Shipping a dogA lot of people need help shipping things. Whether they’re shipping a car, household items, or shipping a dog or other pet, if there’s demand, there’s service. But shipping a dog or other pet isn’t necessarily the easiest thing to do. There are a lot of factors in play – most of which revolve around keeping the animal alive during transport.

We’ll talk a bit about how shipping a dog works and what you can expect. You can also read more about how to ship a dog here.

The basics of shipping a dog

So, most of the time, dogs and other animals will be moved via airplane. It’s the safest, fastest, and most cost-effective method of shipping a pet. However, air travel is still pretty expensive, so ground transportation is a good second choice.

Air transportation is great because it gets your pet to you within a day, usually within hours. Coast-to-coast it’s only seven hours give or take. But it can also be expensive to do it. That said, ground transportation over such a distance would likely be even more expensive.

So it kind of depends on how far you’re actually shipping your dog. If your pickup and delivery locations are within driving distance (i.e. within a few hours of one another), having your dog shipped via ground transportation is a good idea. There are many local companies that can handle it and we can arrange that for you.

But for longer treks, chances are using a plane will be the way to go. It’s more reliable and more economical the further the distance.

A dog by any other breed…

Some dogs, however, are too big, or too dangerous, to transport through the air. So for some breeds ground transportation is the only option available, even for long-distance shipments.

This is what we can help you with as well. When it comes to transporting an animal long distance via ground transportation services, you have to know what you’re getting into. A crate will be required, as well as food and water. Most companies will include the price for those items in the quote that they give you.

However, some may not. So you’ll want to make sure with your representative jut what is included in the price.

There are things you can do to prepare for your shipment and also reduce costs. For starters, providing your own kennel, food, and water can save on prices. You’ll want to also make sure you give your pet transport specialist the animal’s leash, the animal’s bed, and any toys that they may use for comfort.

Some animals don’t do well being separated from their owns, so the more comfortable you can make your pet, the easier it’ll be.

Other things you may need

Make sure to give your shipping agent any immunization records, known allergens, or anything else that can impact the health of your animal. Knowing a pet’s special needs will go a long way to making sure your dog or other pets stay safe and healthy during the trip. This includes any medications as well.

Make sure you know how you’ll be paying for shipment. Some companies are happy to take payment in full up front. Others may require cash on delivery, just as auto transporters do. Knowing what payment methods you’ll need to use, as well as when and how to pay, will make things easier.

Don’t go with just any pet shipping company either. Like with car transporters, you want to make sure that they are top-rated and have good reviews from other customers. We can help you find a quality pet relocation company if you’re having difficulties.

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