Piano ShippingAre you interested in piano shipping services, but not sure where to start? It’s alright – pianos can be a real bear to move! As most pianos are large and heavy, they take a special shipper to be able to handle them with the care that they deserve.

Luckily for you, we at American Auto Shipping understand how valuable something like a piano is. So we know what it takes to make sure our customers get the best piano shipping services we can find them.

In this article, we’re going to tell you how piano shipping works, how prices are often built, and how you can prepare your piano for shipment.

How piano shipping works

Moving a piano can be a back-breaking process if you don’t know what you’re doing. Some pianos can weigh over a thousand pounds! So it’s not something that you want to just handle by yourself or with a couple of friends.

Professional piano movers have the tools and the equipment to get a piano moved safely. When professionals move a piano, they wrap it in blankets and secure the legs and the top carefully. For long distance moves, they will often be crated to protect from inclement weather and temperature swings.

A professional moving company will figure out the best way to move and load a piano into their moving truck. They will use things such as straps, dollies, or even ATV’s to get the piano moved safely. Professionals also make sure to plan ahead – they will use tracks or pads to make sure floors don’t get scuffed, for instance.

They will strategically find out the best route to take to get your piano out of the room it’s in and into the truck itself. There are stories of piano movers hauling pianos out of daylight basements and up steep embankments using ATV’s – in the snow, no less!

When it comes to moving a piano safely, professionals are the ones you want to trust to get it done.

How piano shipping prices and quotes are calculated

Piano shipping quotes and prices are calculated based on distance and difficulty of the move. As pianos are much trickier to move than cars, certain factors will be built into the quotes you get.

For instance, how many sharp turns or stairwells will the piano need to traverse? How many flights will it need to go down or up to get to the room it will be installed in? What about exterior conditions, how are the walkways the piano will need to travel along? Is it gravel, pavement, dirt, something else?

All of that will need to be factored into your piano shipment and its cost. Unknown variables can cause problems for piano shipping services – ask any professional and they can give you a host of horror stories about moves gone wrong. And also moves gone right because of that extra information.

Most of the time, a piano shipment between the lower 48 states will cost about a thousand dollars. Local moves will naturally cost less. Costs will also vary between pickup and delivery locations, much like how shipping a car works. Major metro areas may be cheaper, but apartment buildings can be more expensive to move a piano in and out of. Rural shipments may be easier to move a piano in, but harder to get to for the mover.

Your best bet when it comes to getting quality piano moving prices is to start off with quotes and to be up front and honest in every question you answer relating to your move.

What you can do to make your piano shipment great

You can save yourself a lot of time and hassle by preparing for your shipment ahead of time.

To start, measure the space the piano is in currently and where you want it to go. Make sure that it can fit through the doorways or windows of both rooms.

Don’t attempt to move it on your own, even if it’s just to “make it easier for your mover.” Pianos are delicate, have a lot of intricate moving parts, and are heavy as all get out. Leave the piano where it is. You can (and should) clear the space around the piano to ensure it’s easy to get to and maneuver.

Secure the lid and lock it. If you don’t know how to lock the lid to your piano, you can look it up, or ask your piano moving representative.

You can pack the piano yourself, but you’ll want to confirm the process with your piano mover. They may have special crates or equipment to pack a piano, so don’t try to do it on your own. Don’t do things that will create more work for your shipper, as it will almost always cost you more down the line.

Get piano shipping quotes with American Auto Shipping

Interested in shipping a piano? Let us know! We can get you quality quotes to ship your piano to or from anywhere in the United States. Make sure to contact us over the phone at 800-930-7417. Our agents can take all your information and help you get quality piano moving services at a great rate.

Be sure to have the make and model of the piano, as well as the basic dimensions of it. This will help us better analyze your shipment and make sure we come up with accurate shipping quotes and costs.

And, of course, if you have a vehicle or household items to ship, we can get you a quote for those as well. No matter what you’re shipping, you can trust American Auto Shipping to get it moved.