Domestic Moving Companies: What They Are

Domestic Moving CompaniesDomestic moving companies, for purposes of this article, as basically household moving companies. They service a wide range of different needs and customers, from cross-country transport to in-town moves. They can help with packing, unpacking, loading and unloading, and much more, and are really a great way to move all your stuff without having to do all the work yourself. Domestic moving companies often cost more than something like U-Haul, but it’s worth it if you’re moving a lot of stuff or are crunched for time. Domestic moving is very much a seasonal-based industry, much like auto transport, and peak domestic moving times are from May to September. Many domestic moving companies like to run discounts to promote shipping during the peak seasons, and it’s recommended that you plan your shipment at least a month in advance, so you get the best shipment experience you can and so your shippers are not crunched for time.

Domestic Moving Companies: Multiple Shipments on One Truck

Many domestic moving companies help to keep their shipping costs low by shipping multiple loads on one big truck. There are both advantages and disadvantages to this, and the alternative is called direct shipping, which is often more expensive. By shipping more than one load on the same truck, domestic moving companies pass the savings onto the customer and allows their carriers to utilize all their space while on the road. Typically your shipment will be segregated from other customers’ belongings, and most domestic moving companies consider this practice to be standard in the household goods moving industry. It’s really not as bad as you think; like in auto transport, multiple loads on the same truck helps to save space, time and money, and you’ll see that in the moving quotes that you receive.

Domestic Moving Companies: Self-Pack vs. Company Pack

Domestic Moving CompaniesYou can either pack the goods yourself, or, as many domestic moving companies suggest, allow their crack packing/moving experts to handle all the goods for you. While packing services are more expensive, they do actually pack things properly, though of course there are some things that you should just pack yourself. Things like bills, receipts, medical records, personal information, medicines, and other important/sensitive things should be packed by you ahead of time. You should also label all these boxes, and if you choose a packing service then they’ll make sure that everything they pack is labeled appropriately. You can also choose between partial packing – which is where moving companies will only pack sensitive items such as TV’s, glass tables/tops, china cabinets, heavy objects or otherwise valuable/hard-to-move items. Not all domestic moving companies offer partial-packing services, so it’s best to ask ahead of time if that’s a service that they offer. Full packing services are more commonly offered, and while they are more expensive they can actually save a bit of time, especially if you’re a procrastinator and don’t like packing stuff (don’t worry, you wouldn’t be the first we’ve heard of to put off packing). It all boils down to how you want your move to go: if you think you’d be better off paying the additional money for domestic moving companies to pack your stuff, we’re not telling you not to pay it. If you’d rather pack your stuff yourself and save a bit of cash, you’re welcome to do that too.