Family Auto Transport Services: Overview

If you’re looking for family auto transport services, chances are you’re looking for an auto shipping company that can provide auto transport for multiple vehicles. Most families nowadays have two vehicles, because you and your spouse both work, you live in the suburbs and don’t like your coworkers so carpooling isn’t an option, and what with grocery shopping and picking little Timmy up from soccer practice and getting Suzie to ballerina class, managing all that with one vehicle is impossible. And when you’re moving across the country, you want to make your entire move – including the auto shipping side – a piece of cake. Family auto transport services are definitely available, but it’s important that you understand what goes on when it comes to shipping multiple vehicles, as well as what “family auto transport services” really means.

Family Auto Transport Services: Double the Cars, Double the Price

If it costs $800 to ship your sedan from A to B, by simple logic it should cost $1600 to ship two sedans from the same A to B. And it does. Family auto transport services – and companies that offer them – may or may not come with a multiple-car discount, but that means that you’ll end up paying $1500 instead of $1600 to move your car. Don’t be fooled by gimmicks that promise low quotes for shipping multiple vehicles – it’s expensive, because two cars weigh a lot, and auto shippers won’t move two cars for the price of one. Not even on their most optimistic day. So family auto transport services cost a bit more, but in the end it’s not only worth it, but you really don’t have a choice, unless you want to drive your second car across the country.

Family Auto Transport Services: Why You Should Pay Extra For It

Family Auto Transport ServicesIt seems like a no-brainer, but some people actually wonder why family auto transport services cost more than just shipping one car. It’s because it costs more to haul two vehicles than one. And most carriers – even the ones that offer family auto transport services – can’t haul two vehicles for the cost of one vehicle, because it just isn’t economically feasible. It costs them money, both in gas and maintenance, just to drive their rig, and each additional vehicle on the back of said rig means that they’ll need to spend more in fuel to stay on the road. This, in turn, means more trips to the pump, and with diesel prices reaching staggering prices it’s no wonder that the auto transport industry is hurting right now. Which it is. It costs more to ship your vehicle today than it did just five years ago, thanks in large part to the huge spike in diesel prices. What this means for people who need family auto transport services is that you’ll need to plan according to the price. We all know that moving across the country isn’t cheap – household moving can cost more than $5000 for coast-to-coast transport. Add another $1000 on for auto transport and you’re pushing five digits. That’s more than some people make in a year. Okay, maybe not, but still, it’s a few month’s worth of paychecks for most Americans, so be sure that you understand the costs associated with family auto transport services before you book your shipment and end up being unable to pay for it.