Auto Transport to Norton, OhioNorton is a city in both Summit and Wayne counties, in the U.S. state of Ohio. Located in the Akron Metropolitan Statistical Area, Norton is a smaller city, home to about 12,000 residents, but is still a fairly popular auto transport location within the metro area despite its lower population. The area was first organized in 1818 but remained relatively small during the 19th century and was primarily a farming community. During the 20th century, and especially after incorporation in 1961, the city began to see more rapid growth, in large part thanks to the urban flight that plagued the major cities of the north during the latter half of the 20th century. Today, Norton is considered a commuter city of Akron.

Basic Facts About Norton

  • Current population: 12,000
  • Current mayor: Mike Zita
  • Total area: 20.49 sq mi
  • Official website:
  • Located in: Summit, Wayne counties
  • Founded in: 1818
  • Zip codes: 44203
  • Area codes: 234, 330

Auto Transport Tips to and from Norton

Norton sits only a few miles southwest of Akron proper, which really helps the cause when it comes to shipping a vehicle to or from Norton. Auto transport companies prefer to ship vehicles to and from major metropolitan areas due to the fact that they typically have the highest numbers of customers in one area, allowing them to quickly and easily get from one customer to the next. This helps keep prices lower since carriers don’t have to spend so much on fuel to get from one pickup or delivery to another. Because Norton sits close to Akron you will likely see similar prices and pickup, transit and delivery windows to Akron.

It really helps that Norton sits right along I-76, which may not be the longest interstate in the country but it does service a number of communities in Ohio and the surrounding region which certainly helps the cause. Auto transport carriers use the Interstate Highway System extensively, particularly long-distance haulers, and they want to stick close to major cities that sit along their preferred routes. Because Norton sits along an interstate highway that runs right into the heart of Akron, carriers will likely be passing through it anyway – and if they don’t, oftentimes you can simply meet them somewhere close within the metro area and they will likely shave a few dollars off the total price. Convenience goes both ways in that regard as often as not.

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