Snowmobile TransportationMany people who have snowmobiles eventually need snowmobile transportation. One needs to traverse the snowy planes and mountains all over the world, not just in one place! That’s where we come in- we can help ship your snowmobile to wherever it needs to go.

Snowmobile Transportation in the US

First of all, shipping a snowmobile can be done via a normal shipping truck or in an enclosed truck. Enclosed shipping will protect the snowmobile from any road debris, usually pebbles or sand, that could fly up and damage it. This is due to the snowmobile being safely inside the truck, instead of exposed to the air. Shipping via a normal truck is cheaper, but there might be an unavoidable scratch from a stray pebble during it’s shipment.

This is the same as how a normal vehicle is shipped. The difference is that certain companies may ask specific things, like having certain parts removed, depending on the type of snowmobile. Some companies do not use a conventional carrier at all for snowmobile transportation, and only do enclosed.

The shipping company does not prepare the snowmobile for you. That is the responsibility of the customer. Please do what the carrier asks of you as preparation for it’s shipment, and this may change depending on the company.

The type of snowmobile does not matter. It can be loaded. Custom add-ons however, may be requested to be taken off by the carrier, and some snowmobiles may not be allowed on normal carriers, and only allowed enclosed instead.

Questions regarding Snowmobile Transportation

The speed at which a snowmobile will arrive depends on the distance it’s traveling during transit. Every 500 miles it has to travel adds 2 days to the transit time. With 100-200 miles taking only 1-2 days, to 2000 miles take 6-8 days.

By law, carriers can travel no more than 500 miles a day, whether it’s snowmobile transportation or car. They are only allowed to drive 6 days per week. Furthermore, due to other factors, like if the carrier makes a stop to pick up more vehicles, or if there’s traffic, an exact time of delivery can not be predicted.

Customers often ask, what if my snowmobile is damaged during transit? Carriers who move your vehicle are required by law to insure it. If damage occurs between pickup and delivery, it should be compensated for by the shipping company. If damage occurs to the vehicle, the shipping company is required to pay for it through their insurance.

Shipping your snowmobile now

Before moving your snowmobile, the carrier company may want you to remove the battery and gas. Clean the snowmobile, with this done you’ll be able to tell if there’s any damage to it that’s occurred after it’s shipment. Take pictures of it as well, before it’s shipped. Finally, remove any custom accessories.

Start the process of shipping your snowmobile simply by filling out our quote online, or calling us to speak to an agent right now at 800 930-7417. We can ship it ourselves, or we will match you up with a reliable carrier who can. American auto shipping has shipped hundreds of different kinds of vehicles, and we can handle getting your snowmobile from point A to point B safely. An agent is waiting for your call right now!