How Technology is Impacting Auto Transport
Smartphones are starting to play an integral role in the carrier-customer relationship.

Let’s face it: in today’s world, we take our computers with us wherever we go. Chances are if you own a smartphone you have access not just to a list of people you can call or text, but also to the internet, the world wide web.

We are more connected now than ever before, and while it’s really nice to be able to pull a computer out of your pocket to check the latest NFL highlights or look something up on Google, they can do so much more, particularly when it comes to business.

From checking stocks to checking e-mails, you can do just about anything on a smartphone or a tablet nowadays, and that goes for businesses as well. More and more auto transport companies are switching to web-based management systems, particularly brokerages as they are able to work in an office.

But it’s not just brokers that are benefiting from all this; auto transport carriers, more and more, are utilizing tablets and smartphones to find new loads or update the status of a current load.

With most of the legwork in the auto transport industry now being handled by web-based servers and the like, things move fairly quickly for brokers and customers, but until recently carriers have been stuck pulling over at truck stops to find new loads or update their customers, and it’s pretty time-consuming and frustrating when you’re trying to arrange pickup or delivery.

Tablets and smartphones allow them access to load boards from virtually anywhere, and for team drivers (i.e. two drivers in one truck), it’s easy for the passenger to check up on new loads every time they stop. This keeps them on the road, as it were, which is where carriers want to be.

But what does this mean for you, the customer? Technology is meant to help aid us in our everyday lives, and the fact that auto shippers are now able to find loads more quickly means that the amount of time you spend waiting for a truck to pick your vehicle up will likely be shortened.

Not only that, but it also means that prices along many routes will likely start going down relatively soon. Before the explosion of tablets and smartphones, carriers couldn’t just find loads anywhere; now, with things updating every minute, be they new loads from new customers or new available routes or even just traffic updates to help avoid the jams, carriers are better able to find the things that keep them on the road and in the black. In turn, they pass savings on to you, which really helps if you’re transporting a vehicle on a budget.

How Technology is Impacting Auto Transport
Tablets allow carriers and brokers a variety of different tools to reach their customers.

New advancements in fuel efficiency, particularly for long-haul transportation vehicles, are also making their presence felt in the auto transport industry. A big reason why auto shippers follow the news regarding alternative energies is that they are interested in seeing what may make it into their line of work, so as to help ease their fuel costs.

Diesel fuel is still exorbitantly high; perhaps not has high as a few years ago, but it still puts a lot of pressure on many transportation companies and, in many sectors, increases prices for individual consumers as they have to try to stay in the black. This has hindered the transportation industry, resulting in fewer loads.

Recent advancements in fuel efficiency are helping to bridge the gap a bit and lower prices slightly, as many newer trucks are being built better with better fuel efficiency. It also helps that newer cars are being built lighter, as weight decreases fuel economy.

This is often why older, heavier cars cost more to ship than newer, lighter cars. Advancements in fiberglass technology and other light-weight, high-strength alloys are providing not just better fuel economy for consumers but also providing less weight per car for car transporters.

All this adds up to the fact that technology is having a major impact on the world of auto transport, and likely will continue to do so as the years roll by.

Though prices may not drop too drastically, and will always continue to fluctuate, the fact that things such as tablets, smartphones, lighter alloys and better engines are helping ease the financial burdens of carriers means that prices should drop a bit and at the very least make transporting a car that much cheaper.

Of course, the overall nature of the industry won’t likely change much; brokers will still take their fees and setup transport services between customers and carriers, and carriers will still be there to haul vehicles around.

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