Are you looking for the best moving company? The best in the whole world? Well we don’t know who that is, but we work with multiple companies who do a dang good job.

A few years ago we decided to offer quotes for shipping household goods. This is because people who are often shipping their cars are moving too. If they’re not moving, maybe they just have a bunch of stuff they need with the car. In these cases, we can help.

Finding the Best Moving Company to Ship your BelongingsBest Moving Company

When moving your belongings, there are generally two options. There may be other options, but these are the main ones. The first option is called self-service.

Self-service is when you buy the boxes, and box everything up in your house yourself. The moving company will load and unload them afterwards. Self-service is the cheaper option due to the customer doing some of the work.

The other option is full-service. Full-service is when the company provides the boxes, and loads your belongings for you. They then move your stuff from Point A to Point B.

What Moving Companies Do

Moving companies have to use insurance like car moving companies do. However, this insurance works different than car insurance. This insurance is based on weight.

The amount an object is re-compensated for if it breaks is about 60 cents a pound. This is called valuation. If you have something expensive being moved, and it breaks, you will only receive 60 cents per pound that the item weighed.

Valuation is inferior to normal types of insurance. This is because something that is light but expensive breaking will not be fully re-compensated for. There is additional insurance that one can buy to protect these belongings. We suggest trying to find your best moving company that offers additional insurance.

The importance of reviews to find your Best Moving Company

In every industry, there are people looking for ways to scam people out of money. Scams do seem to be more common in the household good industry. This is because of the lack of regulation in it in the past.

What happens, and used to happen more, is that a company will offer a price, but then increase it once your goods are on the road. This is a no-no, very illegal, and just not right.

Our household goods moving service is reliable and affordable. We’re fully certified and insured, and our customers have only positive things to say about moving with us. Your move will go excellent when you move with us!

Let us help you find the Best Moving Company

We at American Auto Shipping have a team ready to help you with your household-goods move. If you give us the number of rooms of stuff you’re shipping, and how far it needs to be shipped, we will generate the price that we can do it for you, and hand it over to you immediately as a quote. Then, it’s up to you whether you’d like our services, but even if our quote isn’t the cheapest, we are the most reliable. Fill out our household goods form, or call us now at 800-930-7417 for a quote!