Shipping a Golf CartShipping a golf cart is one of those things that is usually fairly simple. But it’s also somewhat complicated at the same time. Golf carts are smaller than standard cars, and weigh a lot less. This usually means that they’re cheaper to ship.

One of the main things about shipping a golf cart is that most are not street legal. This can result in restrictions regarding pickup and delivery locations, especially if you’re not shipping to your home or the golf course. Luckily, we know all the ins and outs of shipping a golf cart, and can help you get it done on time and at a great rate. Keep reading to learn more about what to expect when transporting your golf cart.

How shipping a golf cart works

Transporting a golf cart works the same way, on the whole, that shipping a standard sedan works. There are two basic methods we use: open haulers, or enclosed shipping. Open transportation is the standard method of shipping vehicles, and is cheaper. Enclosed is more expensive, but protects the vehicle from the elements by being fully enclosed.

Which one you choose is up to you, but most golf carts can be shipped with a standard open car hauler.

You can also choose to crate your golf cart if it’s not too tall. Most are, so this usually isn’t an option. Note that crating a golf cart is more expensive, but protects it much better than open transportation.

Most of the time, though, open transportation is the way customers want to move their golf carts. It’s faster, cheaper, and typically gets your golf cart delivered within 1-6 days. You can speak to an agent for more about which method is best for you.

How much does it cost to ship a golf cart?

For shipments under 500 miles, it usually costs a flat $1 per mile. So, a 400 mile shipment will cost $400. Prices vary based on the route, time of year, and demand. But that’s usually a good estimate.

The further they are shipped, the lower the cost per mile is. Cross country shipments can go as low as 35 cents per mile!

Golf carts typically are priced differently from standard cars because of their size and weight. Weight is one of the most important factors when transporting a vehicle, as a carrier has to stay under federal weight maximums. Golf carts are nice in that they weigh less than a standard car, so they usually cost less than a car over a long enough distance.

Things to know about transporting a golf cart

Just like with a regular vehicle, you can’t put any personal items in the golf cart. This is especially true if you’re shipping on an open trailer, as golf carts aren’t enclosed. While they have a top, golf carts don’t normally have doors, so anything inside it can just fly right out.

But a lot of people will want to transport their golf clubs along with their golf cart, and that’s just not something you can do. You can certainly speak to an agent about it to learn more, but why would you want to anyway? Golf clubs are expensive, and golf carts are unreliable when it comes to storing items in them during transport.

We highly recommend you remove any golf clubs or personal items from your golf cart prior to shipping. Not only will you keep your goods safer by doing so, but you will also cut down on the weight of the golf cart, which will make your price better. More importantly, it will mean no surprises when your carrier picks your golf cart up.

Speaking of pickup, make sure to arrange an adequate pickup location with your carrier prior to their arrival. As not all golf carts are street legal, you may have to meet them near the golf course or your home or wherever you’re storing your cart. You can speak to an agent for tips and information about pickup and delivery locations for golf carts.

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We have years of experience shipping all types of vehicles. Cars, trucks, SUV’s, and, yes, even golf carts! No matter where you’re shipping it from or to we can get it moved. Just make sure that you give us all the pertinent information regarding your golf cart ahead of time. But no matter where you’re shipping, or what you’re shipping, we can help you get it done.