Do many people use automobile shipping companies?

Tens of thousands each year, new and used car buyers, dealerships, military personnel and much more! Thousands of people use automobile shipping companies. These people ship for many different reasons. Some are snowbirds, retired people traveling to and from their summer and winter locations. Some are moving, or going to college. Using an auto carrier company is one of the easiest and fastest ways to move your vehicle.

Many who use auto transport companies are buying or selling cars to and must move the car to other states. Dealerships are also selling cars via the Internet, and must ship the car to the buyer. Buying and selling cars via the Internet and having them shipped via an automobile shipping company is a huge business.

It is also much cheaper to use auto shippers to ship a vehicle than it is to drive it to its location. If you had to drive the vehicle, you’d have to pay for gas, food, lodging, and possibly a plane ticket to get back to your original location. With an automobile shipping company you pay a flat fee to move your vehicle, and don’t have to worry about the car being driven or accumulating wear and tear on a cross country trip.

Automobile Shipping Companies and Safety

The United States Dept. of Transportation maintains a website at where you can check and confirm the insurance, licensing status and many surprising details about auto transportcompanies like exactly how many trucks they have and what kind of trucks they are.

You can also see the results of inspections and how many of their trucks are down for repair.

When you look at an auto transport company’s insurance binder online at you should take note of the expiration date of the auto transport companies insurance policy and make sure that it does not exceed the estimated delivery date of your vehicle!