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How Household Movers Transport Goods into Major Metro Areas

How Household Movers Transport Goods into Major Metro AreasIf you’ve been following our blog for any length of time, you know that many times auto transport carriers can’t get into many major downtown areas. Their trucks are too big, to start, and many major cities with large, bustling downtown districts were founded during a time when cars didn’t exist, and therefore were not built to accommodate automobiles and were retrofitted to at a later time. This means many older downtown districts are cramped and crowded, providing many dangerous obstacles to drivers of large commercial trucks. And just like auto transporters, household moving companies can’t get into the denser parts of many major metropolitan areas, particularly those on the east coast.

But all hope is not lost! If you’re moving all your stuff to a condo in the heart of Miami or a super awesome loft in the heart of Manhattan overlooking Central Park (let’s face it, that’d be awesome), you have to get your household goods in there somehow, especially if you’re moving there from the other side of the country. Typically, if your goods need to get to someplace that a giant moving van can’t get to, your stuff will be routed to a holding facility on the outskirts of the metro area, where it will be unloaded from the moving van and loaded into several (depending on the size of your move) intercity moving vans. These vans will then be dispatched to your home within the downtown area, where they will be better able to maneuver than those large interstate moving trucks.

Household goods moving is anything but stress-free, and this helps make sure that you’re not stressing over undue things – like getting a huge moving van into a tight space. Typically this additional service will be built into your moving quote, but you’ll want to double-check with your moving company to make sure that they aren’t charging you extra for the service on top of what they’ve told you. If you’re interested in getting household moving quotes, you can visit our household moving quotes page and fill out the form to the left. Your information will be sent to about six different moving companies, and they know all the ins and outs of household goods moving so you can rest assured your stuff will be in good hands.

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