Do I have to drop my car off somewhere?

Most likely not. Most auto transport companies use what is known as door-to-door service, which is where the driver comes straight to your door and picks up the vehicle, and then delivers it right to your location. Certain circumstances may force you to take your car somewhere like a parking lot, but that only happens if the truck cannot get into the neightborhood or is prevented from doing so (some cities have laws restricting large vehicles from driving in neighborhoods). If this is the case, the driver will ask you to take your car to a large area where they can then load or unload the vehicle on their truck.

Will my vehicle stay on the same truck for the entire transport?

Yes. Any company that you book your auto shipping with will tell you the name of the driver that is picking up your vehicle, and he typically is the one that will be driving your vehicle to the destination. There are some instances where a second truck is required, but it’s rare – if that happens to be the case, your auto transport company will let you know well ahead of time regarding the change of trucks.

How long will it take for my vehicle to be shipped?

Most coast to coast shipments will take between 7 and 10 days. If you car is transported up and down each coast, it should be 3 to 5 days. Shorter routes can range between 1 and 3 days.

What if my car does not run?

If you car is not running it can be winched on and off the auto transport carrier as long as it turns, rolls and brakes. Each car shipping company will charge an additional fee to do this.

Does American Auto Shipping charge any fees to me?

No! Our service is free to all except the for the car shipping companies who pay us a monthly fee that allows them to bid all of the quote requests we generate.

Do I have to buy insurance or use my own when I have a car shipped?

No, all of the car shipping companies on our site include insurance from theft or damage while your car is on the car carrier.

How do I pay for my car shipping?

Most car shipper companies charge a small deposit with the balance paid in cashier check or cash on delivery. The car shipping company will accept major credit cards and personal checks for the deposit.

What type of license or permit does the car shipping company have to have?

The trucking business is regulated by the United States Dept. of Transportation, Motor carrier division They require that each car shipping company is licensed and issued a MC# and that they post a performance bond.