Mobile home shipping services are not hard to find. But actually moving a mobile home can be hard! And not just hard, but expensive as well. Luckily, we can help you get it done. However, it’s important to understand what exactly you’re getting into when you ship a mobile home. So read on to learn more about it and how we can help you find the best rates to ship yours.

Mobile Home ShippingWhat is a mobile home?

Prior to 1976, mobile homes were smaller and lighter than they are today. They were more akin to what we think of as travel trailers. However, a mobile home built after 1976 really is a house – just one that was built in a factory instead of on-site. Manufactured homes, or mobile homes, built today have to be built to code. This has made mobile homes bigger, heavier, and longer than their older counterparts.

This means that shipping them is going to be a lot more difficult. Often they require entire crews to move them. You have to plan to hook up utilities, and there are permits for moving and owning a mobile home as well.

Basically, a mobile home, as we know them today, are manufactured homes. They come in two sizes: single-wide and double-wide. Single-wide mobile homes tend to be longer, but skinnier. Double-wide mobile homes are wider, but often not as long. Both can be shipped, but they will differ in price.

How is a mobile home transported?

Mobile homes are transported via truck. Depending on the size of your mobile home, as well as its age and condition, it could be either loaded onto a truck, or towed.

Towing a mobile home may be a bit cheaper. But it’s also less reliable. Mobile homes typically have wheels and axles, but some newer ones do not. If you want yours towed, check to see if it has wheels and axles. If it doesn’t, the cost to install them may be more than to simply truck the mobile home.

Towing a mobile home is only used on short-distance (or local) moves. For long-distance moves, such as across state lines, mobile homes have to be trucked.

Mobile homes we ship are generally trucked – that is, loaded onto a truck bed and hauled without towing it. You can speak to an agent for more about how we transport mobile homes as well.

Note that a special flatbed truck that can handle oversize loads will be required. They are also moved by crews, as opposed to just one person, such as how cars are trucked.

How much does mobile home shipping cost?

Typically, for shipments of 50 miles, it’ll cost between $5,000 and $8,000 for a single-wide. This is a very, very rough estimate, however, and numerous factors will impact that price.

What are you shipping? Single-wide mobile homes will cost less to ship than double-wides. Heavier mobile homes will cost more, as well as longer ones. Typically, older mobile homes are lighter than newer ones, especially ones built in the early 80’70’s or earlier.

Where are you shipping your mobile home? Just like with a car, the distance between pickup and delivery will impact how much you pay to ship your mobile home. Longer distances cost more, while shorter trips cost less.

Moving to a new state? Mobile homes are kind of weird in that they are required to have permits and licenses. What permits or licenses you need will depend on where you’re shipping from and to, of course. But having to apply for them and get them will cost money. Local moves within state lines typically don’t see this added fee.

You’ll definitely need insurance. Most carriers have insurance on all loads they ship. But mobile homes are a bit different than a car, so additional liability insurance may be required. This could raise how much you pay to ship your mobile home.

Look at setup fees as well. If you know how to set up your mobile home, this isn’t going to be a factor – just hire the movers and you can do the rest! But most people don’t know how to set up things such as utilities, or how to detach and reattach things such as porches or awnings. Having your mover do these things will add to the price.

User American Auto Shipping fro your mobile home shipping needs

We work with only top-rated moving companies who can handle anything on wheels. And we definitely do not recommend moving a mobile home by yourself! While it may be expensive, it’ll be worth the time and the money that you spend in the long run.

Take a minute to fill out our free heavy equipment quote request form and get a quote to ship your heavy equipment directly with us. We price our freight to move, no matter what it is.

You can also contact us over the phone at 800-930-7417 to speak to an agent. They can answer questions, give you advice, and help you get the right price to ship your mobile home. So no matter where you’re shipping, or what you’re shipping, trust American Auto Shipping to get it done.