Boat Shipping ServicesWhen it comes to shipping a boat, finding the right shipper is important. Boat shipping services are much different than those for transporting a car – very much so. With all the myriad types of boats out there, finding a quality shipper at a great rate is much more challenging.

Here at American Auto Shipping, we understand this. We know what it takes to move a boat of any size, to or from anywhere in the U.S. We’ll outline how boat shipping works, what to expect, what you need to do, how boat shipping is priced, and how you can get it done right here, right now.

How boat shipping works

The most basic question regarding shipping a boat is simply what kind of boat are you shipping? Boats come in all shapes and sizes, and the larger they are, the more expensive they are to ship. A 14-ft sailboat is going to cost a lot less than a 50-ft yacht, which isn’t surprising. Big things take more space, and more fuel, to move.

Most boats are also shipped on their own trailers. A vehicle designed for water, not land, a boat isn’t going anywhere unless it’s on some wheels. Most of the time, carriers will require that you have the boat on a trailer.

Some carriers, however, have their own trailers that they can load a boat onto. If your boat is just sitting there without a trailer, you need to let us know. It will change how the entire shipment works, starting with how it’s loaded onto the truck.

Speaking of trucks, most boats can be hauled by a pickup truck. This is great because that tends to be a lot cheaper than having to actually put it on the back of a truck. But some boats require heavier trucks to move, especially things such as yachts.

What to expect when shipping a boat

Shipping a boat isn’t as easy as it sounds – we make it easier, but knowing what to expect is important.

You should expect it to take some time to find a carrier. With their size, it often takes at least a few days more than it takes with a regular car. So book your boat shipment as soon as possible.

Also, you should expect it to be expensive. Budget high – don’t go for the lowest price you get. This is a good rule of thumb when shipping a car as well, but we’ll focus on boat shipping here. It’s cheaper to ship small boats than large boats, and cheaper still if you have it on your own trailer.

What you can do when shipping a boat

Make sure that you have the dimensions of your boat (and its trailer) when you contact companies for quotes. This is important – accurate quotes are the name of the game, and in order to get those you need the dimensions. Most owner’s manuals will have them. You can also likely find the dimensions of the boat online.

Be as up-front about your boat as you can be. Don’t skip on information, especially vital information, as it will impact your price and the services you receive.

Prepare your boat for shipment. Make sure it’s secure on the trailer and that any loose gear or cargo is secured. You’ll need to have your boat in an area that has at least a 14′ clearance so it can be loaded properly.

Secure all latches and tape your windows so they don’t fly open during transport. Disconnect any batteries and make sure all fuel and water is drained. This will reduce weight which will make it easier to ship.

Get great boat shipping services with American Auto Shipping

No matter what you’re shipping, or where you’re shipping to, we’re here to help you. We know what it takes to ship a boat and can get you a great rate right away.

There are two ways you can get your boat shipping rate: online or over the phone. For the first, simply fill out our heavy equipment quote request form to the right. It lists all the information we need to haul it, so make sure to fill it out completely.

You can also contact us any time at 800-930-7417 to get a quote over the phone. Our agents understand boat shipping and what it will take to move yours. So whether you’re shipping a dinghy or a yacht, let American Auto Shipping get it moved for you.