Motorcycle Auto TransportHere at American Auto Shipping, we can ship virtually any type of vehicle. This includes motorcycle auto transport, or any other small mode of transportation such as scooters, Vespas, or even ATVs. It’s similar to traditional auto transport, with some important modifications for a smaller vehicles.

Motorcycle Auto Transport Methods

You’ve likely seen a ten car carrier driving on the highway, which can be scary to drive behind, so you can see how the cars are transported on them. But, what about motorcycles? Motorcycle auto transport is less visible, and not that many people can guess how it works. The answer is: crates.

Yes, the reason you’ve never seen a group of motorcycles being transported is because they are pretty much only transported via crate. Each motorcycle is placed securely in its own crate.

Then those crates are securely tied down to the carrier transporting them. This limits the amount of vibration and jostling the bikes experience during the motorcycle auto transport process.

Some companies specialize in motorcycle auto transport and will use a truck outfitted just for motorcycles. Instead of a crate, each bike is securely tied down in its own metal frame. These carriers are usually enclosed, which further protects the motorcycles from damage.

Whether you are shipping a dirt bike or a fully custom Harley, there’s no need to be concerned about your two-wheeler being damaged during transport. On top of being fitted in its own secure shipping container, your motorcycle is fully insured by us and the carrier.

Motorcycle Auto Transport Cost

Over all, motorcycle auto transport will be less expensive than transporting a car or other four-wheeled vehicle. However, the price is determined basically the same way.

First by make, model, and year of the vehicle. Then by the distance, where it’s being transported to and from. And finally timeline, how quickly do you need the shipment completed. Other factors include season, over all the weather and the holidays can affect the price of a shipment.

Lastly, if you are looking for motorcycle auto transport for a vintage or fixer upper bike, you may be charged slightly more if the wheels don’t turn. No matter what kind of motorcycle you are looking to transport, you will be getting a quote for door to door shipment.

Getting a quote for Motorcycle Auto Transport

Now that you know a little more about how motorcycle transport works, you are ready to get a quote. We can help you with that in two ways. Both of them are very easy! The first option is to simply fill out our free online quote form.

It will only take a couple minutes, and then your price will appear instantly on the screen. An important note: make sure you select “motorcycle” from the drop down menu, so we know you’re not looking to ship a car.

The second option is you can call us 24/7 at 800-930-7417 to speak to a live agent. Not only can they fill out the form for motorcycle auto transport for you, they can answer any questions you may have.