Equipment Hauling Near MeIf you are looking to move any sort of heavy equipment vehicle, then this article is for you. However if you are looking for equipment hauling near me, results may be hard to find. When you are arranging to get heavy equipment hauled, specialty flatbed trucks (lowboys) are needed. These special trucks may not currently be near you, but if you arrange a shipment then the trucks will come to you and bring it wherever you need it to go.

Equipment Hauling Near Me Methods

What we specialize in hauling is cars. However, we also know what it takes to haul heavy equipment. It is more specialized, and therefore may take longer to arrange. The time frame is also why searching equipment hauling near me is not the most efficient way to find arrangements.

What you should be looking for is any company that specializes in heavy equipment hauling located anywhere. They will already have the resources and know how to get the job done. Most importantly they will come to you and pick up your heavy equipment in a timely matter. It may not be as fast as a car shipment, but it will be with in a reasonable time window.

Let’s talk about how you physically move a large piece of heavy equipment from one location to a another. Obviously, most heavy equipment is not designed to be driven for miles and miles. They are only designed to be driven on the job-site. Many of them do not accelerate past 20 miles per hour, or even have traditional tires.

In order to move heavy equipment, you must have specialty trucks. Most commonly a lowboy flatbed trailer will be used. Lowboys are just that: low. They are basically as low to ground level as possible. This means they can easily travel under free over-passes even if they are loaded with very tall, bulky, heavy equipment.

Not every transport company will have lowboy flatbed trailers in the in their fleet. So, that is why you can not always find equipment hauling near me.

Get A Quote For Heavy Equipment Haulers Near Me

If you looking to get a quote for heavy equipment, we can help with that. Here at American Auto Shipping we can figure out how to ship any type of vehicle. We already know about all the specialty heavy equipment haulers in the country, and can arrange a shipment on your behalf.

You will need to know the exact make, model, and year of your heavy equipment. In addition to this, you will likely need to know the exact dimensions (height, length, width) of the vehicle, as well as the total weight.

Once you have the above info, you can fill out the free quote form at the top of this page. It will only take a minute, and then you’ll receive an instant price right on your screen.

Since finding heavy equipment haulers near me can be a bit more complicated than finding auto shipping, you may want to call us. Our live agents are standing by 24/7 to discuss your heavy equipment shipment and just how it works. They can also get you a free price quote right over the phone.