Pool Table MoversAre you searching for quality pool table movers that know how to ship your pool table? Pool tables can be difficult to transport, mainly because there’s a lot of things that go into it you may not realize. To properly move a pool table, it’s important to let a professional handle it. Moving it yourself, or with the help of friends, can end up damaging the wood, the felt, and even the table itself.

Don’t trust just anyone to move your pool table – trust the professionals. Read on to learn more about moving a pool table and how we can help you get it done.

Why you should use professional pool table movers

Did you know that pool tables are more than just wood? They’re made of wood, felt, and stone, the last of which gives them the bulk of their weight. And unlike a couch, moving a pool table through a doorway will take a bit more than some simple geometry.

Pool tables are meticulously built. The are installed by professionals because of balance issues. Have you ever played pool on a table that was slanted? If so, you know how much it can impact the quality of a game.

Slanted pool tables arise from shoddy installation and balancing. It’s not easy to balance a pool table – lots of meticulous calibrating and leveling and the like. Having a professional install it after moving it means that it will always be perfectly balanced.

And, of course, you should let the professionals handle your pool table to avoid injury. While you may have moved plenty of heavy things in the past, a pool table is a special kind of heavy. Injury is common when amateurs (for lack of a better word) try to move something like a pool table. This is especially true if you just try to pick it up as one unit. Avoid injury – use a professional pool table mover.

Seriously. If you have a friend who’s good at carpentry, and three or four more that enter local strongman competitions, they can probably do it. Otherwise, use a professional.

How pool table movers move your pool table

A professional pool table moving company may be expensive to hire when compared to using your friends, but it’s worth it. They’ll strip the pool table down into its many component pieces and move it piecemeal for you.

That’s the best – and, oftentimes, only – way to move your pool table. Moving it as one unit isn’t an option. Professionals know this, and will deconstruct the table so that it can be moved more easily. They understand how to properly manage the wood, the stone, and the felt.

It’s really a process to take it apart. Most pool table moving experts will remove the pockets and the felt first, and then the slate. The slate portion can weigh as much as 800 pounds! Professionals will detach it, wrap it, and load it into the truck securely.

Note too that any dings or dents can drastically impact play on the table. Think about it – if a piece of slate breaks off, and then the felt gets put on, bam! You have a brand-new divot in your pool table that’s going to cause a ball to jump up in the air! While that may be cool for trick shots, it’s probably not so much fun when you’re playing with your friends.

Professionals know how to disassemble and reassemble a pool table quickly, safely, and efficiently. This is why the cost is almost always worth it.

Additional things to think about

Many professional pool table relocation companies will offer re-felt services, repair services, and more alongside their moving services. They tend to be full-service companies when it comes to moving and taking care of pool tables. So if you’re looking at restoring a table, it’s not a bad idea to talk to your moving company.

Some companies may not move a pool table if the space is too confined or there are too many stairs. Prices will often go up as ease of access decreases, so keep that in mind.

Leveling a pool table is challenging. No surface is truly level, and if you’re moving a pool table into a home, well, houses settle, which tend to cause the table to be…well…not level. If you’re re-felting the table, you’re going to need staples, a razor (to cut the pocket holes), and also instructions on how to actually do it. Then there’s the railing, and you’ll likely need a rubber mallet to make sure the gaps between rails are closed.

There’s a lot – seriously, a lot – that goes into moving a pool table successfully.

This is why we highly recommend using a professional pool table moving company to handle yours.

Find the right pool table moving company with American Auto Shipping

You can contact us any time at 800-930-7417 to speak to an agent about shipping your pool table. We’ll contact pool table moving companies in your area and find you the right shipper at the right price. Make sure to let us know the dimensions of the pool table so we can get you an accurate quote. This includes the length, width, height, and weight of it. Let us know if you need repairs or re-felting services as well, as those will affect your price.

The price to move a pool table will go up along with the distance, but no matter where you’re shipping yours from and to we can help you get it done. We do recommend calling, though, as our online quote request form is not built to price pool table movements.