Seeking heavy equipment hauling near me? Well, we can help you with that. As a shipping company, we, American Auto Shipping, ship anything from cars to boats. While moving regular vehicles is more common, moving heavy equipment is something we’re prepared to help you with. However, even though it’s difficult and arduous, the trucks and team we have, and us, get it done, reliably and affordably.

Heavy Equipment Hauling Near meheavy equipment hauling near me

What type of heavy equipment are you trying to move? Is it a piece of farm equipment, a heavy tractor? Or is it a small plane or helicopter? Regardless of what type of piece of heavy equipment it is, or how many, we can move that thing from where it is, to wherever it needs to go.

We have trucks that can move heavy equipment and additionally, we have the equipment that can move it. Our teams are located all over the US, and moving some large vehicles isn’t a problem for them. Just fill out our heavy equipment form.

How is my Heavy Equipment moved?

Shipping heavy equipment is uncommon. Most people are moving cars, so the amount of companies who can or are willing to move something different is low. But, for those that do, there are special methods they do to accomplish this.

The way that heavy equipment is moved is using a lowboy trailer or a flatbed hauler, depending on the size of the vehicle. However, the normal way cars are shipped are on big 10-car carriers, that are occasionally seen by people. However, depending on the size of the equipment, it may be shipped alone, instead of with other equipment and cars.

Whichever type of trailer is needed to ship your piece of equipment, we can find the right carrier that has it, and can move it from point A to point B for you.

Shipping my Piece of Heavy Equipment Now

If you’re looking for heavy equipment hauling near me, understand that finding a company that’s actually near you may not be possible. And, if you do, they may not be able to actually move it. All their carriers could be elsewhere, or, their prices could be too high.

What we do here is ship vehicles for customers, and make it happen, no matter what type of vehicle, or what size. We have trucks all over the continental US, ready to move vehicles. It does not matter if you’re on one side of the country, or the other.

Moving something small or large is no problem for us. Additionally, we have the equipment, team, and expertise necessary to any vehicle to be moved. Above all,  no feat is too large for American Auto Shipping.

Use American Auto Shipping

If you’re looking for heavy equipment hauling near me, then we are the company that can help you out. We’ve helped customers move their vehicles for two decades, and feel confident we can move your heavy equipment, and give you a good experience as well.

Take a moment to fill out our free quote request form to get an instant quote right away. Or, you can contact us any time at 800-930-7417. For heavy equipment, we recommend calling in for a quote while an online instant quotes may not be as accurate.