Household Moving Companies: Tips Before Moving

Household Moving CompaniesWhen you’re looking for household moving companies, it’s important to understand as much as you can about the process of moving before you actually start, and there are a few tips that you should take into account before you actually book with a household mover. You should stock up on packing supplies beforehand and pack as much as you can. Clear labels will help when the movers actually show up as well, and it will help you figure out what goes where when you’re unloading. Some household moving companies will offer to pack for you at an additional price; if you choose this method, be sure to pack anything important or valuable (such as jewelry, receipts, bills, credit reports, etc) and take them with you during the move, if possible, or else keep them in a clearly-marked, pre-packed box.

Household Moving Companies: What They Don’t Ship

Household moving companies have lists of things that they cannot and will not ship, either due to federal regulations or safety/health concerns. You are not allowed to ship perishable Household Moving Companiesfoods (though local household moving companies may actually let you ship perishable goods if the trip is in-town), fireworks, loaded firearms, poisons/pesticides, ammonia and many other household cleaners, batteries, chemistry sets, fertilizer, dead bodies, nail polish, paint thinner, fire extinguishers, matches/lighters, scuba tanks, or liquid bleach. You may be scratching your head at some of these things, but many things that you can’t take on an airplane are also banned under interstate transport laws and regulations. Some companies may allow some things and not others, so if you’re worried about what you can and can’t ship with your specific mover it’s best to call them and ask.

Household Moving Companies: How to Choose a Mover

When you’re deciding on household moving companies, there are a couple things that you should probably keep in mind. You should always get as many quotes from as many household moving companies as possible, so you can compare their prices and decide on the best. It works the same way in auto transport too. From there, you should look and make sure that the moving company you choose is highly rated and recommended by previous customers, and you should always make sure that you know how much your stuff will be insured for. Some companies will pack your goods in the same trailer as another customer’s stuff, and while they stay separated some customers don’t like the idea of being one of several different customers on the same truck. Unlike auto transport, household moving companies charge a lot, and a way to keep customer’s prices low is to actually ship several orders at one time on the same truck – this principal actually is used in auto transport as well, and while it works for some people it might not work for everyone. Make sure that you understand how your household moving companies move their customers’ stuff, and make sure that if you want a single trailer for your stuff only you ask ahead of time about direct shipping and the like.