Ship a Classic CarPreparing to Ship a Classic Car

If you’re in the process of moving a great distance in the United States, then you may want to evaluate auto transport options carefully. This is true especially, if you’re the proud owner of a beloved classic car. Preparing to ship a classic car can be more daunting than shipping a new car. You wouldn’t want to trust a move like this to chance and there are many options available to provide greater peace of mind throughout your experience.

There are some tips and tricks that may help you figure out how to ship a classic car. You will pay extra for some of these options, but the benefits will pay dividends in reducing your stress at moving time.

1. Schedule your move date with good timing. Check upcoming weather to ensure driving conditions will remain optimal. If you can avoid transporting your classic car in the winter months you will have less concern with unfavorable road conditions. You may also wish to look into ongoing construction and preferred travel routes.

2. If you can afford to use an enclosed carrier for your auto transport, then do it. You’ll have more confidence in the vehicles protection during transport. It will be in a closed environment without exposure to the elements and random debris.

3. Research auto transport companies to find your favorite auto transport supplier. Spend time doing your homework to find reputable shipping companies. You will need to research selected companies on both the Better Business Bureau’s and Transport Review’s web sites. If you want to save yourself a few days of time, check out American Auto Shipping’s free quote service. This site delivers auto transport brokers with preliminary price quotes that are assured to be pre-screened to the highest industry standards.

More Tips For Those Looking to Ship a Classic Car

Check carrier insurance coverage and licensing certification. This is especially important for those that wish to ship a classic car, since they are irreplaceable. Make sure that the carrier that transports your vehicle has 100% coverage for accidental damages or theft. You should request a copy of their certification and policy details. Pay special attention to any deductibles on the policy. You don’t want to get stuck with a high price tag for damages. It may be helpful to review your personal, auto insurance policy to see if any additional coverage applies.

Prepare your car for auto transport. Take time to clear your car of any personal belongings and accessories of value. Remove all tools and specialized radio receivers or MP3 docks. Remove or secure loose parts or customized elements like spoilers and ground effects. Retract your antenna and shut off any car alarms.

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