Farm Equipment HaulersFarm equipment haulers aren’t nearly as ubiquitous as you might think. Companies that specialize in moving just farming equipment are actually somewhat hard to find. Why? Because most farm equipment is actually moved by auto transport companies like us!

Most farming equipment today is wheel-based. So in this article we’re not talking about shipping shovels or hoes; we’re talking bout shipping tractors and combines and the like. There is a lot of different types of farm equipment, and you can read more about some of them on our heavy equipment shipping page.

But because most farming equipment have wheels, it’s easy enough to treat them like a really big car or truck. That is, when it comes to shipping them. Keep reading to learn more about farm equipment hauling and farm equipment haulers and what you can expect when shipping your farming equipment.

Farming equipment shipping – how it works

When you’re shipping a piece of farming equipment, it’ll almost always be shipped on some type of flatbed carrier. Tractors and combines are too large and heavy to fit on a conventional open or enclosed transportation truck. So flatbed shipping will be required.

There are several types of trucks that can be used. A typical flatbed trailer is the most common method of shipping heavy equipment and farming equipment. But sometimes it’s not feasible or recommended, especially if your farming equipment is weather-sensitive. Those can usually be shipped in an enclosed trailer, but you’ll want to talk to your representative for more about that.

Other types of trucks that are used to haul farming equipment are removable gooseneck trailers, also known as RGN trailers, which are often used to ship taller loads. Double drop trailers are becoming more common and are often used for equipment that can be driven on or off a truck. Lowboys are typically used for equipment that is too wide or tall for even an RGN trailer.

What type of truck you need will depend on what kind of farming equipment you are transporting. As such, we’ll need some information from you before we let you know the best way to move your equipment.

What information we need to ship your farming equipment

The most important piece of information we’ll need is the vehicle type and also its dimensions. Having the make and model of your trailer will allow us to research the vehicle and make sure that we can verify the dimensions.

You can save us some time by giving the dimensions to us when you get your price quote. We would need the length, width, height, and approximate weight of your farming equipment. Also let us know how many units you will be shipping.

The dimensions are important because we need to know what type of truck is best for your equipment. Many modern tractors and equipment come with the dimensions in the manual. If you cannot find the dimensions in the manual (or if you can’t find the manual), you can measure it yourself, look it up online, or have one of our representatives do it for you.

Let us know of any special conditions regarding your equipment. We need to know if it starts and runs or not, as well as whether or not it can drive. If you have attachments or extensions that are going along for the ride, let us know as well, as any extra attachments will increase the weight, which will impact fuel economy and total cost.

Can I make my farm equipment shipment cheaper?

The problem with shipping farming equipment is the fact that it’s hard to make it cheaper. You can’t use just any carrier – whatever carrier we find has to be able to load the equipment and be able to secure it properly. This means that open and, often, enclosed transport services are unavailable.

You can however save some time – and potentially money – by preparing yourself thoroughly for the shipment. Make sure you have all the information about your equipment ready to go when you get quotes. If you’re shipping to or from a rural area, look into moving it to an easier-to-access location. Bigger cities cost less to ship to or from, so if you can move your equipment to a larger city nearby, that would help.

Otherwise, there’s not a lot you can do to make it cheaper. It costs what it costs to move farming equipment and other heavy vehicles for a reason. It’s more important that the shipment is handled properly.

Interested in farm equipment haulers?

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