Electric Car Auto TransportationLooking for electric car auto transportation? It seems like alternative energy vehicles are all the rage these days, and none are more popular than electric cars. Whereas hydrogen fuel cells are still in development, electric cars have taken the world by storm.

So naturally, like with any vehicle, at some point someone’s going to have to ship their electric car. But electric cars are not the same as a regular gas-powered sedan. There are some serious differences that will impact the prices you pay and services you require to ship your electric vehicle.

Luckily, we here at American Auto Shipping know how to handle electric vehicles. Read on to learn some of the differences between standard and electric car transport services and how to get the best shipping services for your needs.

The basics of electric car auto transportation

Most of the electric cars on the road today move the same way a regular car does. The only major difference is how they move. They still have four wheels and are shaped like a car. Most importantly, they have all the same basic dimensions of a standard vehicle, minus one, which we’ll talk about in a moment.

On the whole, though, electric car transportation services work the same as shipping any other vehicle. Your auto transportation process will work the same way as it would if you were shipping a Toyota Corolla.

So you’ll still need to find an auto transport company and book your shipment and wait for a carrier to arrive. You’ll still have to do all the same basic things that come with shipping a regular car the regular way.

Factors that can impact your electric car shipping price

The major factor that will affect your electric car auto transportation price is going to be the weight. Electric drive trains are heavier than a standard combustion engine, especially the batteries. Many electric cars will have multiple batteries, or at the very least one very large battery with multiple cells.

The all-electric drive train, coupled with the electric battery or batteries, can increase the weight of an electric vehicle by hundreds of pounds. As most shipping companies work in percentages when it comes to adjusting for vehicle size, it could be a lot worse.

Most companies will add 5-10% for electric vehicles. Some don’t add any at all, figuring that the extra weight won’t really be noticed (hint: it will be noticed). So keep an eye out for companies that fail to mention that fact to you, especially if you ask them about increased prices for electric cars.

But other than that you should have no issues shipping your electric vehicle. Make sure to keep reading to learn how we at American Auto Shipping can help you move your electric vehicle at a great rate when you need it moved.

Find quality electric car auto transportation services today

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