle shipped you should not get angry at the one person who is actively trying to help you get your vehicle picked up. Auto transport agents have a tough job; don’t make it any tougher on them than it already is.


The quotes that you receive from different auto transport companies will almost always be estimates. Keep this in mind; the auto transport industry is not as cut-and-dry as most others in the world today, and prices fluctuate and change rapidly. Quotes are generally only good for a couple of weeks from the day you get them, so keep that in mind when searching for different vehicle shipping prices.


If your vehicle is modified in any way, you should make sure you notify your auto transport agent about it, as it could affect your prices. Weight is one of the most important factors to shipping a vehicle, but length, width and height are also important, and modifications to a vehicle, particularly those that modify the dimensions of the car, can result in higher prices and even being unable to fit on a standard carrier. It’s always best to get dimensions before talking to an auto transport rep about shipping a modified vehicle.


Remember, folks: auto transport companies can’t move household items, and they certainly cannot transport live animals or human beings, which could probably could be considered human trafficking. You will never, however, be able to put your cat in a carrier in the backseat and let him tag along – it takes too long to get from A to B and that’s just cruel to do to a cat. Or dog. Or iguana. Any pet. Don’t do it.


You know how yesterday we mentioned cleaning out the trash in your car? While you should do that, you shouldn’t give your car a bath (read: Don’t go to the car wash) until after your vehicle is delivered. Dirt and grime on a car that is being shipped is actually great for it – not only does it make the new dirt from the shipment blend in, but it also prevent minor dings and dents from rocks and stuff that get kicked up during the drive (and this is something that happens to everyone).


Lots of trash in your car? Make sure to clean it before you ship it – not only is trash (even McDonald’s bags and cups) grouped with household items, but it also looks like crap and driving in it really isn’t a lot of fun. Auto transporters have to get your car onto and off their truck by driving it – and garbage in the car can make for an unpleasant loading and unloading experience. Save yourself the embarrassment and the hassle of having to listen to the carrier complain and just clean your car.


Budgeting is a crucial aspect of your auto transport experience, and timing is important too. Getting quotes weeks before you ship can be a good idea, but since prices can change rapidly in the industry you want to cover your bases, at least monetarily. Budget 25-50% over your highest quote; this gives you plenty of money to work with if prices in the auto transport industry go up before your vehicle can be dispatched, saving you a lot of hassle in the long run.


Only leave 1/4 of a tank of gas in your vehicle when your auto transport company comes to load it. This is important as gasoline is heavy and can push your vehicle and the transport truck overweight, which will cause problems and delays during transport. Your shipping representative can explain more, but suffice it to say an auto transport truck weighing overweight will cause serious problems down the road.


You can read more information about the largest cities and metro areas of each state via our Auto Transport Cities section. Auto transport companies run routes across the country, but where they move to and from is subject to change. Knowing more about your pickup and delivery locations can make your auto transport experience a lot better, or at least less aggravating, since you’ll understand why things are the way they are.


Wondering how long your shipment may take from pickup to delivery? You can get an estimate yourself – just Google the route from pickup to delivery in the “City, State to City, State” format and get the distance right on your computer. Auto transport companies can travel anywhere from 300-400 miles per day depending on the route, so some quick math will tell you your rough auto transport transit time, which will save you a bit of time and give you a bit more information before calling someone to ask.


If you’re shipping a high-end or expensive vehicle ,you may be interested in shipping via an enclosed auto transport truck. Though more expensive than the standard open variety, enclosed carriers protect their loads better by shipping via a container and not a standard open transport truck. This prevents dirt and dust and errant road debris from hitting your vehicle, so it’s a great option if your vehicle cannot sustain even minute damages without seeing a massive drop in value – a new Ford Focus won’t have this problem, but a Rolls-Royce will.


Spring is right around the corner, and with the new season comes new carriers to the industry – or older carriers that just don’t run routes during the winter. Spring means the last snows are either upon us or behind us, and most routes are going to be clear of wintry conditions. What this tends to do is not only make it easier to find carriers, but cheaper to – with more companies to spread the work around, auto shippers can get great rates for their customers along more popular routes, so keep that in mind.


Keep in mind that any quotes you get are going to be for door to door transportation on an open auto transport truck. Not only that, but they are estimates, not actual prices, and are subject to change depending on different factors present along your shipping routes. Talk to an auto transport representative for more information about how prices change and how it will affect your shipment.


If you don’t see your vehicle make or model in our auto transport quote request form, you can mark your vehicle as “other” in the make and model section and put the year, make and model in with your name. Not every vehicle is in our form, though we are working on adding more – it’s a timely process, after all. You can also call us to speak to an auto transport agent who can assist you in filling the form out, answering questions and giving advice as well.


Now that the winter season is almost over, more and more auto transport carriers are getting back on the road, and prices are starting to drop on a lot of east-west routes. You can get in on the action easily – just fill out our free auto transport quote request form to get multiple free shipping quotes emailed to you from top companies.


Remember, your vehicle does not need to run to have it shipped via an auto transport company. Most, however, do require that it roll, brake and steer, or at least roll and steer; maneuvering a car onto an auto transport truck is hard enough, but to have to load it with a winch without being able to adjust its course? That’s a tall order for most shippers. If you can get your vehicle to a point where it can roll, brake and steer, even if it doesn’t run, it’ll save you a lot of time, money and hassle guaranteed.


Have you taken time to read our Auto Transport Cities articles? We have great information about shipping vehicles into and out of most major cities in the United States, including the five largest cities in each state by population. You can learn about conditions that will affect your shipment such as size of the metro area, regional climate conditions, ease of access and more. Don’t cheat yourself – do some homework and get the most out of your auto transport company by using American Auto Shipping to get in the know.


Make sure to always check your email inbox regularly when you are shipping a vehicle; auto transport companies will usually send periodic updates via email automatically when something pertaining to your shipment happens, like say your vehicle status is changed to in transit or when they first find a carrier and dispatch it. Keeping up with your inbox will help you keep up with your auto transport services so keep your phone on you or stick close to your computer to check it periodically.


Electronics and auto transport services do not mix – in other words, if you’re looking to ship expensive electronic devices like TV’s, computers, laptops, camcorders, etc., don’t put them in your car when you ship it. Auto shippers don’t like it when customers try to load their cars with stuff, and so the idea is “out of sight, out of mind” in regards to dealing with stuff in the car. But electronics can break easily, and there’s a lot of shifting going on when a car is being shipped, so if you have to have stuff in the car keep it to linens and the like.


Now that winter is almost over and spring is coming back, the auto transport industry is starting to pick up again. This is great news for a lot of you customers out there because it means that seasonal carriers are going to start running routes again, which should result in lower prices to and from many major cities and metropolitan areas, as well as faster pickup windows for your auto transportation services.


You should take some time to read our auto shipping cities and auto transport states pages to learn more about where you may be shipping to. Weather and interstate access can play major roles in your shipping price, so knowing what you’re getting yourself into in terms of where you’re shipping to and the conditions that your shipment will be facing can help you make better decisions that will give you a better overall transportation experience.


You should use technology to your advantage when you’re looking for an auto transport company, particularly the internet. The auto transport industry today runs on the internet, and it has completely revolutionized the way that companies in the industry operate and work together to solve logistical problems for their customers. You can email and call different companies to learn more about their services, and what’s more they’re located across the U.S. so you don’t have to worry about finding someone local.


Interstates are important in the auto transport industry. As major transportation corridors connecting major metropolitan areas across the country, they help keep prices lower for both carriers and customers and it’s why pickup location popularity and route popularity is a crucial determining factor in your price. Call us at our toll-free number to discuss more about what makes a location popular in the auto transport industry or visit our Auto Transport Cities and States pages for more.


If you’re shipping a car overseas to Alaska or Hawaii, make sure to completely clean your vehicle before it’s picked up to be transported. Auto transport overseas works differently than overland auto transport, and it has different rules and regulations that shippers have to follow due to going through international waters. This includes having nothing in the vehicle that didn’t come with the car, including anything in the glove box. Talk to your shipping representative for more information.


Looking to ship a really expensive car? Enclosed auto transport may be the way to go – it’s safer in that it protects vehicles from the minor dings and scratches that accompany long-distance driving or transportation on an open carrier. However, enclosed auto transport s more expensive as well, so many times a vehicle just isn’t worth the extra money to ship it enclosed – but some are. Talk to a representative for more information.


Don’t be afraid to ask questions. The auto transport industry is not a well-known one, and many customers may not have a full understanding of how pricing and pickup/delivery timetables work. This is why it’s best to understand what you’re getting into before you actually ship a car, and the best way to do that is to ask questions. You can call us toll-free to speak to one of our live agents, and we recommend you do if you’re trying to learn the ins and outs of the auto transport industry.


It’s important to do a proper inspection of your vehicle with your driver on both pickup and delivery. The pickup inspection is to note any current damage, and the delivery one will note any new damage. This is an important part of the auto transport process and what you put on your inspection report will be crucial in any insurance claims you make. While damage during transport is rare, it does happen, and it’s better to be safe than sorry in that regard.


When waiting for your auto transport carrier to arrive at the pickup location, make sure you have the time to spend waiting. Carriers contact customers when they’re close, but different factors can delay them from picking up or delivering your vehicle when they said they would. It’s frustrating, but something that no one has really any control over. Be nice to your auto transport carrier and they’ll usually be nice to you – funny how that works, huh?


Budgeting for auto transport services can be difficult, especially if your budget is thin as-is. A great way to make sure you have enough to ship is to start getting quotes at least a month ahead of time, if you can; obviously, sometimes things come up and you only have a few days, but the more time in advance you start your shipment the more time you have to budget. Keep in mind prices change after a few weeks usually, so once you get quotes try to budget 10% over the highest cost, so you have plenty of money for your auto transport needs.


You should always make sure that you only have a quarter-tank of fuel in your vehicle when you ship it. Fuel is heavy, and if each vehicle on a transport truck has a full tank of gas it’s theoretically possible that an auto transport carrier could weigh as overweight. This can cause serious problems and delays for vehicle shippers, and a quarter-tank is enough to get you to a gas station after your vehicle is delivered anyway.


Having a hard time finding a carrier company to pick your vehicle up? If your vehicle isn’t on a popular route, your pickup windows may be lengthened and your price increased since no one was wanting to pick it up at the old price. This can be a problem for budget shippers, but it’s something you need to keep in mind when you’re shipping a car – sometimes, you have to work harder to get your car shipped along a route than others.


Monday is typically the busiest day of the week in the auto transport industry, as customers who didn’t get thins setup on Friday will do it Monday. Monday is usually the best day anyway; schedules are usually clear, routes are fairly set, and things are ready to go on Monday morning. Auto transport is an up-and-down industry; if you’re having a hard time finding a company or getting a hold of your rep today, keep trying; on a Monday, getting swamped with work and phone calls is common, so please be patient.


Every vehicle is different, and the differences between makes and models and styles can have big impacts on your price. Pickup trucks cost more than cars, but what about huge cars? Cars that don’t run or steer or brake? What about big, boat-looking cars compared to a standard sedan? Pricing methods differ from company to company, so we always say it’s best to talk to someone over the phone for all the latest pricing and carrier availability information – to get a hold of different shippers to discuss prices with, fill out our free online quote form today.


When your vehicle is scheduled to be picked up you should be aware that it’s common for carriers to show up later than they are expected, since it’s hard for them to adhere to timetables and strict schedules due to the nature of their job. While you can account for traffic on your daily commute and get to work on time, you know the route; carriers don’t. They have no idea what the daily commute along your local highway is like, they don’t know traffic patterns or anything like that, so don’t be surprised if they’re late for pickup or delivery, and usually this is why you get pickup windows instead of pickup dates when you ship a vehicle.


Remember, it’s always a good idea to get multiple free auto transport quotes before you book your order with a shipper. More quotes means more opportunities to find the right company for your specific needs, and gives you more options and more companies to discuss your shipment with in the long run. You want choices and options, so don’t just book with the first auto transport company you get a price from.


If you’re debating cancelling your auto transport services with the company you booked your shipment with, make sure you know what their cancellation policies are especially if you’ve already paid any monies out. Most companies won’t take a check until your vehicle is dispatched, allowing you to cancel any time before your vehicle is picked up. If you have to cancel, you can’t do it after your vehicle is on the truck – it’s too late – so make sure you give yourself the time and you have the time and know what is going to come when you do cancel your auto transport services.


Modifications to your vehicle can have wide-ranging impacts on your shipping experience. Lift kits, lowered suspensions, hydraulics, CB antennas, stereo systems and subwoofers, aftermarket spoilers, low profile tires, all of these can affect your auto transport prices as well as ease of pickup and delivery. If your vehicle has been modified and can no longer be considered “stock” you need to let your auto transport company know.


If you have anything valuable in your vehicle be sure to take it out prior to your auto transport carrier loading it. This includes things such as expensive stereos or speakers, or even minor things like CD’s or seat covers. While it may not seem like much, it’s always better to be safe than sorry, as those items will not be insured if they get damaged for whatever reason during the auto transport process. Then again, though, how would they?


Now that the Super Bowl is over, auto transporters are getting back to the daily grind, shipping cars and moving to and fro, thousands of miles at a time. The Super Bowl is almost like a holiday for a lot of car shipping companies, and auto transport drivers want to spend it with their friends and families. This usually means no cars are being shipped – or few are, anyway – on Super Bowl Sunday, so if your car is currently in transit you probably have to wait another day for delivery.


If you’re looking for good auto transport prices to or from anywhere in the country, right now may be a bit more expensive than in a month or two. Spring shipping tends to lower prices nationwide over the cost of winter transportation services, and as February starts rolling more and more carriers will likely be getting on the road. This could yield better auto transport prices come March and April, if you can wait that long. If you can’t, make sure to fill out our free quote form to get free prices and information right away.


Did you know you can read our archived blog posts by clicking on a post and then clicking on the link where it says “Filed Under:”. For instance, if you were to click on our Car Shipping Services to Fresno page, you’d see it’s filed under “Auto transport by city” in blue link text. If you click that, you will be taken to our auto transport by city archives, where you can read about every city we’ve written a blog post about. Those blue links are categories, and we have a lot of them, so look around if you’re interested in learning more.


You can read more information about your pickup and delivery locations at our Auto Shipping Cities and Auto Transport State pages. We recommend doing so, as there’s a lot of information about what can affect your auto transport services into and out of many different cities in the United States. This information can help you better prepare for your auto transport experience and give you a better shipping experience overall.


Did you know we have a blog? We cover all things auto transport in it, and we get you the best information from some of the most accurate and reliable sources in the auto transport industry. You can read more about a variety of different topics including auto transport tips, services to and from different cities, states and regions, frequently asked questions and much more.


If you’ve booked your shipment with an auto transport company already, you should keep a close eye on your email inbox. Most shippers use software that automatically sends updates to customers when their order’s status changes. For instance, if you were waiting for a truck and your shipper found one, they will update your order from “available” to “in transit,” or something to that effect, and you will usually get an email. Most auto transport reps will call you as well, but if you are unavailable to talk on the phone, at least keep an eye on your inbox so you can keep up-to-date with what’s going on with your shipment.


If you gathered auto transport quotes a few weeks ago and you’re now ready to ship your car, it may be a good idea to get fresh quotes from different shippers. Normal auto transport quotes are good for two weeks due to how fast prices can shift in this industry, so if you got quotes a while back you really should get some new ones. You can fill out our free quote form to get multiple quotes emailed to you within the next hour, and you can also call us toll-free to speak to one of our live agents without having to navigate any phone menus


Under-inflated tires can cause problems for auto transport companies since a tire that is too under-inflated will cause problems during loading and unloading, and loading a vehicle with less than fully-inflated tires could damage your vehicle. Make sure to keep an eye on your tire pressure to ensure that your tires and tubes are at the proper PSI so they can roll, steer and maneuver without any problems.


If your vehicle is having issues starting or running, a simple fix may be all it takes to move your vehicle out of the “inop” category and into the “running category.” Running vehicles can be loaded onto a truck by driving them, whereas non-running vehicles or inop cars need to be winched, which will almost always be more expensive. Doing the little things like checking the fuel, spark plugs and other minor systems can make a big difference in your price and carrier availability.


While snow and ice can impact auto transport routes during the winter months, many southern areas see little to no snowfall, particularly the Deep South states around the Gulf Coast, as well as the southwest like Arizona and southern California. This can be a good time to get good deals on your shipment if you’re sticking to the southern U.S., since most all the carriers are sticking south of the Mason-Dixon Line.


Don’t forget about our auto transport city and state pages. We are constantly adding information about auto transport services to and from individual areas, including information on what to expect in terms of price and carrier availability into and out of various parts of the country. As we continually expand our database, keep an eye out for your area, especially if you ship vehicles frequently, as we will likely be able to save you some time and money during your next vehicle shipment.


This time of year is when auto transport prices to and from New England and the Great Lakes regions start to increase thanks to the weather, and this may be your last chance to get good snowbird auto transport prices if you’re shipping down south for the winter. Make sure to fill out our free quote form to get your quotes or give us a call if you have questions or concerns about the auto transport industry or process today.


The winter shipping season is back in the swing of things after the New Year’s rush, so if you’re looking for the best time to ship a vehicle you should jump in now before things change. Auto transport is a fluid industry, and in many areas winter will give one last hurrah before giving control over to spring. Right now the weather across the country is pretty meh, but not terrible, and auto transportation prices are at a low point. Take advantage now before things change and keep ahead of the curve.


Before you call us with questions about your auto transport needs, make sure to visit our FAQ pages and read our blogs and tips of the day in order to see if you can’t get your questions answered before having to call. You can save a lot of time this way and, what’s more, you can learn a lot more by taking the time and reading than having it spoon-fed to you by one of our agents. All the information they’d give you is available on our website, generally on our blog, so start there.


Remember, you can read about anything and everything auto transport at our free blog roll. We cover auto transportation services to and from different cities and states, give helpful auto shipping tips and discuss various things about shipping vehicles and what to expect when it’s time to ship your vehicle.


If there’s one thing you can’t leave in your car while it’s being shipped by an auto transport carrier it’s drugs and alcohol. This should be a no-brainer for most people, but you can’t leave things like open bottles or illegal paraphernalia in your car while it’s being shipped. If you have to move it, put it somewhere where it will be completely hidden if someone looked inside the car.


Dont forget you can get free quotes to ship a car with American Auto Shipping. Right now the weather is slowly starting to crawl back toward warmth, and that means good auto transport prices are right around the corner. As winter turns to spring more auto transport drivers are going to be getting back on the road, so if you’re waiting for a good time to ship your vehicle the wait should be almost over.


Low-hanging branches on a street or along a driveway may not seem like a big deal, but for an auto transporter it really can be. Low branches can cause damage to vehicles on top racks and can create problems for trucks and the cars they haul, and can even cause delays in pickup or delivery, not to mention preventing the carrier from getting where they want to go. If you can take care of the branches, you may end up saving some time and money, but most of the time you’ll just need to meet your auto transport carrier somewhere nearby to avoid the branches.


You can use our free online quote request form multiple times to get different quotes for different shipments, but it may be easier to just fill out our free online quote form once. When you fill it out you’ll get multiple quotes from different auto transport companies, and from there you can ask them to quote additional loads if you have more vehicles in different locations. Filling the form out multiple times is fine, but it usually works the exact same way as doing it once, and probably will save you a lot of time if you only do it one time.


In the auto transport industry, you have to keep in mind that the customer is rarely right. The industry works the way it does, and there’s little you can do to change it. You need to be open and flexible with your auto transport company and you need to try to go with the flow. Trying to control things and make the shipper do what you want them to do only goes so far; you need to listen and understand and gather information so you have a better auto transport experience, as opposed to trying to force it. Square pegs and round holes in that regard. Don’t be a square peg.


If you own or operate an automobile dealership, you should really subscribe to our blog to keep up with the goings-on in the auto transport industry. Not only that but you can get great information for your customers, particularly if you sell vehicles online and ship them to your customers. It’s a great way to keep on top of things in the auto transport industry and it’s completely free for you. So why not? Bookmark our website to save time and money on vehicle shipping services today.


The auto transport industry spent all of last week trying to recover from the holiday season, which tends to be long and gruesome for many car shippers. Now that things have settled down, you’ll likely see auto transport prices start falling, as more customers are gearing up for early-year shipments. As the season drags on prices will likely stay relatively even, with prices usually starting to fall come spring. Summer is the busy time, so make sure to get started on your shipment now to beat the rush.


If you don’t know anything about shipping a car, you need to learn if you’re trying to have an auto transport company move one of your vehicles. The car shipping industry is a much different type of service industry than many customers are used to, and it’s an industry where the customer is rarely right – and this often leads to frustration and frayed nerves. Please, please take our advice and do research and look up more about the industry. You can find all the information you could ever hope to learn right here on our website, so take your time and learn about the industry before blindly blundering into it.


Remember, not all auto transport companies are open on the weekends, so if your shipper isn’t answering their phones, it might be because it’s Saturday and they have the day off. Many auto transport drivers work weekends, and most brokers will have at least some type of weekend staff, but some of the smaller ones tend to just take Saturday and Sunday off. Give your auto transport company their time off; auto transport is an industry that ultimately requires patience out of the customers seeking its services.


The busiest day of the week in the auto transport industry is always Monday, and that’s usually the day that customers call us for quotes because their company isn’t answering the phone. This is usually a knee-jerk reaction to the fact that most companies are slammed on Monday morning as they have to do all the catch-up work from the weekend (if they only operate Monday-Friday) and Monday is also when customers tend to come out of the woodwork. Patience is always required on a Monday, so keep that in mind.


When shipping a convertible, you always – ALWAYS – need to put the top up. It should be up when the auto transport carrier arrives to pick the vehicle up, along with the windows rolled up. Even if it’s a hundred degrees for a thousand miles in every direction, you can’t predict the weather any better than the weatherman can, so it’s better to be safe than sorry. Keep the top and the windows up and make sure that you do all you can to keep your convertible protected when it comes time to ship it.


Many northern routes will likely start to see major auto transport delays and increased prices. Winter shipping is much more difficult and increases the danger that vehicle shipping companies are exposed to – and the danger their cargo faces is increased as well. Most shippers don’t like running on snow or ice, and will charge more to do so. They will also take more time in getting to you, since there is not a lot of traffic along winter routes from the customer side either.


Right now, Florida is perhaps the most popular auto transport area in the U.S. During the winter months demand for shipping into and out of Florida skyrockets, mainly due to snowbirds. This generally results in lower prices for most people, as more carriers are running routes that service Florida, particularly along the east coast in cities like Jacksonville, Daytona Beach and Miami, to name a few.


Auto transport prices are probably at the lowest they’ll be until the spring rolls around, so make sure to jump on the bandwagon and get great auto transport rates from top-rated companies today. You can do this by filling out our free online quote form; it’s fast and easy and nets you quotes from some of the best shippers in the industry completely free of charge.


If you’re looking to ship a vehicle to or from North or South Dakota, make sure to get going on auto transport quotes sooner rather than later. Snows hit suddenly and hard in the Dakotas during the winter months, and while the weather may be decent now it likely won’t last. If you have questions about auto transport services to or from North and South Dakota make sure to give us a call, or fill out our free online auto transport quote request form for more information.


Right now is one of the busiest times of the industry. A new year, a new outlook for many people, and right now is the perfect time to get some great deals on auto transport services from and to many areas of the United States. Popular areas to ship to or from like Texas, California and Florida will likely have good deals in or out, and less-than-stellar areas of the country will see lower prices if not faster auto transport pickup times.


We urge you to read up on some of our Auto Transport by City or State pages, as well as our vehicle shipping page that details various vehicles of different manufacturers and what you can expect when shipping those vehicles. It’s important to do your homework, and we have a lot of resources available to you for free on our website. Use those resources to become more informed about the car shipping industry and make your shipment better as a result.


Happy New Year! Today is a joyous day, a day where we mark the start of a brand-new year that we hope is better than the years that came before. Today few companies in the auto transport industry will be running routes, but some will be. If you’re wondering whether or not your shipping company is open, try giving them a call. Chances are they won’t be, but you never know in the auto transport industry.