Household Goods Shipping FAQWhen transporting household goods you want to make sure you understand a bit about the process and that you are prepared to be without your household items while they are being shipped. Knowing what questions to ask and what to look out for is an important part of a safe and positive household goods shipping experience, which is why we’ve compiled this helpful household goods shipping FAQ page. In this article we’ll answer some basic questions about household goods shipping, and if this is your first interstate household move chances are you have some questions that can be answered by this FAQ page. We recommend getting the facts about household goods shipping before jumping into an order with some random company so you aren’t caught holding the bag while someone else takes off with your stuff.

Q: How much does household goods transport cost?
That all depends. Household goods transportation companies typically price on a per-pound per-mile basis; therefore, they look at how much stuff you’re shipping and how far you’re shipping and calculate your price based on that. Like with auto transport services, moving into or out of larger cities or metropolitan areas is generally cheaper than to or from the middle of nowhere, and the further you have to ship your stuff the more expensive it will likely be. We recommend getting multiple quotes from different household movers to find the best rates for your budget.

Q: How long does household goods shipping take?
A: Again, like with auto shipping services, household goods shipping will take time. Generally it is recommended that you book with a household shipping company about a month ahead of time; this will give them plenty of time to arrange the pickup of your stuff and make sure that it gets moved by when you need it moved. Unlike auto transport, there are fewer household goods movers on the road because of the regulations and the high cost of moving furniture and the like, and with so much more weight than a car being shipped prices are generally higher. Therefore, booking so far in advance is preferred and will bring you the least amount of hassles.

Q: Are household goods shippers insured?
A: Yes, all household goods shippers are insured, just as carriers are. However, insurance policies vary among the various shipping companies out there, so be certain that you read their insurance policies. Some may have deductibles, and some may be higher than others, so make sure you get all the details regarding how well your belongings are insured before you decide on a household mover. This will go a long way to making sure your household moving experience is a positive one.

Q: How do I know the household shippers I get quotes from are reliable?
A: We clear all our household moving advertisers for reliability for you, which means we make sure all of them are fully licensed and insured in accordance with all federal, state and local laws and regulations. We do, however, recommend that you do your own homework and look at some of the customer reviews regarding the various companies you are thinking about hiring to move your goods. This will take some time, but in the end finding a reputable and reliable company is worth the extra bit of effort you put into it.

You can get multiple free household moving quotes from reputable and reliable shippers by filling out the free online quote form to the left. We clear all our advertisers for reliability, so we make sure that they provide every customer with reliable household moving services. Understand that not everything works like a charm, and sometimes things can happen that can result in delays and frustration for not just you but your transport company as well. Be patient with them and they will make sure that all your stuff gets to wherever you need it to go in one piece, safe and sound. For more information, or to have someone help you get your free household moving quotes, you can call us toll-free at 800-930-7417 to speak to one of our live representatives. Whether you need to ship your home, ship your car, or both, we here at American Auto Shipping are here to help.