Are you looking for moving companies near me? Many people, when looking for a service or company, are trying to find local ones lately. This is a great trend- for some things. In this article, we’re going to talk about why moving your stuff using local companies isn’t the best choice.

Going LocalMoving companies near me

Going local is a great thing in many ways for everybody. But if you’re looking for moving companies near me, it’s not a great thing in this case. Supporting local businesses is a positive thing. It allows smaller business to thrive, instead of being at the expense of giant power-hungry “entities” who don’t actually exist. If these non-existent entities were to take over all aspects of business, then they would control the entire market.

Like a famous coffee place called Starbucks suddenly being every coffee place! On the whole west coast! They could do whatever they wanted because of no competition, and if people wanted a coffee-shop experience, they’d have to play by their rules. Yes, there’s laws and regulations in place to prevent this, what’s called a ‘monopoly,’ but these monsters still grow quite large.

Going local for your small businesses, going local for your food, these are the things you want to go local for. Going local for your food is even healthy because local food has the right kind of bacteria in it for your immune system. Everybody should be living their life buying things more locally! If you’re looking for moving companies near me, this is not the way though.

Now when it comes to moving… or Shipping

Going local isn’t the smart choice when going with a moving or shipping company. Think about it, these companies are naturally cross-state, cross-boundaries by nature. Everywhere they go is local for them! Treating them like treating another business just doesn’t make sense. If the local flower shop man sold flowers across the country in Florida, he would magically be “local” there.

Since shipping companies offer their services all over the US, they can’t be considered a non-local business.

Shipping companies have their trucks spread out over the US at all times. They’re ready to pick up people’s car or belongings anywhere. Imagine if one reduced their options to companies that were literally local. One wouldn’t even be able to find a company who’d be able to move in up to 2 months! Furthermore, what if the local companies price is out-of-the-ballpark high? What if they have a bad reputation?

Reducing the amount of helpful companies available to someone based on their locality just doesn’t make sense.

Moving Companies Near me, or not

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