Shipping large items can be a breeze. We generate moving quotes for customers all over the country. We have multiple moving companies compete over your shipment! Call us at 800-930-7417 to get a quote on moving your small, or large items.

Shipping large items in the USAShipping large items

Are you trying to move a large, heavy piano, unliftable by four men? Likewise, are you moving a piece of heavy equipment, unmovable by 10? Believe it or not, we can help you out, and have already moved much heavier things than that. What we do here is connect you with moving companies who can move your stuff.

All we need is the amount of stuff, the size of the stuff, and the weight of the stuff, and we can have many quotes coming from reliable and fully insured moving companies immediately. And these quotes will come instantly, and directly to you.

If you’re shipping a vehicle because you’re making a long-distance move, well, move your furniture at the same time! This is why we began offering this service, to help customers in this exact situation.

What we can help you ship

Large outdoor furniture

Outside on outdoor furniture is where you hang with your friends, have a BBQ, relax with family, or just relax by yourself when the weather’s nice. Do you have large, heavy outdoor furniture? An impressive grill, or outside table? Our movers can tackle this problem.

Large bed set

Our king-sized beds are our pride and joy, and also where we get our sweet sleep after a day’s work. If you have a massive bed-set that you feel is an intimidating task to move, we assure you, we have experts who can move it.

Large Antique Furniture

How old is that grandfather clock? Did this desk come from your grandpaps? Not only is antique furniture beautiful, but it’s heavier than contemporary furniture due to it’s old-fashioned construction methods! These may be the heaviest things in someone’s house. No worry, we can move it for you regardless.

Some more about Shipping Large Items

Shipping large items is obviously going to be more expensive than shipping smaller items- unless there’s less. The price of the quotes you’ll receive depend really on the cumulative weight of everything you’re shipping. Secondly, they depend on the distance you’re shipping them! 

Whoever is doing the shipping for you will be licensed and insured. So if there’s any damage to your belongings, they will be compensated for. However, each company has different policies, so make sure you understand all the details before using that company.

Moving is serious! All of one’s possessions, boxed up, or trucked up; it can be stressful. So customers often want to know, how long will it take to ship? The answer to that is exactly how far the large items are being shipped, and how quickly someone can pick them up. The time it will take will likely fall in between 2 and 4 weeks.

Call us for a free quote today!

If you’re planning on shipping large items, it’s best to plan and schedule it earlier, up to a month in advance. As a result, this gives everyone time to arrange it. Are you ready to move your large items? Fill out our moving form online or call us to speak to an agent right now 800-930-7417.