Military Household Goods Movers: Prepping Your Move

Military Household Goods MoversIf you’re a military member, then chances are you’ll need to find decent military household goods movers – probably more than once. And it’s important to understand what military household goods movers can do for you, and what you need to do for them prior to your move. Be sure to notify your utility providers, such as your electric company or water company, as well as any government offices such as the Social Security Administration or Veteran Affairs prior to moving. You should be working with an agent who specializes in military household goods movers, and you should let your agent know two to three weeks ahead of time what all you’re planning to ship. If you add or subtract items, be sure to let your agent know as well.

Military Household Goods Movers: What You Can’t Take With You

Federal law prohibits military household goods movers (and any household goods mover, really) from moving certain items. Flammable items such as fireworks, matches, cleaning fluid, aerosol cans, ammunition, chemistry sets and weed killers will all need to be left behind. If you’re shipping a barbecue, make sure that the propane tank is empty when your military household goods movers show up. If you’re shipping appliances, be sure to have a technician come out and inspect them prior to moving them. Rugs and draperies should be cleaned, and if you decide to clean your furniture before the move be sure that they are completely dry and safe to move; if your furniture is damp and must be placed in storage, mold and mildew can wreak havoc on it. If you’re moving antiques, be sure to have anything that’s worth a fair amount of money appraised, and have that appraisal in writing in case something happens to it.

Military Household Goods Movers: Moving Day Tips

Military Household Goods MoversSince it’s your responsibility to make sure that all your stuff is loaded onto the truck, make sure that you’re present when your military household goods movers arrive to move your stuff. You should oversee everything that is loaded onto the van, and since you work for the government, you’ll probably need to fill out some paperwork ahead of time. Before the moving van sets off, be sure to do a final inspection of your house to make sure that everything is accounted for. Any firearms that are being move must be unloaded and presented to the military household goods movers so a proper chain of custody can be established per federal law. Do NOT hide away firearms. Be sure that your military household goods movers have the correct destination address, and be sure that you are available throughout the move in case someone from the moving company needs to get a hold of you. You should keep your services on until moving day, and arrange to have them shut off on the day you leave for good. This ensures that you still have running water and electricity up until the day you move and that you aren’t paying for utilities that you aren’t using.