direct auto transport servicesDirect Auto Transport Services: What Do They Offer?

Basically, direct auto transport services do everything short of driving  the ten-car-carrier your car will be shipped on. They are responsible for communicating with the trucks and configuring which truck your car should be moved on. As experts in the field direct auto transport services can answer any questions you may have. They also offer non-stop customer service. If it takes three phone conversations to calm your nerves, then they will be happy to listen and help your auto shipment go as smoothly a possible. You will also be offered the option or open or enclosed shipping. Open means your car will be exposed to weather and other outside elements. Enclosed means your car will be house inside a moving truck for the shipment.

Direct Auto Transport Services: What is included in the price?

Your price includes door-to-door shipment of your vehicle. This is just what it sounds like, your car will be picked up from an exact address and delivered to an exact address. There are times when this is not possible. For example if you are moving to or from a neighborhood with very narrow streets, the truck cannot fit up it. Or if you happen to be shipping a car from an unpaved road, a truck can also not drive down that. Direct Auto Transport Services also should include insurance in the price. Your car is fully protected by the auto transport company’s insurance. If anything goes wrong, they are liable to pay for the damage to your car. Many companies also offer a tracking service, where you can see exactly where your car is on its shipping route.

Direct Auto Transport Services: Compare and contrast your options.

Unfortunately, there are bad direct auto transport services and there are good direct auto transport services. In order to make sure you are dealing with the latter, you must do some research. First of all you need to gather price quotes from at least five to ten different companies. Remember, the price quote should include door-to-door shipping and insurance. Now, you should select a couple companies that are in the middle and compare their websites. Then you should go on a site like the Better Business Bureau and read some customer reviews. If you cannot find any customer reviews or if they have a low star-rating, do not hire them for your direct auto transport services.