Tomorrow is New Years’ Day, and while some companies may be on the road, many more will not. Make sure to speak to an agent to see if your shipment is affected by the holidays.


Always make sure your vehicle is clean before it’s loaded. This is especially true if you drive it often. Keep a close eye out for electronics such as cell phones, tablets and laptops. These can easily be overlooked and end up spending days or weeks in your car as it’s being transported.


Have kids? Things like car seats are typically okay to ship inside a car from the eyes of a car transport carrier, but you may not want to. If you arrange alternate ways to get around while your car is in transit, those car seats are going to come in handy. So make sure you pull them out. You can always ship them FedEx if you need to.


Winter Storm Fortis is making its way across the northern United States. Inches of snow is expected across the Great Lakes and New England. This can and likely will make car shipping services to and from those areas difficult over the next week or two.


Looking for information on popular auto transport routes? We have an entire section of our blog dedicated to them. Read about top routes in terms of demand as we post more about them, and read our archives to learn more about your routes. Call us for more, especially if your route has not been covered yet.


Carriers are just getting back on the road after the holiday weekend, so expect some slowdowns in terms of auto transport pickup and transit times today and tomorrow. Everyone’s gotta get back on the horse, as it were.


Happy Holidays from American Auto Shipping!


While you can definitely get a quote and speak to companies today, chances are nothing is really going to happen in terms of transit until Monday. So be patient and enjoy the holidays.


The holiday weekend is upon us. Tomorrow is Christmas Eve, and many carriers will be off the road at that point. If your vehicle is still in transit, keep your phone on and make sure to speak to an agent about whether your vehicle will stay on the truck through the weekend.


2017 is shaping up to be a big year for the auto shipping industry. With infrastructure revision promises and a focus on American-based logistics, we could see the industry make big strides. Keep your dial on American Auto Shipping for the latest.


Make sure to tell your agent your preferred contact method. Whereas it used to be phone or email, now other methods such as Skype or text are becoming more popular. Your agent will be able to accommodate your requests in that regard.


You’d be surprised, but things like Bic lighters are technically illegal to ship in a car. Make sure your vehicle is thoroughly cleaned out and that there is nothing forbidden in the cab. You can learn more about forbidden items through your car transport company.


Have a complaint with your shipper? There are several outlets you can take to in order to be heard. Transport Reviews is a great one – we highly recommend it.


It’s a week til Christmas, and carriers are already shutting down routes in preparation for the holidays. Expect longer wait times for pickup this week and next as the holidays come and go.


If no one answers when you call, leave us a message. Our agents are only human, and sometimes no one is available to take your call. However, they will call you back so long as you leave some information for us.


Eight to twelve inches of snow is expected to fall on New England, which will likely make the entire region hard to access. This will result in longer wait times for delivery and carriers will likely forego new loads out of the region until the snows pass.


A fifty-car pileup along I-80 west of State College, PA has led to closures along the interstate. This will almost definitely lead to auto transport delays. The pileup was caused by heavy lake-effect snow that is a part of the winter storm that has gripped the U.S. Expect delays in pickup and delivery to areas along I-80 in Pennsylvania the next few days.


Winter storm Decima has hit the country and is now making its way east. Right now much of the Pacific Northwest is seeing snow and ice, and this will move toward the Midwest and the northeast by the end of the week. Auto shipping routes may be affected, so speak to an agent for the most up to date information about your shipment.


Worried about insurance covering damages during transport? Make sure to do a full inspection, with pictures, at both pickup and delivery. This way, you have concrete proof as to when damage occurred, and that should help speed up any claims.


Trying to ship a rental car? Speak to an agent – both your rental agent and your car shipping agent – to see what options you have.


Even now, California is seeing a big boost of auto shipping services. This is a great time to ship a car to or from the biggest cities in the state.


Shipping to Maine? May want to reschedule or talk to an agent about moving your pickup or delivery location further south. With the weather the way it is, Maine auto transport services will likely be harder for carriers to accomplish.


The weather is pretty dreadful across much of the country today, especially in the northern U.S. Make sure to keep an eye on the weather reports and don’t be surprised if your carrier is late for pickup or delivery.


Have you read our testimonials? They’re from real customers and highlight some of the great things that we do to help our customers get their vehicles shipped. Check them out!


Even if you are not shipping until later next year, you can still get a quote to ship a car today. In fact, we recommend getting a quote as soon as possible, if for no other reason than to get contact information for different shipping companies. Just make sure to also get a quote from American Auto Shipping!


Remember, illicit substances are not allowed in a car being shipped. If any are found, you are likely going to be in a world of trouble. Auto shippers are required to report those things by law.


Make sure to have a spare key to give your driver. This is a good way to keep things organized especially once your car is out of your hands. Make sure to keep it safe and in a place you know you won’t forget.


Right now, southern routes are gaining popularity, especially east-west routes along I-10. This tends to lead to lower auto shipping prices and also faster transit times. If you’re shipping among the southern U.S. and waiting for the right time, now may be the best.


Make sure to compare prices! Carriers charge different rates based on a number of factors, even along the same routes. This is a good way to save some money on your shipment. Get a free quote from American Auto Shipping as well.


Fuel prices have jumped up 8 cents in Central Florida over the past day or two, which may impact your car transport prices if you haven’t booked. Prices may continue to rise, too, so keep an eye on that and book ASAP before you end up having to pay more to ship your car.


December is here and with it the inevitable auto shipping slowdown. As such, many routes are seeing decreased prices, but some other are going up. Speak to an agent to learn more.


There’s still snow in the Syracuse and Buffalo regions of New York, so keep an eye on the weather reports before you ship there. While it wasn’t as bad as last week, it will likely see more snowfall before the winter is over.


Above average temperatures are being seen in Texas and Florida right now, which should mean lower prices into the winter shipping season. This is great as those are some of the most popular shipping locations in the U.S.


December may be colder than average, especially in the northern U.S. This will likely disrupt routes through the Dakotas and the northeast, so prepare accordingly.


Got food in your car? Remove it before you ship. It can spoil and make your car reek of bad food. And that won’t be the carrier’s fault.


Carriers are not liable for anything that gets destroyed in your cab during transport. We’re thinking mostly things like CD’s left in the sun and warping, art fading in the sunlight, things like that. Clear your goods out of your car before you ship it to avoid damage like this.


We’re making a lot of new changes to the way we do things. Right now, we’re working on new blog formats and are updating posts and pages every day. Keep coming back to learn more than ever about shipping cars.


Thanksgiving is today! This means that most people are staying home and eating turkey, not shipping cars. There may be a few carriers on the road, but not many.


Right now, flood warnings in western Oregon are in effect. Flood warnings can cause alternate routes through affected areas, which can impact transit times and pickup/delivery locations as well.


The Dakotas are seeing very little in the way of traffic right now. This can lead to higher prices and longer wait times for pickup. You can talk to an agent to learn more about transporting a car to or from the Dakotas.


Worried about damage during shipment? Carriers carry insurance for just that reason, but it’s also a good idea to make sure you have insurance as well. And, of course, make sure to read the carrier’s insurance policy.


Right now, there’s surprisingly little freight coming out of (or going to) Delaware. This can increase prices for those of you shipping to the area. However, New Jersey and New York shipments are up, and they sit close to Delaware which can help mitigate prices.


We’re revamping our blogs to provide more timely information for our customers. Make sure to tune in and keep an eye for new posts regarding the auto shipping industry!


Traffic can be a route killer for some carriers. If you live in an area known for congestion or high-traffic roads, meeting your carrier somewhere they can navigate through effectively and in a timely manner can make a difference in your price. Talk to an agent for more.


Keep in mind that many carriers drive hours at a time. Delivery windows are estimates, and sometimes carriers show up late. If it’s dark at delivery, make sure to have a flashlight handy to do the pickup or delivery inspection.


The storm season – at least, for fall – is at its tail end. This tends to mean more open routes through affected areas, notably Texas and Florida.


Beware of lower-than-average auto shipping a quote. While low prices are enticing, too low means your car won’t move. These bait-and-switch tactics aren’t as common today, but they still get customers occasionally. Constant vigilance is important. We price our shipments to move, so you can always trust the prices here at American Auto Shipping.


Are you a military member? If so, make sure to ask prospective auto transport companies about military discounts. This is one of the most common discount available to car transport customers, so don’t hesitate. We also offer military discounts to veterans and current service members.


Weight is a serious issue when it comes to shipping cars. As long as everyone follows the rules it won’t be an issue, but a lot of people don’t let their shipper know about extra weight. This is not okay – make sure to talk to your agent about additional weight on your vehicle before you ship it.


Storms can really cause delays along certain routes. This is why it’s important to keep an eye on the weather in areas that tend to see severe weather.


Happy Veteran’s Day! Remember, while many carriers on the road are happy to keep running routes, some won’t be. Keep this in mind if you’re waiting for delivery and not seeing a carrier.


Tomorrow is Veteran’s Day! Most auto shippers will still be on the road, of course, but some carriers may take the day off to spend with family or friends. Some may wait on pickup until the day after, too. Make sure to discuss it with your auto transport company.


Donald Trump is the president of the United States. Regardless of what happens next, the auto shipping industry will still be going strong. So, if you need to ship a car, don’t let the political climate of the country stop you. We’ll still be here.


It’s Election Day today! While this doesn’t affect the auto shipping industry much, there are lots of people who are doing their civic duty to vote. Expect slower transit times for shipments due to congestion on surface streets, though that should mostly affect pickup and delivery as opposed to transit. But car shipping aside, makes sure to go vote today and do your civic duty as a proud American citizen.


Remember to ask for discounts! We offer lots of different discounts for different reasons. Note that most discounts, too, come out of our deposit, not carrier pay. This means that your vehicle will still get picked up in the same time frame. If the discount were taken from the carrier’s pay, chances are it would take a lot longer to get your vehicle shipped.


Election Day is right around the corner! Politics aside, please note that some carrier companies may be taking the day to vote, which may affect some of you. Make sure to talk to an agent and see if your carrier is taking some time to do his civic duty.


A tempting thing to do is to put things such as musical instruments in a car you are shipping. Some are lightweight enough not to be a problem, but you have to understand that the carrier is likely going to be traveling through different climates. This can affect the wood in your instrument (for, say, a violin or a guitar) and can damage the instrument. Don’t put it in a car you ship.


You are typically not allowed to ship furniture in an SUV or a pickup truck. Most anything you could fit in there will be far too heavy for a carrier to manage without being forced overweight. As such, car shippers need to know that your vehicle is clear of household items, lest they be unable to move it until it’s clean.


Shipping a car to your child in college? Ask for a student auto transport discount! Many car shipping companies, including us, offer auto transportation discounts for students going back to college, even if their parents are shipping it. It may not be a big discount, but every bit helps when you’re shipping a car.


While it may be tempting to ship things like TV’s and computers in a car, we highly recommend against it. Not only are car shippers not allowed to transport household items, but electronics can easily shift and get broken. Your transporter won’t pay to replace any of that, since it’s technically not supposed to be in the vehicle you’re shipping anyway.


Auto shippers want to take the fastest, most economic routes they can. But some are better than others. Your carrier typically doesn’t divulge route information, but it’s not because they want to keep it a secret, more because no one ever asks. You can always ask though.


Shipping an antique car? They’re usually pretty nice, but some are nicer than others. Talk to an agent about prices for both open and enclosed auto transport to find the right method of shipping your antique car.


Moving sucks. But you can get help by filling out our free quote request form and selecting that you’re interested in a moving quote. Let us help you get your stuff moved today.


Iowa has a lot of corn which is kind of cool, but outside of cities like Des Moines it’s pretty sparsely populated. Areas near an interstate – I-80 or I-35 – tend to be cheaper to ship to or from.


Winter rural auto transport services can be really hard for carriers to accommodate. During the winter routes are more sparse, and grouped mostly out of the Northeast. This can make shipments to small areas of the Dakotas and other parts of the Midwest hard to get to.


Remember that a small coating of dirt on a vehicle can actually help protect it from minor dings and scratches. A clean interior is important, but a dirty exterior is definitely preferable for auto transport purposes.


Halloween typically isn’t a holiday that sees carriers off the road, but many holidays are. As such, it’s important to always plan around major holidays when shipping a vehicle, lest the dates not work out and you’re stuck waiting longer than you need to.


Have you seen the Same Day Pickup app? If not, check it out – there’s links to the app in our sidebar menu if you’re on desktop or mobile, and you can read more about it above.


Did you know we now have a place where you can read reviews of our services? The link is in our home menu bar at the top of this page.


Hurricanes have abated for now, but we’re still in the throes of the season. As such, shipments to the Gulf Coast and the East Coast may be more expensive or harder to find, as carriers don’t want to run routes through a hurricane.


If you’re planning on shipping a car to someone as a gift, the earlier you can get it done the better. There are storage options available at delivery if you need them, but the worst thing you can do is wait until the last minute if you’re shipping a vehicle as a gift.


Reviews are a great way to find a quality shipper. Make sure to look for companies that have lots of good reviews. A handful of bad ones shouldn’t deter you, but if there’s a lot in comparison to how many good reviews there are, perhaps it’s best to avoid that company.


Make sure to bookmark our blog roll for the latest tips about auto transport. Get the low-down on current events, tricks to make your shipment easier, and more.


If you have insurance on your vehicle that’s great – but it’s actually not necessary to get it shipped. Ever car transporter has an insurance policy that covers both their truck and the vehicles they ship. Your insurance will gain secondary status so long as it is on the truck.


While it’s enticing to ship gifts in a car, please don’t. Gifts can get lost, damaged or stolen, especially if they’re in plain sight. Your carrier will not take responsibility for anything untoward that happens to any gifts you put in a car you’re shipping.


Make sure to clear out any and all trash and spare change out of your vehicle. Most carriers won’t care if they’re in there, but it makes it look nicer and more presentable if you clean your vehicle before it’s shipped.


If something isn’t working on our website, please let us know. We strive to make your experience as great as it can be, but sometimes things don’t like to work. Our tech staff is available to deal with problems as they pop up, and you’re a vital part in finding them.


Larger pickup trucks tend to need more space to ship them. This can be a problem if you’re shipping on a budget, so talk to an agent to find ways to save money when shipping your pickup.


Many car transporters are trying to stay technologically relevant, which means a lot of newer ways to communicate. Some companies send text a quote now and allow you to subscribe to their social media and RSS feeds for more info.


Do we have to say that living things such as pets and plants cannot be put in a car being shipped? It’ll be on the road for days or weeks and no one is going to feed or water your living things. Find another way to ship them if you need to.


Remember, things like furniture need to stay out of your vehicle when you are shipping it. No household items save for maybe a few light, personal items that can fit in the trunk. If you have household items to ship, fill out our household moving quote form.


East-west routes are still seeing plenty of traffic before the snowbird season hits. As such, it’s a good idea to book your shipment soon if you’re going from coast to coast. Once snowbird season comes, those routes will likely see increased prices, so get on it before the deals are gone for the year.


Hurricane Matthew is gone now, but its legacy still remains. Please remember that routes to and from affected areas may not have carriers available on them right away.


Moving to St. Louis? It’s a great place to move to, all things considered, but make sure to speak to your agent about whether your delivery address is accessible to an interstate moving van. If not, they may need to contract with a local mover to get your goods to you.


If you’re shipping to anywhere in Delaware talk to an agent about moving your pickup location to Wilmington. It may be a good idea, especially in the winter when routes are slim and most carriers want to stay on I-95 anyway.


If you’re having trouble finding auto transport services to a small town, talk to an agent about moving your delivery location to a bigger city nearby. This can entice carriers to ship your vehicle where otherwise they would pass it by. Speak to an agent for more information.


Please remember that inclement weather can play a major role in car transportation availability and services. Many areas are struck by severe weather in the fall, and carriers don’t like severe weather as it can damage their trucks and cargo. So they avoid those areas if they can. Please keep an eye on the weather and make sure to communicate regularly with your agent if your route is affected by severe weather.


Did you know that Sedona, Arizona is a popular snowbird shipping location? It is! However, some carriers would prefer Phoenix instead, so if you’re having trouble finding a company to help ship to Sedona proper, ask about shipping to Phoenix or some other part of the metro area. It may end up being faster and cheaper in the long run.


Please remember that inclement weather can play a major role in car transportation availability and services. Many areas are struck by severe weather in the fall, and carriers don’t like severe weather as it can damage their trucks and cargo. So they avoid those areas if they can. Please keep an eye on the weather and make sure to communicate regularly with your agent if your route is affected by severe weather.


If you’re buying a car online and then having it shipped to you, it’s a good idea to pay for an independent inspection of the vehicle if you didn’t get one when you purchased it. This can save you a lot of time and hassle, especially if the vehicle arrives damaged. Knowing its condition is important even before you buy, after all.


Remember that with fall here and winter approaching, some routes get harder to ship along, particularly in the north. It’s best to get your shipping done now, before the weather gets even worse and prices go up even further.


You won’t need the title or even the registration of the vehicle that you ship. However, you should have cursory information such as the vehicle’s color and the VIN alongside the standard year, make and model.


In addition to making sure the interior of your vehicle is clean, double check the trunk for things you may need on you before your vehicle is shipped. Having to wait to get something you need because it’s inaccessible is a problem for many people. Do yourself a favor and just make sure you’ve got everything out of the car before the carrier loads it onto their truck and save some time and hassle.


If your vehicle has been modified in any way, you need to let your vehicle shipper know ahead of time. Whether it’s longer, wider, taller, or has body modifications such as spoilers or antennae, it needs to be known and documented so your vehicle is shipped properly.


If you’re trying to ship to a bedroom city, you may be able to find better prices if you move your delivery location to the main anchor of the metro area. So for instance, you may be able to save money if you ship to Chicago proper as opposed to, say, Joliet. But it depends on the route so talk to an agent to learn more.


If you’re confused about any price that you get or services you read about, don’t be afraid to speak to someone over the phone. Representatives and agents are great at giving helpful advice and information, so if you don’t know where to start it’s a good idea to start with a phone call.


Some carriers are preparing to go into hibernation for the winter months, and fall represents their last hurrah in a sense before the new year. Now’s a great time to take advantage of those carriers and find services for lower rates than you’ll be able to in the winter months.


It may be tougher to find a carrier on east-west routes, but moving services should still be relatively easy to find. If you’re looking to move in the late fall or early winter, now’s the best time to get a free quote and start finding the right moving company for your needs.


Just because snowbird routes are popular doesn’t mean that all north-south routes are. I-95 and I-35 tend to see more traffic than others, the former because it goes to Miami from New England and the other because it runs south out of the Great Lakes and down to I-10, which gives carriers access to snowbird destinations in Arizona.


Fall is officially upon us, signaling the true start of route shifts in the industry. If you are shipping to the east coast, prepare to wait a bit longer than you may have to in the summer. Conversely, routes to Florida and Arizona from the northern U.S. are quite popular and you may be able to get some good deals on those. Speak to an agent to learn more.


Make sure to get multiple a quote from different companies to find the right auto shipping price for your needs. a quote vary from one company to the next and everyone has different pricing methods. This can result in drastically different prices depending on the company giving the quote. Just don’t forget to also get a quote from us here at American Auto Shipping!


Please remember that guns and illegal substances are not allowed in your vehicle. Same thing for household items. If you have questions about whether you can put anything in your vehicle while it is being shipped, talk to an agent, but the answer will likely be no.


Keep in mind that in the fall and winter months, weather conditions can cause certain routes to change. This can result in delays and possibly even price hikes, depending on the route. Stay in the loop with your agent and get the most out of your shipment by staying on top of things.


Shipping a travel trailer? They can be tricky devils to move properly, so make sure to speak to an agent. They can give you up-to-date information about shipping a travel trailer and can also give you helpful advice and outline your options for your shipping services.


Michigan is an area that doesn’t see much car shipping services in the winter months, at least when it comes to moving freight into the state. Be it Detroit, Grand Rapids, or any other city, expect higher prices to Michigan and longer wait times for pickup and transit during the fall and winter months.


Alabama is an area that sees a lot more traffic in the summer than the winter. As such, shipping later in the year can result in higher prices into Alabama. Make sure to talk to an agent if you’re heading to Birmingham, Montgomery, Mobile or any other city in the state.


Massachusetts is a popular shipping location particularly during the fall months. This is due to the snowbirds that live in areas like Worcester and Springfield. New England is a popular shipping location for routes going south to Florida, which can result in lower prices for you.


If you need a quote for overseas auto shipping services fill out our free quote request form. Unfortunately, international auto transportation is not something we can provide.


Please make sure that any fast food containers or bags are removed from your vehicle when your carrier arrives to load it. Not only is this something that should be avoided in general, but auto transporters actually can’t haul those things and will likely ask you to remove them.


Knowing about conditions on the route you’re shipping your car along is important. Keep an eye on weather reports and speak to an agent about how shipping a car along your route works and what to expect when it comes time to move it.


Standard car shipping is generally the way to go when shipping a car. But not all cars are created equal. Door to door transport via an open shipper is often going to be the most cost-effective way to ship a car, but there’s other methods you may want to look into before reaching a decision. Read about it on our blog or talk to an agent for more.


When you’re shipping to a smaller bedroom city of a major metro area, the bigger the bedroom city the better the services, usually. There’s a big difference between Fort Worth and Waco, Texas in terms of prices and services, after all. Talk to an agent to learn more.


Shipping a car without wheels? Make sure you let your auto shipping representative know ahead of time. Wheels are important for loading and unloading vehicles from the truck, and if the wheels aren’t there, well, carriers have to get creative with how they approach the shipment.


Carriers may prefer big cities for pickup and delivery locations, but sometimes getting into an urban area can be challenging. Make sure to talk to your agent about moving your pickup or delivery location to somewhere on the outskirts, where the carrier can actually fit and maneuver their massive trucks to get your vehicle on or off it.


We’ve restarted our Auto Transport Routes blog series, so make sure to check in every day and read the latest auto transport news and information, and check our Auto Transport Routes series to see what to expect on your car transport route.


Keep in mind that snowbird season is upon us. This means more carriers are going to be running north-to-south routes as opposed to cross-country. This tends to result in lower prices if you’re heading south, but higher if you’re going to either side of the country.


The industry is coming fast on the snowbird shipping season. This is when carriers shift their priorities to more north-south oriented routes, as the customers are doing the same. This can result in higher prices for east-west routes as well, so make sure to talk to an agent to learn more.


Happy Labor Day everyone! Today is a day that many carriers are taking off, though it’s less popular to take time off for Labor Day than other major holidays such as Christmas. Don’t expect much in the way of car shipping services today, though, as many brokers are closed and many carriers aren’t driving.


Areas like Texas and Louisiana have seen a lot of bad weather lately. Flooding and severe fall storms can cause havoc for car shippers. Expect delays until the roads clear and everything is back on track, especially when it comes to finding a carrier.


Shipping a motorhome? You’re going to need the dimensions of the vehicle if you want an accurate quote. We need dimensions to make sure that carriers will actually be able to ship it. Being able to find one with the dimensions on-hand before booking will save you time and money in the long run.


Not sure what city you’re shipping to? If you know a big major city that sits close, use that instead until you find the exact pickup and delivery addresses. Bigger cities tend to attract more carriers at lower prices anyway.


Food, even canned or preserved foods, cannot be left in a vehicle that is being shipped. This includes it being in the trunk if the carrier has said you can put a few things back there. Food can spoil and cause problems down the line especially if something happens to the truck maintenance-wise and the car has to sit a few extra days. No food in a car you ship, period. It’s like guns that way.


Make sure you have a spare copy of your car keys when you hand over your keys to the carrier. They’ll need a copy to load and unload your vehicle but you should have one as well, just in case.


If you’re shipping a pickup truck that is larger than its counterparts, be it by design or by custom modification, it may be a good idea to have the dimensions of it on hand when searching for an auto shipping quote. These will help get you more accurate a quote more quickly and will save time and money in the long run.


Knowing about alternative payment methods is always a good thing. While you want to try to pay with standard cash on delivery payments if you can, shipping companies can be flexible in their payment options. Talk to an agent to learn more but don’t let something like not being able to pay COD stop you from getting a quote to ship your vehicle.


Our tip yesterday about getting a quote to anchor cities can also be useful if you’re searching for a household moving quote. a quote are just preliminary estimates, especially moving a quote. They are subject to change and you should keep that in mind.


If you’re unsure of where in a given metropolitan area you’re shipping, you can get a quote to or from the hub city instead. Many times bedroom communities cost the same since they’re so close.


If you find any dead or broken links, make sure to send us an email! Sometimes pages go down or offline and we don’t always catch it. Let us know so we can fix it and help you get your car shipped.


Remember, you cannot ship pets in a vehicle you are shipping. There’s no one to feed them or let them out of the vehicle, and it’s just cruel to do.


Cargo vans are great for people who have a lot of work stuff to haul around, but make sure that it’s cleaned out and cleared of your stuff before you ship it.


If you’re a painter don’t put your paints in the car you’re shipping no matter how tempting it is. Accidents happen and it would not be fun to get paint all over your vehicle, even if it is the trunk.


If you have a removable stereo in your vehicle we recommend you remove it before the vehicle is picked up. This is for your own protection, especially if the stereo is valuable.


If you need a household moving quote when you ship a car make sure to go to the contact info portion and select you want a moving quote.


If your vehicle has some weird way it starts or has to get into gear, please tell the driver when they pick it up. Having to have your windshield wipers on in order to start the car is goofy, yes, but it’s even goofier watching the driver struggle with it. Save him the dignity and the stress of that.


Please don’t try to ship valuable things like paintings or pictures or furniture in the vehicle you try to ship. Carriers can’t handle household items anyway, and if it gets damaged or lost that’s entirely on you. So don’t put stuff you don’t want damaged or lost in your vehicle you are shipping, especially expensive paintings.


Remember, not everyone can ship a vehicle right away. This includes carriers. They are not just standing by waiting for you; they’re shipping other vehicles for other customers and getting to you will take some time.


In areas that are primarily rural, there tend to be “hubs” that anchor them. While those hub cities may be small in comparison to other, larger ones, they are often good car transport pickup and delivery locations. Moving to one of those to pickup or drop off your vehicle can save you some time and money when it comes to your shipment.


Remember, guns and ammunition of any kind are NOT allowed in a vehicle that is being shipped. This is for both safety and legal reasons. If you normally have a gun in your vehicle, remove it before it’s loaded. If found it may end up confiscated.


Another Monday and the start of yet another day in the vehicle shipping industry. Mondays tend to be the busiest days in the industry so now’s a good time to contact us to get started on your shipment.


Household moving can be tricky if you’re new to it. This is why we tell people who are trying to move across state lines for the first time to speak to an agent instead of relying on information you read online.


If you work, make sure to tell your agent your normal hours. If you are on a flexible schedule (such as a retail worker), make sure to tell your shipper. They will make sure the carrier knows exactly where to pickup and deliver your vehicle.


Now’s probably the last chance you’ll have to save with summer shipping services on less popular routes. As the fall comes on, demand dries up a bit, which means some less popular routes become more expensive.


Don’t forget about our Tip of the Day archives! We have daily tips archived going back to 2013, so if you’re bored and want to look up auto transport information that’s a good place to start.


States like Wyoming, Montana, Idaho, and others nearby tend to be more expensive to ship from and to. They see less demand from customers so there are fewer carriers that run routes through those states. Make sure to book your shipment ahead of time to give your agent plenty of time to find a carrier and arrange things.


Holiday shipping services can see odd schedules and weird routes being covered. This is often because some carriers are trying to get home for the holidays, so they shift their routes to take them closer to their families. It usually corrects itself a week or two after the holiday is over, which is also a good time to get a quote and ship a car as many carriers are on the hunt for loads.


Small towns are a lot easier to ship to or from if they sit close to a major city. Carriers have an easier time finding customers in metro areas as opposed to rural areas, and many small towns are parts of metropolitan areas.


When you’re searching for household moving a quote don’t worry so much about the weight of your items. No one is going to ask you to put  your couch on a scale or anything. Most quote forms will give estimates based on the size of your home, so you can follow that and still get accurate moving a quote.


Oversize vehicles tend to cost more to ship due to their size. They often can’t fit on a standard carrier, so a flatbed is required. If you suspect your vehicle is oversize, measure it. Give them to your shipping agent and they tell you for sure.


Not all shippers handle every type of vehicle. Some don’t ship oversized trucks, while others only handle motorcycles and ATV’s. Make sure your information is accurate before contacting us fora quote, as the information you give will impact your prices in numerous ways.


If you need to pay for your entire shipment up front when you book, most companies will accommodate you for that. Make sure to talk to an agent about it as it can affect pickup windows, since not all carriers like to take shipments where they do not get paid by you at delivery.


Remember to have your payments ready to go when your carrier is scheduled to arrive to deliver your vehicle. They won’t release the vehicle until you prove you’re going to pay them. This is to prevent doing a job and not getting paid for it, which to be quite honest can be a death knell for some carriers.


Right now is probably the last time you’ll be able to get summer shipping discounts. With fall just around the corner many carriers are starting to stop their discounts due to a lack of demand on many routes.


Now that July is over, shippers are starting to gear up for the fall shipping season which starts within the next month. Many routes tend to slow down as demand decreases and this is the time of year some carriers start making plans for the winter shipping season.


Remember, while many carriers run routes even on weekends, not all do. Those that don’t often spend their weekends not driving, even if they have loads on their truck. Talk to an agent to learn if your carrier takes weekends off.


TGIF! Well, for many people it’s their last day at work before the weekend, but many car transporters don’t think so. They often work seven days a week until their routes are finished and they can get back home to spend some time with their family. But it makes things faster and usually a bit cheaper, which should help.


Trying to ship a car to an overseas US Territory? Make sure to talk to someone as it can be a time-consuming process and you may not know all the ins and outs of it. It’s much different than just shipping a car from city to city in the contiguous U.S. after all.


If you searched our FAQ posts and still have questions about shipping your vehicle, give one of our agents a call. They can help you with anything and everything auto transport-related.


If you have questions you’re trying to get answered make sure to search “Frequently Asked Questions” via our search bar. That will give you access to our FAQ blog series that may be able to help. You can also contact us over the phone to ask questions to a live agent any time.


Monday is the most popular day of the week to ship a car, so now’s a great time to get some free a quote to start your shipment off right.


Please keep in mind that your household moving company likely won’t move any food or other perishable items. You can pack up things like fish food and they can ship empty aquariums and the like, but live pets, pet food, or human food are things they usually don’t deal with.


Alaska and Hawaii don’t see a lot of car shipping traffic but they are the most popular overseas shipping location from the U.S. This excludes international shipping, but we don’t do that. For more, read about shipping to Alaska and Hawaii and other overseas U.S. territories via our blog or one of our helpful articles.


Remember, auto transport carriers need to sleep too. This is part of why shipping services can take days or weeks (for longer shipments). They also have other stops for other customers to make, and they are traveling hundreds and sometimes thousands of miles. Patience is a virtue when shipping a vehicle.


Not every company can get you a quote to ship to overseas U.S. territories but we certainly can. Whether it’s Guam, Puerto Rico, the U.S. Virgin Islands or somewhere else, we can help you get started on overseas shipping services today.


If you are interested in terminal shipping but don’t see a terminal listed in your area, make sure to speak to one of our agents. They can give advice and information and help you get your free terminal shipping a quote.


Do you need a quote for terminal car shipping? If so, make sure to visit our Free Auto Transport Terminal of the Day section and read up on it. There are terminals in major cities across the United States, and likely one near you as well.


Finding a quality car shipping carrier can be a real challenge for a customer such as yourself. This is why brokers like us are usually the best way to ship a car. They have lists of thousands of carriers across the country, which means less waiting for a carrier for you.


Remember, you can get a free household moving quote alongside a traditional car transport quote via our auto shipping quote form.


Remember, we can’t do anything internationally, but we can help  ship overseas. Alaska, Hawaii, overseas U.S. territories, those are all on the table when it comes to our services. Just not other counties.


Even if you don’t know the zip code of the cities you’re shipping from and to, the names should work just fine for getting a quote. If you’re having trouble spelling it, you can visit our auto shipping cities section in the menu above. Or you can call us and we can help you out.


We’ve launched a new series focusing on free auto transport terminals in different cities across the U.S. Make sure to read our blurb about a new one every day on our left sidebar, or visit the Free Auto Transport Terminal of the Day section located in the menu bar.


Areas that have several big cities close together tend to be cheaper to ship to, as carriers have more potential customers at their disposal. Other areas with only one big city in a state tend to be more expensive. And pricing will also depend on available routes.


Remember, in many instances a general FAQ will only yield basic information. Things such as pricing, transit times, pickup and delivery windows – those all will depend on the specifics of your shipment. Getting general info is OK, but don’t use all of that to make a decision – talk to an agent, we cannot stress it enough.


Now that summer is here, a lot more people are looking for terminal car transport than at other times of the year. And it’s a good time to ship terminal, despite our preference for door to door. We recommend speaking to an agent to learn about those methods and find the right one for you.


Don’t forget that moving companies are a lot like auto transporters. They like popular routes through big cities and tend to charge less on more popular routes.


Remember, small towns and villages can actually be harder to ship a vehicle from and to. It’s mostly because of their size. Unlike towns and cities that sit close to major metro areas, they don’t have the population to attract a lot of carriers. Expect higher prices.


Remember, small bedroom communities can be just as easy to ship a vehicle to or from as a major city. As long as the carrier can easily get to or from the smaller city, and so long as it sits close to a major car shipping hub (like Los Angeles, for instance), you should be able to save money on your shipment even if demand through your specific city is low.


Shipping a car as a present? If you’re trying to hide it from the delivery person, a terminal can be a good place to ship your vehicle to. It can wait at the terminal until you or someone else is able to pick it up. Talk to an agent for more.


Shipping a car to the eastern seaboard? There are many areas a car transport truck cannot get to considering how packed the New York-New Jersey area is. Chances are you’ll want to discuss pickup and delivery locations with a carrier to find the right one for you.


Now that the holiday is past, the industry is ramping up for the last stretch before Labor Day and the industry’s eventual fall and winter slowdown. Now’s probably the best time to book a shipment and take advantage of the summer rush.


Happy Fourth of July! Today, hamburgers and hotdogs and fireworks are on the menu, and auto transport takes a back seat. Don’t expect anything to really move today – there are exceptions of course, but most carriers aren’t driving and most brokers are closed today to celebrate the holiday.


Today’s the last day before the Fourth of July, and likely there are not any carriers willing to pickup loads right now. However, many will be available to deliver vehicles already in transit – if this applies to you, talk to your broker to learn more.


It’s the Fourth of July weekend, and many carriers are going to be getting home to their families. Don’t be surprised if no one wants to pick your vehicle up over the next few days because of the holiday.


If you’re trying to find specific information about something, make sure to use our search bar at the top of the page. You can search for anything auto transport related – chances are you’ll find it through there. If not, give us a call and we can talk to you about it.


Remember, there is no obligation to book your order right away.


Sometimes, storms and other things can devastate auto transportation services through a given area. Places like Texas and Florida, as well as much of the Midwest, tend to see storms that can prohibit carriers from getting to or from parts of the region. Make sure to keep in close contact with your agent and keep up on the weather if it’s storm season.


Remember, auto transporters have to rely on technology just like the rest of us. Be it trying to book orders or update customers, sometimes systems don’t work properly. Be sure to exercise patience in all facets of your vehicle shipment, as it will make things easier for everyone.


Corporate relocation services are not for everyone, but they’re important nonetheless. Today’s blog talks about corporate auto transport and how customers like yourself can find them at affordable rates.


Agricultural equipment can be a real pain to ship properly. Most large tractors and combines are going to require special shipping services as they are much too large to fit on a standard car carrier. This raises the price to ship it, and it will be even more expensive if you are shipping to or from some rural area in the middle of nowhere.


Right now, cities like Los Angeles are seeing a big influx of customers. This can lead to what are known as logjams – where carriers take the highest-paying loads first. Logjams increase prices out of some areas, so make sure to talk to an agent to see if your pickup location is jammed right now.


The Rochester metropolitan area can see some severe weather during the winter months, but during most other times of the year you won’t have many problems getting a vehicle to or from the area. Make sure to speak to your agent if you’re planning on shipping during the winter, though, as it will affect your price and available services.


If you’re shipping overseas, don’t worry about whether you need to ship a vehicle open or enclosed. Every car that’s shipped overseas will be loaded onto the cargo ship in a roll on/roll off container.


Enclosed auto shipping isn’t for everyone, but for those that need it it can be an expensive endeavor. Check out today’s blog post to learn ways to save money on your enclosed shipping services.


Did you know we have an app now? You can use our app to get a free quote to ship your car and much more. This is especially helpful for dealerships and other businesses that focus on shipping cars to customers. Check it out or call us to learn more.


You may nor may not need flatbed shipping services, but if your vehicle is large or not a standard car or truck, it may be best to speak to an agent to get your free a quote, as they can take additional information over the phone to determine the best type of carrier for your shipment.


Remember, household moving services may be easier to find, but they’re also more expensive than the cost to ship a car. However, many of the pricing systems are similar, especially when it comes to how they price. Most moving companies price based on the route you need to ship on and also how much you are moving, which is quite similar to how car transporters price.


Right now, the northern states, particularly the Dakotas and the Great Lakes region, are going to be cheaper and faster than if you were to ship during the winter months. This is due to higher demand and a lack of snow and ice, which can cause delays and price hikes during the winter months.


No, you cannot ship live plants in a car. Whether it’s something like an azalea or something a bit more…potent…please note that any plant life will need to be removed from your vehicle before it is picked up, as carriers are not licensed to haul plants – and they won’t take care of them on the road anyway.


We may have said this before, but it’s something that bears repeating: don’t misrepresent your vehicle. It doesn’t get you a cheaper quote, it doesn’t find a carrier more quickly. All it does is cause problems, so when you book your shipment make sure your shipper knows exactly what kind of vehicle you are trying to ship.


New England can be a tricky place to ship to. Cities like Boston and Providence will usually be the best places to ship from and to if you’re trying to stay on a budget, and rural areas can be even harder to get to in New England than other regions due to how sparsely populated it is.


Whether it’s fresh or frozen, boxed or bagged, you cannot ship food in a car you are trying to transport. It will spoil or rot, and even if it’s non-perishable it’s not covered by the carrier’s license, so they won’t ship it lest they get in trouble.


Don’t double book a shipment. Double booking leads to problems for you, your broker and your carrier, and can result not only in a cancelled order, but a potential blackball – most carriers use the same basic load boards to find loads, and while they may be competing against one another they will come together in a show of solidarity if they feel they are getting a raw deal.


If you’re looking to move, make sure you pack your electronics properly. Many times it’s a good idea to retain the original packaging if you have things like televisions or computers (notably laptops) that you are shipping. This can prevent issues by protecting the items much more thoroughly.


Keep in mind that there are always going to be rural areas no matter what state you are shipping from or to. These swaths of sparsely-populated land can cause increases in prices for car shipping services and can also result in longer transit times.


Metro areas are often more popular to ship to or from, as carriers can get to and from a number of different municipalities within the same day. As such, larger metro areas tend to be cheaper to ship a vehicle to or from, and this also helps explain why rural auto shipping services can be so expensive and take so long.


Right now is one of the best times to ship a vehicle. Auto transport services bloom after Memorial Day, as the summer shipping season is always the busiest. This tends to result in lower prices on a number of routes, likely yours as well.


Auto shipping to Maine can be difficult to find considering how isolated the state is. There are not a lot of people shipping cars to and from Maine to begin with, so most carriers will have to increase prices to or from the state to make a profit. Places like Boston, or even Providence, Rhode Island, may be cheaper, faster alternatives, especially if you’re shipping to or from rural parts of Maine.


If you need to ship household goods, don’t hesitate to fill out our free moving quote form – but don’t just toss a bunch of stuff in your trunk and think that’s okay. Likely if you put too much in the back of your car your vehicle will end up being overweight, which will cause delays and headaches for everyone involved in the shipment of it.


Looking for tips and tricks to ship up to Alaska? Your best bet in that regard is to either fill out our free form to get a quote to or from the state, or contact one of our agents who can answer questions, give advice and help you with your auto transport needs.


Shipping overseas is always an experience no matter where you’re shipping from or to. Auto shipping to Juneau is going to be a bit harder to find than shipping to or from Anchorage, considering Juneau sits in the panhandle of Alaska and not all shippers actually want to go there.


There are many places in Louisiana you can ship a car to and from, but the biggest cities like New Orleans and Shreveport are going to be the cheapest and fastest to ship from and to. This is especially true when you consider how rugged some parts of the state can be.


Lafayette may not be the most popular area in Louisiana to ship a vehicle, but it sits close to New Orleans and Baton Rouge. Smaller cities that are close to big cities tend to be cheaper to ship from and to since a carrier can easily get to another large city quickly and easily, often within the same day.


If you know you can’t afford to ship your car, don’t book a shipment. Especially don’t let it get on a truck – if you can’t pay, the carrier will hold your car and can pursue more drastic actions to get their money including taking you to court. It’s not something anyone wants to deal with.


Cities that don’t sit along major interstate highways tend to be more difficult to ship to and from. Ease of access is important when it comes to keeping prices low and transit times fast, so if your pickup or delivery location is in the middle of nowhere, talk to an agent to discuss options.


Finding the right auto shipping company can be tough, which is why it’s important to do your homework and research any and all prospective shippers.


Happy Memorial Day from American Auto Shipping!


Our household moving quote request form isn’t just for household items – if you are trying to move your corporate office or something, you can get a free business moving quote by filling out our free household moving quote form.


It’s Memorial Day Weekend, so don’t be surprised if there are more than a few auto shippers out there that close up shop for the weekend. The auto transport industry doesn’t take breaks, but plenty of carriers and brokers will take time off to spend with their families.


Shipping to or from Alabama? Montgomery is typically a good place to ship to or from, but there are others that won’t cost you an arm and a leg. Unfortunately, those areas are usually the bigger cities; if you’re shipping on a budget, make sure to talk to an agent about places to avoid.


Right now is a good time to find auto transport services to the northern parts of the U.S. It’s warming up across the nation, and the industry is picking up meaning there’s more carriers on the road and thus more routes available for them to run at affordable rates.


States like Idaho, Wyoming and Montana cost more to ship to and from due to large sizes and low populations, even among their large cities. This can result not just in higher prices than more populated areas, but also longer wait times for pickup, transit and delivery. Talk to an agent to learn more but make sure to keep it in mind.


If you’re trying to ship a parts car make sure to let your agent know what the vehicle’s condition is. Parts cars come in all forms of deconstruction, and knowing what they’re looking at will help get you more accurate a quote and better services.


Remember, you can get a free vehicle shipping quote by filling out our free auto shipping quote form, or by calling us at 800-930-7417 any time.


Moving is never fun, but if you’re moving to the middle of nowhere like Wyoming, it’s going to be even longer and usually take more time and money to get your stuff moved. We do recommend speaking to an agent about it, but it’s usually safe to assume that’s the case with Wyoming moving companies as well.


Overseas auto shipping is not the easiest thing to find and book, but it’s also not impossible. When shipping overseas keep in mind that it’s going to take longer and also be more expensive than standard overland transportation. Most Hawaii shipments run into the four-digit territory, but normally it’s not that much over a grand.


Metropolitan areas are often easier and faster for car shippers to run routes to and from, but it’s somewhat relative. Nashua, for instance, is part of the largest metro area in New Hampshire; however, it’s still not all that popular of a shipping location due to its small size.


If you’re shipping a pickup truck or cargo van, make sure to have the year, make, model and submodel of the vehicle. There’s a big difference between a Ford F-150 and a Ford F-350 HD Super Duty, after all, especially in size. These can affect a quote and services in a myriad number of ways, so prepare yourself and give your shipper as much information about the vehicle as you can to get the most accurate price.


Shipping a parts car? It can be tricky depending on how deconstructed the vehicle is, so make sure to tell your shipping company it’s a parts car when you get a price. This will make it easier to get you the services you need.


Having to make an auto transport damage claim isn’t fun, but it’s better than simply taking the damage and repairing it yourself. It’s a time-consuming process to get a carrier to cover damage repairs, but they’re obligated to if it’s their fault. Make sure to pursue claims for any damage to get full recompense and don’t simply settle.


Trash usually isn’t a problem, but it does make your vehicle look like garbage. Make sure to clean your car prior to the vehicle shipping carrier arriving to pick it up.


Make sure to label your boxes before the moving company shows up to load everything. Labeling boxes will make for a better experience as your movers will put your boxes where they go instead of piling them up somewhere random in your new home.


Selling a car to someone on the other side of the country? Make sure that you coordinate with your shipping company and the person you’re selling it to. Both of you will need to communicate with the carrier, you for pickup coordination and them for delivery.


Memphis is one of the largest cities in the state of Tennessee, which usually means lower prices and faster transportation services for you. Some parts may be easier to get to than others, so make sure to talk to an agent to learn more.


Putting perishable items in a vehicle you’re trying to ship is generally a bad idea. It can take weeks to get your vehicle delivered, and even if the perishable items don’t meet their expiration date, chances are they’ll spoil anyway from not being properly stored.


Alabama isn’t often seen at the top of most popular shipping locations, but it is still home to several large cities including Mobile, on the southern coast. Mobile is often the cheapest area to ship to as it sits along both I-55 and I-10, but you’ll want to discuss your shipment to Alabama with an agent if you’re going to other parts of the state.


Sadly there isn’t much you can do when it comes to decreasing your transit time. You can move pickup and delivery locations to easier-to-access locations, but other than that it’s going to take what it takes. There’s too many factors and too many regulations for anything else.


Need tips to ship a car? Luckily, we have our Auto Transport Tip of the Day archives, and we also have our Auto Transport Tips blog series that posts every Monday. And, of course, this little blurb here – plenty of information to get you started!


Moving can be a real pain in the butt, especially if you’re going into it without really planning. Having a solid moving plan is important as it helps keep you organized and can also help with budgeting and other things, such as packing. If you’re going to be moving within the next few months, and you’re trying to find a reputable moving company, make sure to start your search soon.


Unlike yesterday’s tip, which dealt with car shipping to South Carolina, shipping a car to Wyoming is a lot harder. Carriers don’t like running routes through sparsely populated rural areas, as it’s not very cost-effective. This means places like Wyoming, Montana, Idaho, Utah, and other western states not along the Pacific Coast are going to cost more and take longer to get a vehicle to or from.


South Carolina isn’t the most popular place to ship a vehicle to or from, but it does help that it has several fairly large cities, particularly Greenville and Spartanburg, which sit in the northwestern corner of the state, easily accessible. This makes things easier and helps keep your prices lower.


Trying to ship a vehicle as a present? You can set things up so you can be the sole contact person, and you can discuss how to prevent the recipient from knowing they’re getting a car until it arrives for delivery, as well as other ways to keep things a surprise.


Wisconsin is not all that popular of a vehicle shipping location, especially northern cities like Green Bay, as they sit far removed from other major cities in the region. This can increase prices and make services take longer to find, so make sure to factor that into your search for a quote or services to or from Wisconsin.


Motorcycle shipping is often cheaper than shipping a standard sedan because of its lower size. While normal carriers can’t ship a motorcycle due to safety concerns, most shippers will be able to find a dedicated motorcycle transportation company and get you on your way. Motorcycles are often crated when shipped as well, adding an additional layer of protection to an already secure shipment.


Cargo vans can be notoriously difficult to ship. Well, the bigger ones anyway. They have to be priced differently because of their size, though many of the standard ones aren’t going to be too difficult to ship on the whole.


Florida, California and Texas tend to be the most popular moving locations in the country, which usually means they’re also the cheapest areas to ship from and to during most times of the year. To learn more about moving, you can read more about it on our Sunday blog posts or via our Household Moving Articles section.


Trying to ship to or from West Virginia? Keep in mind that the state is highly rural, and even its largest city is little more than a small town in comparison to cities like Dallas or Chicago. This can make it more expensive for you and harder to find a carrier.


Michigan can be a popular auto transport location, but only the biggest cities like Detroit, Warren, Grand Rapids are going to be popular among carriers. Keep this in mind when trying to ship to or from Michigan or any state with lots of rural areas.


Elongated pickup trucks, lifted pickup trucks, or any other modifications that alter the length, width, height or weight of your vehicle need to be accounted for. Make sure you tell your agent if your vehicle is modified in any way that affects its dimensions.


This may seem odd, but make sure to take any CD’s or removable stereos out of your vehicle before you ship it. It’s more a precautionary measure than anything; while vehicles are secure on a truck, there are times when the carrier is sleeping. Thieves are always an issue, albeit a rare one, so take some measures to protect your vehicle.


If you decide to ship with a drive away shipping service, you’re taking the safety and security of your vehicle into your own hands. Don’t trust just anyone, and if you don’t feel comfortable with the driver don’t be afraid to cancel and start searching for legitimate car shipping companies to handle the shipment for you.


Fleet shipping doesn’t have to be hard or complicated. If you fill out our quote form you can get in contact with real car shipping experts who can make the fleet shipping process a breeze no matter how many vehicles you need to move.


If you’re trying to move, make sure you have the right boxes. A lot of people just use old cardboard boxes they have laying around, but it’s best to get real moving boxes from a storage place or a moving company. These are designed to withstand the rigors of moving and will protect your items much more effectively.


Natural barriers like the Rocky Mountains can make it harder for carriers to run certain routes. This usually results in higher prices, longer transit times, or, in the case of wintry weather, detours. Make sure you communicate with your shipping agent regarding these things and how they affect your shipment specifically.


Can’t be there when your vehicle is delivered? That’s okay. Most auto transport companies will allow you to have an agent to act on your behalf for both pickup and delivery. You’ll need to let your shipper know who will be that agent for you, and give their contact information to your shipper to help coordinate pickup or delivery, but it’s definitely doable if you’re too busy to meet with your carrier.


If you’re unsure when you need your vehicle picked up, that’s okay – a lot of customers aren’t 100% certain about the day they want their car picked up. For many, the standard pickup windows are fine; if you have questions, though, don’t hesitate to give us a call.


Some densely-packed areas in big cities will be too large to fit an auto transport carrier through, so some carriers will need to meet you nearby if you are trying to ship to or from a big city. This is fairly common, and it doesn’t detract from your shipment – you still get to meet your carrier, it’ll just be in an area they can get to.


Waiting for your vehicle to be delivered by the auto shipping company you booked with can be frustrating. This is why it’s important to know your pickup window and to plan accordingly. Planning is important when you transport a vehicle, as it makes everything so much smoother and less stressful.


Finding the right auto transport carrier can be tricky if you don’t know what to be on the look out for, so it may be a good idea to speak to an expert over the phone before you really start your search. You can contact one of our agents to speak to an expert right away.


Moving household items is never easy, but if you’re shipping to or from isolated areas it can get even harder. Prices go up on less popular routes, so if you’re moving to or from rural areas or places that don’t have a lot around them (think Boise or Helena or Salt Lake City), your prices may go up. Make sure to factor that in when you start the moving process.


Texas is one of the most popular vehicle shipping locations in the entire country. Cities like Dallas, Austin, Houston, San Antonio, El Paso, Fort Worth and a host of others are all quite popular among customers and carriers, making Texas a popular auto shipping area and one of the easiest to move vehicle freight in and out of.


The Midwest has some large cities, but chances are if you’re trying to ship a car to states like Kansas, Iowa, the Dakotas, Wyoming or Montana, you may have a hard time finding services at a decent price. Those routes are not common among customers, which means there’s little reason for many carriers to stay on those routes. That increases prices and also wait times for pickup and delivery, so plan accordingly.


If you’re searching for more information in our blog, a great way to get a lot of good info is to click on the category a blog post is in – if you do, you can read every single blog post that’s included in that category. This can be a great way to get a lot of common auto transport questions answered, say, or if you’re looking at reading up on more general information about the industry.


Keep in mind that we are constantly adding new content to our website. Whether they are blogs or articles or tips of the day, we have plenty of new stuff to keep you informed and up to date, so keep coming back to read new stuff on the vehicle shipping industry and to learn more about shipping a car.


Keep in mind that we are constantly adding new content to our website. Whether they are blogs or articles or tips of the day, we have plenty of new stuff to keep you informed and up to date, so keep coming back to read new stuff on the vehicle shipping industry and to learn more about shipping a car.


Shipping a classic car? Make sure you choose the right car shipping carrier for whatever it is you’re shipping. While most classic cars aren’t worth a whole lot, some definitely are, so enclosed transportation may be worth it if your classic car still carries a high price tag.


Trying to find quality moving companies? Don’t forget that American Auto Shipping offers free moving a quote – just visit our Household Moving Articles page or fill out our auto transport quote form and select the option for free moving a quote on the contact information portion of the form.


If you own or help maintain a dealership, auto transportation services can be a great way to get vehicles to customers that buy online. Take a minute and fill out our free quote form and see what we can do to help you get your inventory shipped out to waiting customers today.


Don’t forget to write down the name of your driver and his telephone number, as well as the carrier company he works for, when your broker gives it to you. This is vitally important information and not having it can cause communication problems and delays. Always keep your pertinent auto shipping info somewhere safe and easy to find.


Did you know we have an official app out for iPhone and Android? You can download our free app any time through the links just below here, and you can also contact one of our live agents for a free quots and help any time.


Rural auto transport services are going to be a bit easier to find as we get into the summer months, as there are more carriers on the road, but keep in mind that they still would prefer to run routes into and out of big cities, so move your pickup or delivery location if it might help.


Driveaway auto shipping and auto transport by rail, sadly, are not reliable auto shipping alternatives. They are usually harder to find and less reliable, and while the cost up front may be advertised as lower than the rest of the industry, it can quickly prove why with delayed pickup, longer transit times and less reliable service.


Car shipping by rail is mostly a thing of the past, so don’t be surprised if you’re having a hard time finding a company that will ship over the railroads. It’s not very profitable for the companies and it often takes longer to get your vehicle from A to B.


If you haven’t seen our Household Moving Articles section, make sure to check it out. It’s there that you’ll find our list of comprehensive moving articles that can help you save time and money and have a better moving experience.


While many auto transport companies (including us) will not make you pay your deposit until your vehicle is scheduled to be picked up, many companies will still take a credit card number upon booking. This is for their protection; many customers try to get their vehicles picked up after giving fake credit card numbers, as it can take a couple of days to process. This is naturally a problem, so don’t be surprised if your shipper makes you give your card information upon booking.


It’s April Fool’s Day today, so be aware for pranksters out there. Luckily, the auto transport industry is a bit more serious than that, but don’t think that a phone call from your carrier is a prank. And please, don’t pull pranks on drivers or brokers.


Interested in terminal to terminal auto transport? It may not be as awesome as you may think – take some time and read our blogs and articles about it, or give us a call and speak to one of our agents about shipping to and from a terminal.


Trying to figure out which price is the best for you is not cut-and-dry. There are a number of factors that go into pricing the shipment of your vehicle, so make sure to talk to multiple auto transport companies before you actually choose a shipper.


Have questions about shipping a vehicle? Before you call and ask one of our agents (though you’re always welcome to), maybe visit our blog and check out some of the entries in our Auto Shipping FAQ series. There’s lots of questions that we’ve answered over the years, so check it out.


If you’re looking for quality auto transport tips, make sure to check out our Auto Transport Tips blog series. We generally add a new tip and explanation about something auto shipping related every Monday (today, actually), so check our blog to learn more.


Make sure to get proper boxes when you are trying to move. There’s nothing worse than losing a lot of your household items to damage because they were improperly packed. Full-service moving is also an option, since your moving company will be required to pack your goods and they will do the job properly.


Major auto transport hotspots in the U.S. include the southeast (notably Florida), the northeast (from Baltimore to Boston), Texas, and the west coast (notably California). These tend to be the cheapest and most cost-effective places to ship from and to for carriers, which in turn makes it better for customers.


Terminal to terminal transportation services are slowly becoming a thing of the past. There are fewer terminals out there and fewer companies willing to ship from terminals, as door to door transportation is generally faster, safer and more cost-effective.


Standby car shipping is something that most people don’t want to deal with unless they have to, which is rare enough. Car transporters don’t like picking up standby shipments because they don’t pay well on the whole. Keep this in mind if you’re trying to find standby auto shipping services, and make sure to talk to an agent to learn more.


Smoker? While many vehicles nowadays do not have built in ashtrays, many people will still have things like cans or small ashtrays that can fit in a cup holder in their vehicle. These must be cleaned/removed before you ship your vehicle, so make sure to do that before the carrier arrives.


Shipping a vehicle to Alaska is a bit more difficult than shipping to a city in the lower 48, but it’s certainly not impossible. You can get a free quote to ship overseas to Alaska, Hawaii and other overseas U.S. territories via our free quote form.


An auto transport broker is an important part of your shipment, so before you try to find a carrier directly try to book with a broker. They tend to make prices cheaper by fostering competition among carriers, and also help find carriers more quickly as they can canvass a wider range than your search for independent truckers.


Are you trying to find household moving services to New England? If so, now’s the time to do it – the weather is getting warmer and more people are moving back up north to avoid the harsh southern summers, so make sure to visit our Household Moving Articles to learn more about household moving and get free a quote to ship your stuff.


Metropolitan areas generally have the same price across the area, regardless of where you’re shipping from or to. So if you’re trying to ship a car into the Dallas, Texas area, Fort Worth, Plano, Flower Mound, Lewisville, all those cities that sit close to Dallas will cost about the same as auto transport services to Dallas proper.


Don’t forget about our Tip of the Day Archives! If you are interested in reading past tips you can click on the “Tip of the Day” tab in our menu above and read all our tips going back to 2013. They’re a great way to learn some quick tips and tricks that you may not know about when shipping a vehicle, and we highly recommend you at least give it a quick look.


You should only try to find expedited auto transport services if you absolutely need them. Expedited shipping is more expensive and also can be more stressful for everyone, and it puts pressure on your broker and your carrier. The services are not guaranteed to happen within the expedited timeframe, either, so make sure to talk to an agent and plan accordingly.


Some urban areas are going to be hard for carriers to get into or out of, especially those back east that were settled and expanded before cars were a thing. These areas often have narrow streets and alleys that carriers can’t traverse, so make sure to talk to an agent and see if this is a problem for your pickup or delivery location.


Rural auto transport services are harder to find and usually more expensive because it’s much further out of the carrier’s way than a large city. Rural shipping also has fewer customers on the route, at least more often than not. This means they make less because of it, so prices have to increase if they want to make money, let alone break even, on such a barren route.


Trying to buy a car from a dealership? One of the best ways of online shopping is to buy a car from a dealership and have them ship it. Many times you can find faster pickup windows from dealerships, as they are popular among carriers, so fill out our free form or talk to an agent for more.


Philadelphia is one of the most popular moving locations in the industry.


New England is one of the most brutal areas to ship a vehicle to during the winter months. Luckily, we’re moving past the point where snow and ice can choke roads in the northeast, so prices and services should be more affordable and easier to find now and in the coming months.


When you ship a car you’re going to have to give the car key to the driver of the transport truck. If they don’t have that they can’t load or unload your vehicle from the truck. So when you ship a car, make sure to give your carrier a working spare key, or else plan it out to where you’re not giving the driver your whole key ring or giving him your only key to your vehicle. Get a spare made if you have to.


Auto transport brokers are the best way to get a vehicle shipped. They work with thousands of carriers across the country to keep prices lower and more competitive, and also work to get vehicles picked up more quickly, while also keeping carriers to a higher standard which means more accountability and transparency in your shipment.


Trying to ship a vehicle to Nevada? If so, be prepared for longer wait times for pickup and delivery. Nevada, outside of Las Vegas, is sparsely populated, and not a lot of customers or carriers are running routes through the dusty desert. If you need to get into central or eastern Nevada, just be prepared for higher prices and longer wait times.


Make sure to clear out the far back if you’re shipping an SUV or a minivan. A lot of things can get thrown under seats and get forgotten, but the interior of your vehicle needs to be clean for the carrier to ship it. Might as well do a double-check of your vehicle to be sure.


Remember, if you can’t pay for your shipment upon delivery, the carrier does not have to release your vehicle. They need their money to keep their trucks fueled and on the road, so don’t book your shipment if you can’t pay for it because the courts will almost definitely get involved.


Estimating how much all your stuff weighs when trying to get household moving a quote is hardly an accurate endeavor, so don’t worry about it when you’re searching for a quote to ship your stuff. When you start out, just estimate based on how many rooms you have – accurate weighing will come later.


If you have a minivan or other vehicle that has a TV or a DVD player in it, make sure that you take out all your DVDs and other accessories when you ship a vehicle. Not only are they considered household items, but during transport items left in the car can shift, much like packages being shipped by UPS. Keep this in mind and keep your vehicle clean so nothing untoward happens to your items.


There are definitely areas in the U.S. that can be difficult to get to or from. Montana is a big one, as is Wyoming. Idaho, too – really, any state that has a relatively low population count and few major population centers. Those are going to be more expensive to ship to or from due to their isolation, size and lack of major cities.


If you need a household moving quote in addition to an auto shipping quote, you can actually get both by filling out our free quote form right on our website.


Auto transport to rural areas, notably Montana, Wyoming and Idaho, is going to be harder to find and often more expensive than transportation services to urban or suburban areas. Keep this in mind if you’re shipping on a budget and talk to one of our agents to learn more about rural auto shipping and what you can do to make it faster or cheaper for yourself.


With February over and done with, many auto transporters are getting back on the road to prepare for the busy spring and summer shipping seasons. Now is probably the best time to get in on the auto transport ground floor – whether you’re trying to ship a car, or if you’re trying open a car shipping brokerage, now’s the best time to get started.


It’s Monday! Mondays are typically the busiest day in the auto transport industry as most people are trying to get their shipments scheduled and completed before the next weekend. Many customers are coming back from weekends where they don’t really want to do much, which makes sense. Whether you decided to ship a car today or wanted to wait, Monday is the busiest day in the industry, so now’s as good a time as any to get a quote and talk to reps and get your shipment booked.


Household moving services can be harder to find than typical auto transport services, but we try to make it easier via our free household moving quote form. You can visit our Household Moving Articles page to find it and learn more about household goods moving services at the same time.


Though the weekdays are typically when most vehicle shipping services are booked, dispatched and shipped, many companies still work on the weekends. Not all of them do, of course, but many will try to take advantage of a Saturday or Sunday to get more vehicles moved.


Have valuables you want to put in your car while it’s shipped? It may be best not to – things such as jewelry and other expensive items should never be put into a vehicle that is being shipped. They will not be insured and run the risk of breaking or getting damaged. Talk to an agent to learn ways to safely ship household items without running the risk of putting them in a car that’s being shipped.


Did you know we have an auto transport tip of the day archive? Links for each year that we’ve done tips can be found at the bottom of our tip of the day archive, which you can easily get to via the same-named link in the menu at the top of the page.


Some auto transport companies may ask for your vehicle’s color or its VIN number when you book an order. This is for security purposes and to ensure that the carrier picks up the right vehicle. Very useful if you’re a dealer, as it helps prevent confusion and lost stock. Always make sure to have the VIN number on you when discussing your shipment with a shipping company anyway, though, even if you are not shipping to or from a dealership.


As we mentioned in today’s blog post, pets are not allowed in a vehicle that is being shipped. Regardless of whether it is a dog, cat, fish or pet rock, the driver cannot and will not be held responsible for the well-being of your pet and they will tell you the same if you ask them.


Some companies are offering free auto transport tracking services through apps and on their website. Many are still behind the times – carriers are not usually so tech-savvy, after all – but some are stepping up and trying to provide safer, more secure shipping services. They know dependability and reliability are some of the most important aspects in a business-customer relationship, so make sure to talk to an agent to learn more.


We really shouldn’t have to say this, but pets and household animals do not belong in a vehicle that is being shipped. They will be without food or water for anywhere from a few days to a week or more, and no carrier is going to assume responsibility for an animal. Plus, we’re pretty sure it’s illegal anyway, so don’t put your cat in your car when you ship it.


If you are worried about how long you will be without your vehicle, talk to your auto transport agent to learn more about tracking services. Many companies offer tracking on vehicles that they ship in an effort to provide better customer service, so don’t forget to speak to your agent and find out if they offer it.


Is your pickup truck lifted? If so, you definitely want to tell your auto shipping representative. Any vehicle that has modifications, regardless of how small they are, has to still conform to all standard sizing requirements when you ship it. Always tell your agent so they can get the right information about your vehicle and get you an accurate quote.


The northeast is still covered in ice and snow and other unfriendly weather conditions, so auto transport services to or from the area may be harder to find and more expensive right now. Talk to a rep to see which areas are clear and which ones carriers are having a hard time getting to.


Things like snow and ice can slow down auto shipping carriers and cause delays on snowbound routes. During the fall and winter months you should make sure you know the weather in your pickup and delivery locations and work with your carrier to avoid places that could cause delays in pickup, transit or delivery, as these can also increase your prices in a negative way.


Most damaged vehicles can be shipped, but there are times when the damage is so extensive the vehicle cannot be loaded onto a carrier. If your vehicle can’t be shipped by a standard auto transport truck due to its condition, a flatbed carrier may be required. Talk to an agent to learn more.


Remember, we don’t offer international shipping services. We can, however, get you a quote to ship to or from any overseas U.S. territory including Guam, Puerto Rico, American Samoa, the Virgin Islands and more.


Happy Valentine’s Day! Today is not a day that many auto shippers take off, but on the other hand it is Sunday, a day that many car shippers like to take off. .


Remember, tomorrow is Valentine’s Day, so if you’re planning on getting your loved one a new vehicle (which we really kind of recommend against, really), if you’re shipping it out of state it’s far too late by this point to have it delivered on V-Day. At the same time, you can probably show her (or him) a receipt showing that it’s being shipped, so that’s something?


Snow and ice are really difficult for carriers to run routes through, and they can cause delays in transit time and pickup and delivery windows as a result. Always talk to your agent if the weather in your pickup or delivery location is not good, and they can explain more about what you can do to mitigate that for your shipment.


Did you know we have an app? Yep. You can get all the same features that we offer on our website through our app. It’s great if you’re a dealer or if you ship a lot of vehicles, and the app gives you access to great car shipping information, our quote forms, and much more. Check it out!


Before you jump to conclusions about whether your vehicle needs flatbed transportation services or not, talk to a representative. It may be that your vehicle is small enough to fit on a standard carrier, and you don’t want to spend money on a service you don’t need.


Expedited auto transport can be hard to find, especially out of rural areas. This means you need to plan ahead when shipping a vehicle and make sure that you have the time you need to book your shipment and get your vehicle picked up and transported to be delivered by the time you need it. Speak to a rep to learn more about how to time things right.


Monday tends to be the busiest day of the auto transport week. This means that some companies may be hard to get a hold of especially if you are waiting for pickup or delivery. Keep calling if you don’t get a hold of someone right away – chances are there are several other people doing the same thing you are.


Auto transporters are not responsible for damages to the interior of the vehicle if you did not secure items properly or if your vehicle has leaks. Make sure to talk to your carrier about problems like leaks or bad seals so they can keep your vehicle safe from inclement weather.


Keep your vehicle’s battery charged. There’s nothing worse than having to pay a non-operating auto transport fee because your vehicle won’t start. Check the battery before your carrier arrives and at least eliminate a common reason for higher car shipping prices.


Make sure to do your homework before you choose a company to book your shipment with. While we strive to work only with the best in the business, we can’t see them every second of every day, so make sure to double check your company’s reputation and rating before you book.


Most auto transport companies take about a week to get a vehicle picked up from the day you book your shipment. Some take less time, especially out of busier and larger cities, and some can take longer if the pickup location is remote or not easily accessible.


Please note that food is not allowed in your vehicle while it is being shipped. This can include food wrappers, food in tupperware, and liquids in containers. Clean your cup holders and check under seats for garbage – at the very least it’ll make the inside of your car look nicer.


There will always be places in big cities that auto transportation trucks cannot get to or from due to size constraints. If you’re shipping to or from one of those areas, you’ll likely have to meet your carrier somewhere nearby that they can get to, and be sure to talk to an agent for more information.


While a minivan is a larger-than-average vehicle, at least compared to a car, they usually aren’t any more difficult to price and ship because of how prevalent they are. They are not too large to fit on a carrier, nor do they weight an exorbitant amount more than a regular car, so prices tend to be similar.


Vehicle parts typically cannot be shipped by an auto transport company. If they let you put parts in the trunk of the vehicle, that’s one thing, but most shippers won’t even allow that. Make sure to talk to an agent to learn more specifics about getting vehicle parts shipped.


Make certain you keep things such as necklaces and ring and other jewelry out of your vehicle when you ship it. Valuable items in the open can be a calling for thieves, so protect yourself and your valuables by leaving them out of your vehicle – if you need to ship them, go FedEx.


Auto transport by rail is something a lot of people are interested in, but sadly is not very easy to find. There are few auto transport by rail routes nowadays, as most of the work has been taken by over-the-road carriers. Carriers can ship vehicles faster and usually at a better rate than trains nowadays.


Looking for motorcycle shipping services? If so, make sure to fill out our auto transport quote form and indicate that you are trying to ship a motorcycle.


With the eastern U.S. blanketed by snow, many routes through the region are seeing virtually no traffic as the industry waits for conditions to improve. This means higher prices and longer wait times into and out of affected areas, with many of them impossible to get to right now.


So long as you have permission from the owner of the vehicle, you can act as someone’s agent to get a vehicle shipped. By agent we don’t mean brokering the shipment yourself, only that you can speak for someone who is unavailable or who cannot do it themselves. Just make sure you let your representative know who is who and what is going on so they don’t get confused.


If you are interested in overseas auto shipping services you can and should fill out our free quote form.


Since carriers have to drive vehicles onto and off their rigs, you shouldn’t just give them all your keys. A spare key is best, but if you don’t have one for your vehicle you should just give them the key to your vehicle. This may be common sense, but some people have given carriers their entire key chains, only to realize that they have no house key or anything else for the duration of the transport.


Household moving is much different than shipping a vehicle. It tends to cost more, take more time and requires a lot more effort. Moving is not usually a fun experience, but an experienced household moving company can make things a lot easier for you in the long run, which is why you should at least get a free household moving quote by visiting our Household Moving Articles page.


If you have items you want to put in your vehicle, make sure to talk to your representative about what they are and whether your carrier will allow it. Some require that nothing be in the vehicle, while others will require any items being in the trunk of the vehicle. Remember, items that are in your vehicle will not be insured – and damages incurred from their shifting will not be insured either.


Even if you’ve already submitted the form online to get a free quote you can contact one of our agents if you have questions or would like to learn more about our process. If you need to speak to someone don’t hesitate to give us a call.


Make sure you know the zip codes of your pickup and delivery locations, as they’ll make your a quote more accurate in the long run. If you don’t know which zip code your vehicle is in while searching for a quote, that’s fine, but you’ll need specific pickup and delivery addresses anyway, so the sooner you have those the better your a quote and services will likely be.


When trying to find an auto transport company be sure to talk to representatives as well as looking at a quote. A good working relationship with your agent can go a long way to making your shipping experience that much better.


Make sure to get some preliminary prices before you actually book a shipment. You need to be able to pay for your shipment, and most companies don’t do payment plans, so make sure you budget properly so you don’t get stuck without a vehicle.


Don’t forget we’re open seven days a week! This means that even on weekends and holidays you can get a free quote to ship a vehicle from anywhere, to anywhere in the U.S. by filling out our free auto transport quote form, day or night.


If you’re having trouble finding a company to ship your vehicle, it may be because your pickup or delivery location is not popular or favorable. Many carriers want to stick to popular routes with lots of customers, so if there is a metro area nearby you may be able to move your pickup or delivery there and have better luck.


If you are shipping a convertible always make sure to put the top up before your carrier arrives. They won’t load it with the top down because your interior can and almost definitely will get ruined during transport. But it’ll make things easier and you’ll come off as a better customer if you have your car prepped before they get there to pick it up. Just saying.


Car carriers can typically ship up to ten vehicles at a time, thanks to their ability to stack vehicles on two tiers. Some vehicles can’t handle being on the bottom, where it can see oil drips and more dirt accumulation than on top. If you feel you would rather have a spot on top of the truck, talk to your agent to see what they can do to accommodate you.


We’re still in the depths of the winter shipping season, which means that some routes are going to be harder to find carriers to ship along due to the inclement weather. This is mostly up in the northern states, but talk to your rep if you are unsure about the weather on your route or how it can affect your shipment.


Make sure you check your vehicle for oil leaks and other fluid leaks before you ship it. Having a car that leaks can actually damage other vehicles, which is also why you should make sure that any and all accessories on the outside of the car, including removable spoilers and antennas are removed.


Remember, anything that isn’t a part of the vehicle is not allowed in the cab of the vehicle you are trying to ship. Clothes, junk, even trash and coins in a coin tray aren’t technically allowed. Some carriers are more lenient than others in this regard, but make sure to clean it just in case.


You should expect to pay higher prices if you live in a rural area and are trying to ship a vehicle to or from your home. It’s hard for carriers to service rural locations due to a lack of customers (usually), so they try to stick to major cities to keep their trucks full.


While you will be given your carrier’s contact and company information when your vehicle is dispatched, you likely won’t speak to the carrier much. They cannot talk on the phone while they drive, which means they can only contact customers when they’re parked, which isn’t often. If you need to speak to your carrier, wait for them to call or contact your representative first.


If your vehicle has a large or tall antenna, you’ll likely be asked to remove it or lower it. Long or tall antennas can be damaged during transport by the wind and whatnot, and can actually damage other vehicles that are on the truck. It’s usually required that you remove your antenna before pickup, so make sure to do so to not cause problems or delays.


Carriers have tight schedules that, regardless of what they do, are going to get messed up. Driving is imprecise at best, and with things like traffic, congestion, inclement weather and construction, delays are not only possible, but they happen pretty regularly. Make sure to factor in an extra day or two for pickup or delivery, just to give yourself that wiggle room in case something happens while the carrier is in transit.


Please keep in mind that things such as alcohol, drugs and firearms are not allowed in a vehicle that is to be shipped. Car transporters will not pick up any vehicle that has prohibited items, and if any prohibited items are found they will be removed and you will likely have to pay more for the inconvenience.


Make sure to check out our Auto Transport States page for information on shipping to and from specific states. What’s great is that each state has a list of its largest cities and metropolitan areas, so you can also learn more about specific cities within each state and get the most information to help you ship your vehicle.


Ah, the first Monday back after a major holiday weekend. We’re all getting back on the horse, and so are car transport companies – everyone should be back to business as usual, but with the holidays having just passed some areas may see fewer carriers right now and over the next week, so keep that in mind when searching for car shipping companies.


Make sure you always double-check your bill of lading and inspection report for accuracy. You and the carrier should both do a walk-around inspection of the vehicle being picked up or delivered and should both witness the information written down on the inspection report and the BoL. This will make things a lot better and more reliable on the whole.


Saturday after New Years is a day when a lot of carriers are getting back into the swing of things, but brokers usually aren’t. There are a lot of brokerage companies still closed, and likely will continue to be closed until Monday, so don’t sweat it if you can’t get ahold of anyone today or tomorrow.


As it’s New Year’s Day today, a lot of car transport companies are going to be closed, brokers and carriers both. Take the day and enjoy it with your friends and family – your car and your shipper can wait until tomorrow.

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