Are you looking to ship a cement truck? Unlike most standard construction equipment, a cement truck actually has standard wheels and can typically be driven on standard roads. So already, cement truck transportation services are easier to find.

At the same time though, a cement truck can be difficult to ship due to its size. Therefore, if you’re shipping a cement truck, understanding how cement truck transportation services work is important.

Some things to know about cement truck transportation services

For starters, cement truck transportation services typically have to be handled on a flatbed truck. Standard open and enclosed containers just aren’t equipped to handle something as large as a cement truck, after all. Plus, you have to take into account additional weight from the cement. Whether it’s caked on from years of use, or if the truck is full, that’s a lot of extra weight. And that weight has to be accounted for.

But even a brand-new, clean cement truck is going to be expensive to haul. There’s a lot of hoops that a carrier has to jump through, especially a lowboy carrier. They have to stop at multiple weigh stations, they have to make sure they’re not overweight, they can typically only handle one vehicle at a time. That adds up, and it makes things harder for a carrier.

Are cement truck transportation services hard to find?

Well, they’ll be harder to find than services for a standard vehicle, of course. But this is because there are far fewer carriers on the road that can actually handle something as large as a cement truck. This means several things for you: longer wait times for dispatch and pickup when shipping a cement truck, and higher prices. But any auto transportation company that says that they can ship heavy equipment can ship a cement truck.

In fact, they’re one of the easier things to ship in that they’re fairly well-known commodities. They’re commonly shipped, particularly for construction companies and cement plants. New cement trucks are more commonly shipped, but companies that go under and sell their fleets, or those that are looking to expand often need cement truck transportation services. But regardless of the reason, we can help you ship yours at the right price and in the timeframe you need.

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