Are you looking to ship household goods? Not only do we help customers ship vehicles, we give them moving quotes as well, to move their belongings along with their vehicle! If you’re moving and need a quote to move your 1, 2, 3, 4, or more rooms of furniture and stuff, we can help you do that!

When you Ship Household GoodsShip Household Goods

Shipping household goods takes just as long as shipping a vehicle does. It takes time, especially when the distance is really long. Planning ahead can really count with shipping household goods- give your moving company a month’s notice of when you want to have your stuff moved.

There are fewer household good movers on the road than auto shippers, so planning out ahead of time really helps. Since the price is a lot higher due to the weight of all the furniture and goods, planning ahead can reduce the hassle, and also the price.

Different companies have different insurance policies, so make sure you understand the specific policy of the company you’re using. Doing a bit of research can make your moving experience a more safe and enjoyable one.

What’s the price like?

Moving household goods is priced on a per-pound, per-mile basis. The price it’ll be to ship your household goods depends on the volume and weight of things being moved- and the distance it’s all traveling. Like with normal shipping, moving to and from large cities is cheaper than to rural settings.

We advise getting multiple quotes to get a ballpark estimate, and we can help you do that. Are the household moving companies we use reliable? Well we take care that for you. All household goods companies we work with are fully licensed and insured in accordance with all laws and regulations.

You should do a bit of investigating yourself; take a look at the reviews of the companies you’re interested in calling.

Self-service moving

When you ship household goods, there’s two service options. Self-service moving is when it is the customer who packs the goods, and the company moves them away. Some companies do this for you, but some have this option. Household goods mover’s will generally do this themselves since they have a lot of experience making everything fit efficiently, but this cost more money.

Full-service moving is when the company themselves picks up, loads and boxes all your items. These companies will have boxes already, or have customers pay for the boxes, to have everything packed into. In general, it is recommended to do a full-service move. It’s a case of leaving things to the professionals.

Contact us to Ship Household Goods today

A few years ago, American Auto Shipping started helping people ship their household goods along with their cars. Why not? It’s 2 birds with 1 stone, and we’re happy to help our customers. We are happy to offer this service along with the shipping of vehicles.

We work with over a dozen moving companies, who are all licensed and insured, who can generate a quote for you today. Call us at 800-930-7417 to schedule your move today.