Shipping a car to HawaiiAre you looking for information on shipping a car to Hawaii? You are probably wondering how the transportation will be handled when the vehicle is sent overseas. Well, in this article we’re going to discuss overseas shipping, shipping to Hawaii, and how that differs from shipping a vehicle across the 48 states.

Shipping a car to Hawaii

Have you shipped a vehicle before? If not, you should know that the process is generally pretty simple. First you find a broker, typically by getting some quotes. Then you pay a deposit for their services and they will find a carrier for you. Once the vehicle is dispatched to a carrier, they’ll arrive within a few days. After they pick it up, the vehicle is dropped off at it’s location!

However, that’s for standard transportation services within the contiguous United States. Shipping a car to Hawaii is similar, but it also has extra steps. All the normal trucking things will happen, but instead of the truck driving to Hawaii, they’ll drive to the port in Long Beach, California. This is where most shipments to Hawaii depart from.

Once at the port the vehicle will be transferred to the port shipping company. They will take responsibility of the vehicle and load it onto one of their big roll-on/roll-off ships.

On the open sea

Generally the vehicle will be shipped in large containers that are secured to the deck of the ship, or under the ship. Having the vehicle under the ship is priced differently.

Overseas shipping to Hawaii is a long, and slow process. Shipping from one port to another can can take between 10 and 14 days. Additionally there’s only specific times that  overseas ships run their routes, so this could cause a longer wait as well. But how can we complain? It’s traveling thousands of miles! And over water!

Overall, with shipping to Hawaii, you have to expect higher costs. You have to pay for two shippers – the overseas carrier and the overland carrier. This makes it more expensive then shipping on a normal route. The entire process is more complicated, so more care is put into making sure your vehicle arrives safely and in a decent amount of time. Lastly, you can save money by driving the vehicle to the port yourself.

Additional information on Shipping a car to Hawaii

There are no items or belongings allowed inside the vehicle that’s being shipped overseas. These seemingly small things actually add to the weight of the vehicle and affect the price, and the ship. As a rule companies generally don’t allow it at all, though customers may leave a few things in their trunks anyway.

More importantly, vehicles being shipped to or from Hawaii travel through international waters, which are governed by a completely different set of laws. As such, no items can be stored in the vehicle, period.

Also, don’t fill up the gas tank of your vehicle. Companies require that not much gas be in the gas tank before shipping overseas, and, the alarm system and battery will have to be switched off. Could you imagine a wave triggering the alarms of dozens of cars sitting in crates on the bed of the ship?

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