local auto transport companiesIf you are in need of auto transport, you may think searching for “local auto transport companies” is a good place to start. What you may not realize is that auto transport is a mobile industry. Locality is not usually a requirement.

There are two parts of the auto transport industry that work together to complete your shipment. There are the brokerages and the carriers. American Auto Shipping is a brokerage, we are the ones who take your information and then figure out which carrier best fits your needs. The carrier is another word for truck, they are the ones who will physically be moving your car from point A to point B.

Both parts work together to assure a speedy shipment at a fair price. It does not matter where the brokerages or carriers are located, because everything is arranged via the internet and telephone communication. What you should be concerned with is quality of service through out  the shipment process. American Auto Shipping has been in business since 1999, we know everything about the industry.

While the carriers may not be local to you, they are certainly completing trips near by and will be happy to come to you. Door to door auto shipping means the truck will come directly to you in order to pick up your car. Then it will transport your car to exactly where it needs to go.

Do You Need to Find Local Auto Transport Companies?

The short answer is: no. You can arrange auto transport with companies based in totally different states. Where the transporter is located when you make arrangements is not always relevant. They are constantly out and about driving the routes.

This does mean that if your car is located on a popular route, you may have a faster pick up window. If you need to get a car picked up in a rural area that is not near a common route, it is still possible, it may just take slightly longer for the carrier to arrive.

Finding a Quote For Local Auto Transport Companies

Now that you know that finding local auto transport companies is not always necessary. You can get a quote from us. You may happen to be based in the same city as our brokerage. However, that is pretty irrelevant to us arranging your shipment.

The only time our exact location should be of any interest to you is if you want your car to be picked up or dropped off at our office. This is a service we offer. Call us today at 800-930-7417 for more details.

No matter where you are located you can fill out our free online quote form. You can find it at the top of this page. Take a couple minutes to fill it out, and you will get an instant price quote right on your screen. If you still  have more questions, or simply want us to fill out the quote form for you call us. We always have knowledgeable live agents standing by 24/7.