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Severe Weather Could Make Louisiana Car Shipping More Difficult This Weekend

Louisiana Car ShippingLouisiana car shipping services may see some trouble this weekend, at least early on. is reporting that severe thunderstorms will be making their way through the area, along with potential tornadoes. Naturally, this does not bode well for auto transport traffic through Louisiana and the surrounding region.

Auto transporters don’t like severe weather like that. And in the south, severe weather like that is often accompanied by hail. And not just any hail – golf-ball sized hail.

The issue with this severe weather is the fact that the southern U.S. is a pretty popular auto transport location right now. Auto transporters who are trying to find and complete loads through the area have to contend with this kind of weather…in March. That’s problematic for many of them.

What to expect out of Louisiana car shipping this weekend

Well, right now, you can expect some delays. Really, the delays shouldn’t be too bad, so long as the tornadoes don’t touch down. The storm is going to affect more than just Louisiana, though; it’s going to affect east Texas, Arkansas and Mississippi, and maybe even Alabama and Georgia. This of course depends on how powerful the storm is and how far east it travels.

That said, auto transporters likely won’t have too many issues shipping cars through the region, which is a plus. They really don’t have a choice, especially those that are already there. But routes along I-10, I-20 and I-40 will likely be affected, at least in terms of delays. Some carriers are likely to hunker down to wait out the storms. Others may try to brave them.

But one problem that we have yet to really touch on is damage from hail. Now, the forecast isn’t necessarily calling for it, but it’s common with storms like these, and earlier this week we saw some serious hail in Texas and Oklahoma. That system is continuing to move east, too. So it’s not a stretch to think maybe hail will be a part of this weekend’s forecast, too.

What you can do to prepare for Louisiana car shipping

There’s really not much you can do right now, to be honest. You can talk to your agent about the weather and how to go about avoiding potential damage. But really, if your car is already in transit through the area, you’re just going to have to wait until your carrier shows up. We don’t recommend contacting your car transporter directly; instead, let your agent do that. If you’re worried about anything happening to your vehicle during transit thanks to the storm, that’s a decent option.

If you’re on the hunt for car transportation services to or from Louisiana, though, definitely get going on getting quotes. You can fill out our free quote form and  get free quotes from top-rated auto transporters. They’ll email you your quotes within minutes and you can compare and contrast prices, services and more. If you have questions, don’t hesitate to contact one of our agents. They can answer questions, give helpful advice, and help you get your quotes.


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