Long Distance Auto TransportIf you’re searching for long distance auto transport services, there are some things that you should probably know. Long distance shipments are typically anything over a thousand miles. They take time to complete and will cost more than local or short distance moves.

In this article, we’ll talk about the basics of long distance auto transport, how it’s priced and why it’s priced that way, and how you can save money on your long distance shipment.

Long distance auto transport – what to know

Most auto transport shipments are considered “long distance.” That is, they travel over a thousand miles. As the industry is primarily route-based, prices are based on more than just how many miles the vehicle will travel and the type of vehicle it is. Other factors will include pickup and delivery locations, time of year, weather conditions, route conditions, demand, and more.

That’s not to say that long distance shipping is expensive – the vast majority of long-distance routes fall between $300-700. Coast-to-coast routes will cost $900-1000. Corner-to-corner will usually run about $1100-1200.

Why long distance shipping costs what it costs

As mentioned, long distance shipping services cost more than shorter shipments. This is pretty standard – the further you ship a package, the more it costs, right? The same goes for shipping a vehicle. A carrier that is traveling across the country is going to need to charge more to cover their operating costs.

Operating costs are pretty high for truckers. Their biggest expense is fuel, but other expenses include truck maintenance, food and board, and down time (i.e. time not driving).

Because of this, trucks are going to charge what they have to in order to make money on a route. The more competitive a route is, the cheaper it can be. However, for popular routes, carriers can pick which loads they want to move. So sometimes it can cost more.

Less-competitive routes can be cheaper to move freight along, but it depends on the route. If the route is usually fairly popular, but doesn’t have much freight on it (think Los Angeles to New Orleans), costs go down. But routes that are unpopular year-round (such as Albuquerque to Cincinnati) can get more expensive because there aren’t many carriers running freight along the route.

The car shipping industry is a route-based one. Prices change almost weekly it seems, so it’s important to know which prices are good and which are not when it comes to your long distance shipment.

Minimizing your long distance shipping costs

Saving money on long distance auto transport services isn’t necessarily easy. For starters, the routes cost what they cost, so you want to make sure that the price you pay will get your vehicle moved.

Low prices on long distance routes won’t move freight. If 80% of cars on  route are moving for $850, and you’re only paying $750, that’s a problem – no carrier will take your car. Conversely, if most cars are going for $850, but you’re paying $950, you could be overpaying. It’ll get your vehicle picked up quick, which is fine, but too high a price can lead to you paying more than you need to.

Ultimately, saving money and minimizing costs comes down to the services you’re looking for. If you need your car picked up ASAP, it may be better to go wit a higher price. If you don’t care when it’s picked up, but you need to save money, going with a lower rate might be worth it.

What you ultimately want to do is get a few different quotes and compare prices and services from different companies. This gives you the ability to compare and contrast prices and find the right company for your needs. Don’t be afraid to keep shopping around. But also, don’t be afraid to lock in a price you like. If it’s too low compared to other quotes you get, be wary about how long it could take to ship. If it’s too high, be wary that you’re overpaying.

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