Shipping a Knuckleboom LoaderA knuckleboom loader is a piece of logging equipment designed to move bunches of logs and felled trees. It’s a pretty straightforward piece of equipment, and if you’re looking at shipping a knuckleboom loader you know what they are already most likely. But do you know how shipping a knuckleboom loader is handled? Do you know what goes into moving a piece of equipment like that? If not, that’s okay – we do, and we’re here to help you.

How shipping a knuckleboom loader is accomplished

Most car shipping companies don’t have the ability to readily ship a knuckleboom loader. This mostly has to do with the fact that shipping a knuckleboom loader really isn’t all that common, and few people are actually in need of those services. But that doesn’t mean that those car transporters can’t ship your knuckleboom loader; just that they need to find the right equipment to do so.

This almost always involves a flatbed vehicle shipping carrier. Flatbed haulers are great because they allow the transportation of larger-than-usual vehicles, particularly construction and logging equipment. This is in stark contrast to open and enclosed car transport trucks, which are designed to haul standard vehicles. Those trucks are built with personal vehicles in mind. For instance, an open car transport carrier can typically haul up to ten standard-sized cars at a time thanks to the way it is built. And a knuckleboom loader just can’t fit on it.

What to expect when shipping a knuckleboom loader

Well, the first thing you need to expect is that it’s going to be a lot more expensive than shipping a standard-sized car. This is typical with flatbed vehicle transport services, though, and that’s because of the lack of ready availability of flatbed haulers. They aren’t used as much as open or enclosed carriers because they haul specialized freight. So expense is a big part of shipping a knuckleboom loader and you need to prepare accordingly.

Another thing to keep in mind is how long it’ll take to actually get your knuckleboom loader shipped. With their long arms and size variance, finding the right shipper is going to take a bit of time. Make sure to have the dimensions of yours on-hand and ready to go when you’re getting quotes. Also make sure to ask your auto shipping agent about availability of flatbed haulers. It’ll be easier to find one out of a major city, but rural shipping is also available.

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