Household Goods Moving Services: Overview

Many companies that provide household goods moving services are here to help you. They want to get your stuff moved, and thanks to recent legislation the number of so-called “scam” companies has dropped significantly. Household goods moving services don’t come cheap, and as such many companies that offer moving services now offer two different types of household goods moving services to accommodate people from all economic spectrums: self-service moving and full-service moving. Self-service household goods moving services allow you to pack the boxes and all your stuff yourself, while full-service movers will pack all your stuff up for you. Both include shipping your stuff on a truck, but what does each one actually mean?

Household Goods Moving Services: Full-Service Moving

Household Goods Moving ServicesFull-service household goods moving services encompass the moving company packing your things, loading them, and basically handling everything regarding your move. Full-service movers are typically more expensive, but it’s a good way to go if you’re worried about things getting damaged or broken. Full-service movers are trained in packing valuable items, but there are also things that they can’t ship, such as loaded guns or hazardous materials. Be sure to pack away important, personal documents yourself. If you’ve received a non-binding estimate, make sure that you understand your rights  regarding full-service household goods moving services, as well as what you will be expected to pay come delivery. It’s important to read your moving company’s terms and conditions, or whatever they may call them, so you know exactly what’s going to happen. Your moving company is required to provide you with a pamphlet regarding your rights as well, so be sure that you get that before anything is put onto the truck. Also, be sure that everything is actually ready to be packed; movers won’t scour your house and find all of little Johnny’s plastic army men, so be sure that everything is actually ready to be moved prior to when the movers show up. This includes folding all clothes, organizing your stuff by room, stacking dishes on counters, etc.; also, be sure to tell your movers about anything that they don’t need to pack before they actually do pack it.

Household Goods Moving Services: Self-Service Moving

Self-service household moving goods services are where you pack up all your stuff and allow the movers just to move it. This can be a good way to save some money on your household Household Goods Moving Servicesgoods moving services, but it can be a pain if you don’t know what you’re doing. Be sure to have all your boxes ahead of time if your moving company isn’t packing your stuff (if they are, they should come with all their own boxes and paraphernalia), and don’t keep your packing until the last minute. The moving company you hire will be charging you from the moment their truck shows up, so be sure to have all your stuff ready to go. If you’re packing fragile items, be sure to give them plenty of protection. Using even something like old newspapers to wrap glasses and other breakables can be a good way to protect them during a move. Also make sure that all your boxes are properly labeled when your household goods moving services company arrives, so they know where all the boxes need to go upon delivery.