Household Mover Companies: Estimates

Household Mover CompaniesIf you’re in need of household mover companies, chances are you’re searching online for them. Everyone gets everything online nowadays, and if you’re reading this then you’re online. So if you’re reading this page right now, chances are you’re looking for household mover companies, or information regarding household mover companies, and we say that’s very wise. Chances are also high that you’re wanting to get moving estimates, and we can’t blame you there either. But you should be aware that estimates are just that – estimates. With the way the moving industry works you’re required to pay the cost before your stuff is unloaded at the destination, and estimates – unless they are binding – are just that: estimates. Your final price is typically determined by the total weight as well as travel distance (or by the hour, if it’s a local move), and this can be hundreds of dollars off of the estimate you were first given.

Household Mover Companies: Binding Estimates

A good thing to look for when it comes to finding estimates from household mover companies is whether or not their estimates are binding. If they are, it means that they agree to charge you only for what they priced your move at. Binding estimates are typically good for sixty days, but there’s also an addendum that you should be aware of that household mover companies don’t like to tell you about. With binding estimates, and the way that household mover companies price their shipments, the total weight of all your items is a big factor. If you weigh out your move and it weighs one ton, your binding estimate will be to move 2,000 pounds of stuff. But if your move actually weighs 2,500 pounds, that addendum on the binding estimate will charge you on a per-pound basis over the 2,000 pound original estimate. This means that even though your binding estimate says one price, it’s based on the weight you gave, and if you’re overweight you’ll be subject to overweight fees.

Household Mover Companies: Binding vs. Non-Binding Estimates

So which type of estimate is best for you? We recommend household mover companies that provide non-binding estimates, but we also recommend – and we cannot stress this enough – that Household Mover Companiesyou do your homework in regards to these companies and make sure that they don’t price-gouge or anything like that. Despite the fact that the household moving industry is regulated by the FMCSA, at last count the agency had just nine investigators handling thousands of claims, which means that it’s pretty much up to you to not get screwed over. Whether your estimate is binding or non-binding, make sure that you accurately weigh your stuff prior to shipping. You can look online for the weight of anything that won’t fit on your scale, and if you can’t weigh your stuff to the nearest pound at least try and get as close as possible. Both estimates are basically the same – estimates. One just says that you won’t pay extra if you don’t ship any more than you said you would, so we recommend that (in case that’s unclear, we recommend binding estimates from household mover companies).