If you are looking for cheap shipping, this article will help you learn all about this. We also refer you to this article, How much does it cost to ship a car? In this industry, there are three primary methods of shipping. In this article, I will start with the first two, and the third will be the cheapest option. This is so you can gain an understanding of this industry a little further.

If you have any questions, feel free to give us a call, and we’d be happy to answer. Lastly, the cheapest price is not always best. There is a balance between finding a reliable company, and finding an affordable company, for your cheap shipping.

Cheap Shipping for your VehicleCheap Shipping

The first method of shipping is expedited shipping. This option is not the one that someone wants to choose if they’re looking for the cheapest method.

Expedited shipping is a faster version of shipping. The vehicle is picked up sometimes much quicker, before it starts it’s journey across the ocean or states. This can reduce the time it takes for vehicle arrival by up to 10 days, but it still spends the same amount of time in transit.

This shipping method is not the cheapest. Expedited shipping costs hundreds more than basic shipping. If you’re looking for the cheapest way to ship your vehicle, then this option is not the one to pick.

Enclosed Shipping – Also not the Cheapest

The second method of shipping is enclosed shipping. This method is also not the cheapest way to ship your vehicle. Enclosed is for shipping a vehicle safely, inside a truck, without many other cars. This method is to protect the vehicle from road debris.

Now enclosed shipping is for owners of vehicles who have something to protect. A vintage car, or an expensive car. Some customers purchase enclosed if their car is new as well, to keep it in that pristine condition.

However, due to the price of enclosed, not many will do this. As I said, it’s usually only used for vintage or very expensive vehicles. The price of enclosed is 75% to 100% more than a basic service.

Basic Shipping – The Cheapest

The best method for cheap shipping is the basic option. The way the vehicle would be shipped is on one of those large 10-car carrier trucks. This method is cheapest because the driver can move multiple vehicles at once, saving himself money.

This is the way that most vehicles are shipped, as it’s the most efficient. Rail might be the one exception that’s cheaper- but don’t even think about that. Rail is simply not practical because there’s not railways anywhere! If you’re interested in doing rail, then perhaps plan on doing hundreds of miles of driving to drop off, and pick up your vehicle from the terminal.

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