Car TransportersWhen it comes to auto transport, you need to know what companies you’ll be dealing with and what car transporters actually do to ship your vehicle. The process can be time-consuming. Resulting in a lot of frustration if you don’t know or understand the reasons why. Make your shipping experience better in the long run by learning terms. Such as: transit time, pickup, delivery windows, and cash on delivery.

 Car Transporters and Scheduling

Once you book your order, your vehicle shipping company will start contacting car transporters to schedule pickup for your vehicle. This is known as dispatching. It can last anywhere from a day to a week to two weeks depending on your route and the type of vehicle you’re shipping. Once your vehicle is scheduled for pickup, it’ll take another 1-7 days to actually have them get there.

The average wait time here is 3-5 days. This is known as your pickup window, and the carrier can show up any time within that frame. They will call you about a day ahead of time, to give you time to plan for their arrival. While the services may be door-to-door car transporters drive very large trucks. Oftentimes they won’t be able to pickup right outside someone’s house.

If there is something preventing them from getting to your home, they will likely ask you to meet them in a nearby parking lot. Mall parking lots and large shopping areas are usually the preferred locations for pickup and delivery by car transporters, since they need enough room to turn around and maneuver their truck.

Car Transporters and Pickup

When your car transporter arrives to pickup the vehicle, the first thing they will do is introduce themselves. All car transporters operate basically the same way – they’ll have a clipboard and the paperwork in front of them. You and the driver will both inspect the vehicle for any existing damage for insurance purposes and to ensure that the vehicle is in proper working condition for the safety of the rest of the cargo.

Note that car transporters do this for both your benefit and theirs. If the vehicle sustains any damage during transport, the driver’s company will be liable for its replacement. Note that insurance for car transporters only covers damages sustained during transport, which is a prime reason for noting any existing damage. They don’t want to pay to fix anything they didn’t damage, after all, which is only fair.

 Car Transporters and Transit Time

It’s important that you have the vehicle clean of anything when the car transporters come to pick the vehicle up. Unexpected items in the car can cause delays or even cancellations. Especially if the car transporters are picking up from a terminal or a place of business. Since they are not authorized to make any changes to the vehicle or any of its contents without your consent.

Car transporters are not licensed to transport household items. If there are unexpected things in your vehicle come pickup and you are not available to take them out. Your shipper may have no choice but to leave your vehicle where it is and cancel your order.

If you must put things in the car, let your representative know ahead of time so they can inform the driver. Make sure to have the weight of your items as well. Too much weight can push the car transporters over the weight maximums allowed by federal law, which can cause yet more major delays.

Car TransportersOnce your vehicle is picked up you’re into what’s known as transit time, which is the total time it takes from pickup to delivery. This can be anywhere from a few days to a few weeks depending on your route. Longer shipments naturally taking a longer time.

During transport your carrier will likely drop off and pickup other vehicles along the way. This is the way they operate and stay in business. Their upcoming schedule will be taken into account when you are given your transit time estimates from your car transport representative.

 Car Transporters and Delivery

When your driver arrives to deliver the vehicle, both of you will again go through an inspection, this time noting any new damage. Damage during transport is rare, but we can’t say it doesn’t happen. Noting pre-existing damage at pickup and new damages upon delivery helps with insurance claims. Your carrier is responsible for the repairs of any damage sustained during transport, which is why they have insurance.

Since transit times are dependent on where a shipper is coming from and to. They may end up showing up in the dead of night. While not the most common of practices, it is not entirely out of the realm of possibility. Many times you can postpone delivery until the day, though some carriers may charge you extra to wait. If they do drop off at night, make certain to bring a flashlight or two, and ensure that you can properly inspect the vehicle.

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