Good Car Shipping CompanyIf you are not familiar with the shipping process then finding a good car shipping company can be daunting. How will you know if you’ve picked the right company?

Your car is one of your most treasured and expensive assets, so it is understandable that you want to find a good company you can trust.

How to Find A Good Car Shipping Company

With most services, there is a lot of consumer information you can read to put your mind at ease. Finding a good car shipping company is no different. Have a look at the reviews of the company. If a lot of people seem unhappy with  their experiences, then don’t work with that company.

The best place to find reviews relevant to auto shipping is a website called Transport Reviews. If a company is not listed as five stars on Transport Reviews, you really should not hire them. Other places you can find reviews are: Google, Shopper Approved, and Yelp.

When talking about reviews, you want to look at what people are saying about a car shipping brokerage. A brokerage is the company that arranges your shipment for you. They are the ones who communicate with the carriers and figure out which carrier is best for your shipment. Usually, you will not be able to hand select a carrier to work with. So, it is up to the brokerage to only work with reliable carriers.

In case you aren’t aware, carrier is just another word for truck. The carrier is the one who physically moves your car from point A to point B. It is up to the car shipping broker to only work with the best, top rated truck companies.

What Makes A Good Car Shipping Company

Unlike other goods and services when it comes to car shipping cheapest does not always equal good. In fact, we recommend you never go with the lowest price you can find for your shipment. This is because, often a bad company will purposely price a shipment too low in order to trick you into hiring them.

If a carrier is offered a price that is too low, they simply will not accept it. They have basic operating costs they must account for, so they cannot accept an unfair price. Then you car is stuck in limbo, waiting to be picked up. A bad company will tell you this isn’t their fault, and say they had “no idea” the carrier couldn’t accept this price. Then they will ask you to pay more.

Don’t be swindled by this song and dance. A good car shipping company understands what is a fair, accurate, and correct price for any shipment. When you compare prices, you really should be comparing the median and higher price points. Dismiss the very lowest immediately, it’s almost always inaccurate.

Trust is a big factor when it comes to finding a good car shipping company. If you feel like a representative is not answering your questions or they are rude to you, don’t hire them. Communication is everything in the car shipping industry. Brokers are constantly communicating with carriers, and carriers don’t want to work with difficult brokers. And vice versa.

Get A Quote From A Good Car Shipping Company

Now that you know little more about what makes a good car shipping company, you are ready to get a quote.

American Auto Shipping is a good car shipping company, but don’t take our word for it. You can read all our five star reviews on the sites listed above. We have been in business since 1999, so we are truly experts in the car shipping industry. We know our prices are fair and accurate and we only work with top rated carriers.

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