If you’re looking for an enclosed auto transport quote, we can get you quotes within one hour for your vehicle, and your route, and we’d be glad to. However, enclosed may not be for everybody. In this article we’re going to share what enclosed auto transport is, and who needs it.

What is Enclosed Auto Transport?Enclosed Auto transport quote

If you’re wanting an enclosed auto transport quote, we’d love to give you some understanding of what enclosed is, and the whole process. Enclosed auto transport is a vehicle being moved while inside of a truck, instead of on the outside of a truck.

When on the outside of the truck, it can be with 9 other cars. There are 5 cars on the bottom, and 5 cars on the top. When doing enclosed, the vehicle is inside a truck, with only 3 other cars, maximum.

It is not very likely that any significant damage will occur to a vehicle while it’s being moved. But enclosed can offer that extra protection. Enclosed is done to protect the vehicle from wind, dirt, twigs, pebbles, snow, ice, rain and hail. Some of these things occur no matter what, so if protection against them is what you’re looking for, then enclosed is the way to go.

Should I go for an Enclosed Auto Transport Quote?

Enclosed is a more expensive option that’s useful for customers giving their cars extra protection, as said. Now who it’s worth it for would be those who have expensive, or vintage vehicles. Keeping these cars in pristine condition is important to their owners.

If you want an enclosed auto transport quote, understand that enclosed costs much more than normal shipping. It will cost 75% to 100% more. Call us for a quote to ship your vehicle enclosed, and we can get you several quotes, for you to pick the cheapest one.

If you would like to a enclosed auto transport quote, or normal quote, it’s up to you. What you can do is get quotes for both, and then determine from there which you’d like to choose.

Additional information about Enclosed

  1. Enclosed shipping is much less common.
  2. The enclosed process has a more secure method of tying down the car. In an enclosed truck, heavy ropes tie down the vehicle to prevent any slippage. On an open truck, the car is secured with heavy chains. Actually both methods secure the vehicles very securely.
  3. Some companies put a cloth overcoat over the vehicle while in the truck as additional protection.

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