Looking for the best car shipping companies is a great idea. Having your car shipped long distance is often better than driving it yourself. Many times, you will save money on fuel, food, lodging, and maintenance if you ship a car as opposed to drive it the same distance.

If you’re looking for the best companies, it’s important to know what makes them the best. But it’s also important to understand why shipping is better than driving, especially over long distances. Once you do decide to ship your vehicle, it’s important to compare quotes, utilize reviews, and find the right company for your needs.

Why is shipping better than doing it yourself?Best Car Shipping Companies

Moving something as large and heavy as a car from one place to another is a difficult thing to do. Many would use the best car shipping companies they can to complete this task. And while you can certainly drive the vehicle thousands of miles, it will often end up being more expensive than if you were to ship it.

Let’s start with basic maintenance. Driving your vehicle yourself would mean you’d need a tire rotation – or new tires – upon arrival at your destination. Then there’s added mileage, which puts wear and tear on your engine. Other hazards, such as debris, inclement weather, and other drivers, make it all the more hazardous to drive long distances.

When you ship a car, though, your vehicle doesn’t have to put up with any of that. No mileage is tacked onto the car – it’s shipped, not towed, and there is a difference. The wheels won’t move because the car is secured to the truck. You also don’t have to worry as much about other vehicles or potential collisions because drivers are not only safe, their trucks also protect your vehicle thanks to the basic construction of the truck itself.

There’s also the idea of resale value. Putting thousands of miles on a vehicle in such a short span of time will definitely hurt its value in the short term. The more you drive it, the more the vehicle will depreciate in value. Minimize this by shipping instead of driving.

You end up Saving Time and Money

We all know the saying – time is money. And if that’s the case, then your time is valuable. Just like everyone else’s. This is a core tenet of our economic system today – everyone’s time is worth something. For auto shippers, their time is worth the effort it takes to drive their trucks full of customers’ vehicles across the nation.

What is your time worth? Chances are, you won’t have the ability to take a week off of work to drive your vehicle a thousand or so miles. But even then, what about you yourself? Do you want to spend three or more days driving for 12+ hours every day?

When you drive your vehicle – especially on a cross-country trek – you have to figure out where you’re going to eat, and sleep, and where you’re going to refuel at. You’ll likely make several stops along the way, which means even more money spent. Between the costs of food, fuel, lodging, and vehicle maintenance, driving it is almost impractical for most people.

This is where the auto transporter comes in. They factor all those things into the prices they charge. It’s their job to transport vehicles. And because most carriers can haul up to ten vehicles at a time, they actually make quite a bit on every load. This means that they can charge customers less since there are more customers. You’d end up paying hundreds more to transport your vehicle cross-country than it would cost to work with a shipping company. bout that? If it’s a 5 day drive, that’s 4 or 5 nights of hotel money. That alone is more than the price of having a carrier move it for you!

Your Vehicle is Fully Insured

The best car shipping companies have proper insurance policies. There is no reason to fear the safety of your car when using a company to move it. Insurance for the companies is a requirement.

Each company has enough insurance to cover the price for every vehicle on the truck. It is rare that anything happens to the trucks, but if it didn’t happen we wouldn’t need insurance at all, right? Keep in mind as well that every driver is a professional – they are licensed and insured and fully certified to drive their transport trucks and do their job.

Insurance plans will be different depending on the company, but as long as you’re going with the best car shipping companies, you’ll have the best insurance policies. The better policies will protect you from small damages to your car, like dents or dings.

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