Household Mover Reviews: Overview

Unlike auto transport, there isn’t one household mover reviews website that people can go to to find information and reviews on different household moving companies. But that doesn’t mean that they aren’t out there, and a simple search for household mover reviews will yield some pretty decent results. When searching for mover reviews, you need to keep in mind that different sites allow different types of reviews, and if a company doesn’t have a lot compared to others on the site, chances are they’re not the best company to work with. In this informative article we’ll outline two different reviews websites and let you know how you can make them work for you, as well as what they offer and what they don’t in terms of overall website navigation and reliability.

Household Mover Reviews: is a helpful household mover reviews website that allows you to find various moving companies as well as see which moving companies are highly rated and which ones aren’t. Umovers operates like Transport Reviews in the sense that they don’t allow multiple reviews from the same customer and don’t allow moving companies to post reviews to their own/other movers’ review pages. You can see quick lists of their top-rated moving companies, which companies are offering discounts, recently-registered moving companies as well as recently-posted reviews. Their highest-rated mover has 88 reviews as of this writing, while some other highly rated companies have just a few; however, Umovers takes this into account by posting their highest-rated companies based on the number of reviews, which is awesome because it promotes neutrality and honesty in their household mover reviews. Check out and their top household mover reviews.

Household Mover Reviews: is a household mover reviews website and is actually (at the time of this writing) the #1 listing under the search term “household mover reviews.” We stress this because we feel that while is more popular, it’s a bit more difficult to navigate the site. On their main page you can see a list of 40 different moving companies and their ratings on a 1-5 star rating system. However, despite the site’s blandness, it does convey some good information, and their top-rated movers have hundreds of reviews. On their homepage, you can see a short list of rotating reviews, and some of them are not so kind, which means that this website is also a good place to get honest feedback regarding prospective moving companies. While it doesn’t offer a comprehensive search feature, it does do a lot in terms of providing customers with reliable mover reviews, and it doesn’t shy away from bad reviews. Unlike Transport Reviews, MoverReviews (it doesn’t look like, anyway) doesn’t really update their site; rather, they rely on customers to update, and the site itself is old as well. This lends credence to its reputation, though it doesn’t have a lot of companies actually listed. But still, check out MoverReview’s household mover reviews and see what they can do for you. Both of these websites feature honest reviews from real customers, and we would recommend using these as a jumping-off point for searching for more reviews.